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  1. Is it bus pass and winter heating allowance day?
  2. [quote user="thebigfeller"][quote user="Big Dog "][quote user="thebigfeller"] I agree Tim. Desperately weak argument on the writer''s part, which contradicts itself all over the place, as you say. Steve Gedge''s is the only column I regularly read: the others are very average if you ask me. [/quote] I think The Man is excellent... [/quote] Oops! With the exception of The Man too - which is excellent, I agree. [/quote] Adam Aikens'' is quite good too. He isnt afraid to ruffle a few peoples feathers. His predictions are pretty shite though.
  3. [quote user="Camuldonum"] The first rule of journalism, if you believe what you wrote, is not to start bleedin'' apologising to anyone for it afterwards but to defend it if necessary. Otherwise don''t write it. [/quote] No. Thats the first rule of being so far up your own arse that you''re not prepared to debate your views with other fans. Because Mr Aitken is a fan rather than a sports journalist, he is willing to enter into dialogue with other supporters, and I for one find that commendable.
  4. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Andy Larkin"][quote user="Smudger"] You scared to give me the Mic, Munby scared to give me the Mic (for longer than a few short seconds prior to getting security to whittle it out of my hands again)... is it really worth me attending???  [:#] [/quote] Are these the first signs of a no-show? Oh dearie, dearie me wee Markieā€¦ I thought you were made of sterner stuff! [/quote] Thanks for that Andy you read my mind.Such a shame really that he thinks it is all about him as i have stated before.The problem i will have Thursday is that the three regulars who stand up at the Club AGM year in year out and make 5 minute speeches with no question involved look as though they will be joined by a fourth. We want answers to questions from our guests.The spotlight is on them not an audience members ego. Still i forget Smudger does not want answers he just wants rid.He cares not what happens come the dawn the day after his revolution. [/quote] So who think''s it is all about them Tilly? Me or you??? You may want answers from our guests (Munby & Doncaster)... I do not give a monkeys what either of these two monkeys have to say. I would like answers from you and the rest of the NCISA panel, plus the other NCISA members in attendance. Getting any clues as to what my speech is about yet??? I didn''t wan''t to go in to details... but everybody there will be put on the spot by my speech (just as much as the two monkeys will be). So am I up first or do you intend on wasting a large part of my evening??? [O] Only I have a flat and office move to arrange this week and would appreciate knowing that my time is going to be well spent. [/quote] Are you a board plant Smudger? A bit like Roeder at the club AGM. Deflect the criticism on to other people apart from them?  
  5. Nothing has been updated over the weekend. The various supporters columns are last weeks and all the EDP24 football stuff is old. I think the website people arent around. Maybe they have gone to the Carribean with webteam Pete to watch the test match.
  6. I think if you look back although the editor didnt call for the managers head some of the columnists di. I think Adam Aitken did and maybe Steve Gedge.
  7. Check out the last paragraph of Chris Lakey''s column to day. Now where have I seen that before?
  8. [quote user="jetstream"]Careful Purple....Mr Aiken is very prickly when criticised about his column. I''d check your bed carefully for horse heads and such like.[/quote] On the contrary. I should imagine he is absolutely delighted. He would be much more concerned if nobody read it. There is no such thing as bad publicity.
  9.   Agreed :o) . One of the downsides of the advent of the internet has been the demise of hard copy fanzines, and I think it is important for the likes of Fans Eye and previously Richard Balls to help fill the gap by penning quality independent view points in local newspapers. Adam Aitken has at no time in this article directed criticism at any individuals in the SCG, rather the existence and the set up of the thing. It would be a shame if he felt inhibited by some of the reaction to his piece by some of the stuff on this message board, as I for one look forward to that type of thought provoking journalism.
  10. Would that be both guys and girls? Same question to Cottage.
  11. I was disappointed to see no Adam Aiken in the the paper this morning. Would of liked to see at least one more article. Spoilt my Saturday.
  12. [quote user="DumbleDelia is Magic"] No need to worry ladies and gentleman.  It''s just a pretty p*** poor PR exercise with huge season ticket discounts in the coming seasons if they win promotion.  I wonder why we haven''t done something like this?  Oh, what a minute... Could it be that we''ve already sold 16,000 and don''t need too!? **Sniggers** [/quote]   I hate to say I told you so....................[:D]
  13. Season tickets are going to be reduced in price next season. That''s the amazing news from Portman Road. Whoopy dooo! Lets all get down there quick.
  14. [quote user="my other team is england"]  At the end of saturdays debacle whilst the plymouth players and coaching staff were celebrating with their fans over by the Jarrold stand i was horrified to witness Roger MUNBY standing at the front of the directors box applauding the Norwich players as they trudged heads bowed off the field and down the players tunnel.What planet had he just spent ninty minutes on.The scoreboard had just shown us that Southend and Hull had won so we were further in the mire.The crowd were chanting ''what a load of rubbish''.He had looked around and seen the lowest crowd of the season as season ticket renewals are about to be posted out. UNBELIEVABLE ! Still if you sit tin the boardroom owning only a handful of  shares and your company are paid for the time you are away on football club business why worry. [/quote]   Leave the bloke alone for Chrissake. He is a nice bloke and is doing his best. He also has got to face you lot on Thursday night. Cant be a nice prospect.
  15. [quote user="Antony Parke"] Folks I hadnt been aware of this ''discussion'' until i was informed by Kathy so thought i would log in and personally take the flak. The comment regarding Andy Hughes was written by myself on Sunday afternoon, about 10 minutes or so after the press conference. My individual opinion was quite a few hundred words and based upon the role that footballers have, their priviledges lifestyles, and how, in todays game with so much money floating about any financial penalty is hardly one at all. Having then read the EEN to see a quote from the site didnt make me best pleased, especially at a time when NCISA represenatives have been woken up at daft o''clock for quotes about so many things recently. Had the journalist bothered to have asked a single question surrounding the remarks he would have established that it was not a ncisa statement, but a personal opinion. The sole reason why it was ''pulled'' was because within the same article from the EEN contained a story about how the fan wanted to forget about the issue having accepted that the club were dealing with the matter. Had that not been the case then i would have re-iterated what i thought everyone had already assumed by the use of language that made the story personal to myself (i.e the use of I, not we etc) and that was my opinion. Throughout the ncisa site are pieces that are written, and also duplicated on this very site, regarding our weekly column in the pink un. They are personal opinions, and it offers people an insight into how, as individuals we see things. Now, IMHO, they are no more of a group statement than what i wrote. Further to that whenever a ncisa press statement is realeased there is much discussion about the wording of such, and then the media are emailed en mass with the statement and the name responsible for those comments is always the chair. A copy of that is then written on the front page of the site, again with the chairmans name with said comments.Whilst i do not expect individuals on this board to know of that procedure, or at least in it''s full extent, i do expect journalists to be aware of that. I seem to get the impression, again personally, that there is a bit of a battle going on between the media and the club,and certain factions of the media seem quite happy to pressure the club in any way possible. Now, again in my opinion, i gave the press indirectly the ammunition that they needed in this instance - but the ''unwritten rules'' were pushed out of the way to the furthest extent possible in order to get a ''story'' and allow this whole thing to happen in the first place. From a personal point of view i have to hold my hands up and as i''ve already say take the flak. But this whole situation had nothing to do with any other member within the committee and was most certainly not a ncisa press statement. Certain individuals have said that ncisa are distancing themselves from this and that it is not fair - i was responsible and i''m not distancing myself from it. As for the other committee members, and ncisa in general, you guys really shouldnt hammer them for my remarks. Antony. [/quote] Well done and thank you for coming on here and taking the trouble to explain to everyone about what is quite frankly, a storm in a teacup. The ironic thing is I wouldnt mind betting that some of those who have been making such a fuss about this, agree with every word you''ve said anyway. Perhaps we can forget this now and concentrate on the very important issue of the futue of our club at what is a crucial time in its history.
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