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  1. Hopefully people can stop thinking he is the English Pirlo. Very poor tonight.
  2. Who cares? This is a Norwich message board. Bye bye.
  3. This has to be some of the biggest rubbish I have ever read. And that takes some doing considering the general rubbish on this board.
  4. Best of luck to Simeon, I will never forget the last minute winner vs Derby and THAT goal against Pompey
  5. Would be very surprised if a bid even came in from a newly-promoted side for Holt. Age is beginning to catch-up with him I''m afraid. Wouldn''t be overly bothered if we sold him to a so called ''rival'' team as long as we adequately replaced him.
  6. They usually sing this at every end of season game. And bar one or two a few seasons back, no one has ever made it on to the pitch. Typical Snakepit really, all bravado. Looking forward to when the City stand gets knocked down and the end of the Snakepit.
  7. He doesn''t score or create enough for an Attacking Midfielder. Wouldn''t be surprised to see him leave in the summer.
  8. That is why he didn''t celebrate in front of the snakepit. Seemed he was making a point.
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]hopefully he will make a few signings, cobble it all together for a season before being truly out of his depth at a higher level and being let go of 18 months too late...[/quote] Jeez, some people can''t let go.....
  10. Holt only signed a new contract for the money and no one seems to care (or have ''forgotten'' he asked for transfer). If Becchio scored and we stayed up then I''d be happy.
  11. This has probably been discussed earlier on this forum but does anybody know why we didn''t play last night. Seems a little unfair QPR will have an extra 24 hours to recover before our game at the weekend.
  12. The BBC should have a serious word with Bright. He''s been completely out of order towards Norwich fans with some of his comments. Made himself look about as much as an idiot as the racist fan.
  13. When a manager/player comes out and refuses to comment on speculation it usually results in two things.....the transfer going through or an improved contract. Since we gave Lambert an improved contract in the summer I''d say he''s holding out for the Burnley job :(
  14. Make or break moment for this season......if we signal some real ambition and back Lambert with cold hard cash then this could be the moment where we become serious promotion challengers.
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