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  1. I cant believe how gullible and niave you lot are towards the board. Ive only been on here a short time and have seen Arthur reply to people only for them to throw one sided abuse his way to defend the board, yet when he gets fed up and does the same he is at the centre of a witch hunt
  2. [quote user="1st Wizard"] How have you all missed Davenport?, check theWest Ham messageboards!. http://boards.footymad.net/mboard/fmb.php?tno=551&fid=256&sty=2&act=1&mid=2132602049 [/quote] Davenport is a defender??? 
  3. [quote user="lappinitup"] PURE DRIVEL !! I notice that everytime arthur squeeks wayne squeeks back in support. Anyway wayne, your lord and master has many wiews on all that''s bad at NCFC and he makes accusations, asks questions (of the board and to posters on this board) and slags off anyone who disagrees with him but.......... HE DOESN''T OFFER ANY SOLUTIONS !! He has proudly told us on other threads how successful he''s been with his business ventures (and all credit to him). So then WHY with his business accumen and professed LOVE of Norwich city doesn''t he simply by the club out ? Delia has gone on record as saying that she will sell to an investor as long as he has the club at heart so Arthur..........GET IN THERE !!  Then you will be my hero as well as waynes !!   [/quote] Maybe Arthur will put some potential soloutions in his next letter? I enjoyed both of them.
  4. [quote user="blahblahblah"]Story here “I think you''ve seen the way that I have tried to balance the side and, obviously, he was going to be a big part of that - and it''s a massive blow. I''ve tried to base the team on him being there,” said Grant, with the Canaries understood to have offered the 6ft 3in midfielder a new contract last week that featured a 50% increase in wages only to find Roy Keane''s Premiership cheque book hoving into view. [/quote] Lets be realistic as this is just a rumour. Does anyone truely believe the board we have would offer to double a players wage? Not a chance in Delias Hells kitchen!
  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Reading is a small City that suffers from Geographical isolation and is without large financial Backing too. So are Pompey. Wigan is in the North west granted, but is in a rugby town with bigger clubs all around it. and yet all 3 of them have done very well thank u very much. If pompey can attract Kanu and cole to that Sh*t hole then whats stopping us? jas :) [/quote] Hit the nail on the head again Jas. well done mate.
  6. [quote user="vicar in green and yellow"] I sometimes wonder if Wiz and Smudger are in fact one and the same person! Both liven the debate by posting nonsense [/quote] Most true.
  7. [quote user="1st Wizard"] I ask because at first glance it appears to have ''morphed'' into a binners site!. Its a long time since I''ve seen so much hate and bile slung at the club on here. I don''t want a ''Yes Sir'' type site, but this is starting to get beyond the pale now. I go on many City messageboards, and they''re mostly very upbeat about City so why is this site so different?  Hmm? I''ve often thought there''s a few hidden agenda''s going on here, and if that makes me paranoid, so be it, but I''m not the one calling for demo''s to damage our club and morale am I? We''ve all had a go at the club before in some way, but some it seems do nothing else. Curious that!.[:(] [/quote] You started it off my friend.
  8. Hi guys,             this is Nigel from the Norwich Gay Supporters Club. Starting this season we will be meeting for home games at the Catherine Wheel and also will be looking to arrange coach trips for away games. Anyones welcome to join us, look forward to seeing you all soon guys. Nigel N.G.S.C. Chairman
  9. [quote user="1st Wizard"] A very short while a go I stupidly refered to our new goalkeeper Matthew Gilks as a ''Billy No Mark''. I have felt ashamed of my callous remark since them, it was a childish, ill-informed and a downright nasty post that I had absolutely no right to make. I can only offer my sincere apologies to Matthew and hope to God that if he does manage to read this, he can find it within himself to forgive an old tw*t and ''Billy No Mark'' of a poster. Welcome to your new Carrow Road home Matthew....................and the best of luck with your new City career. [/quote] make your bloody mind up for christs sake. 1 minute you constantly slag off norwich and the board and when they do something that justifys those sort of posts you defend them. How do you expect people to take you serious? I think some may have been right in the first place when they said you are a wind up merchant.
  10. [quote user="blahblahblah"] Mr Tracey, CityAngel is capable of protesting, and was in fact one of the more vocal protestors in the Worthy Out movement.  [quote]So in your eyes if Norwich got relegated this year you wouldnt bat an eyelid because you claim to love the club and moaning would mean you didnt? [/quote] Can you honestly see Norwich getting relegated ?  Shall we wait until, let''s say March of next year to see if we really are in dire danger ? [/quote] So she slags off Whittle and co for wanting to protest making out that it means they dont care about the club, then we find out she was involved in the worthy riots-hypercite! I never said they would get relegated i said IF! Its called giving an example.
  11. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Steve Burns"] The following was written after we had gained promotion to the Premiership - I don''t know who by , but it was in the EDP Those not of the football faith never will probably never understand just why it all means so much to so many people. The delirious scenes in Norwich city centre earlier this week, however, may just have drilled the message home that supporting Norwich City Football Club is about far more than football. It is about where we are from, a place of which we feel immensely proud – it is part of who we are. A woman I interviewed for this paper on the morning of the victory parade, her scarf weighed down with badges, said of her beloved club, “It''s my blood”. Thousands will relate to that. The idea of pledging your allegiance to some glamour club on the other side of the country simply because they are successful does not compute. Do all you moaners get it now ?   If not why not go away have a think about it and leave us who want to go and support OUR club alone - those who don''t go really have no right to moan. [/quote] Yes thousands will relate to that Steve and just reading that has made me feel emotional. It is our blood, its the club we love and its the club we''ll support through thick and then, and no Smudgers or Clucks or Arthur Whittles will ever make me feel any differently. [/quote] Do you think its because smudger/cluck and arthur whittle love the club and hate the way its being run is why they want to protest? So in your eyes if Norwich got relegated this year you wouldnt bat an eyelid because you claim to love the club and moaning would mean you didnt? Its in there blood and they feel passionate thats why they get so annoyed, maybe they are just more passionate than yourself,or maybe they can just see through the bull that comes out of the carrow road pr machine and you cant, if you openly admit you wouldnt protest no matter what. During the chase protests did you just stand there going "they cant love the club because they would stay quiet like me"? Are you saying everyone who was part of the chase protests didnt love the club? People show there love for clubs in different ways-yours to be honest will never see our club improve, and no im not totally against the board but can understand why people protest. What about all the people at leeds who went nuts when they got relegated did that mean they dont love leeds? Im behind the board for the time being but time will tell and i may just jump on the smudger/cluck/whittle bandwagon if things dont change and yes i do love the club. To support a club through thick and thin you have to stand up and be heard during the thick or you just let those in charge ruin your club.
  12. [quote user="Strangers All"][quote user="Millo"] [quote user="Strangers All"]Smudge & his clucking horde aren''t untouchable!  Even Wiz has deserted the sinking ship...[/quote] The sinking ship that is norwich city football club??????????? [/quote] The slightly listing ship NCFC (gawd bless her) has been righted, the rot has stopped, and new hands are arriving daily, all under the stewardship of Admiral Delia and her good Cap''n Grant... pirates of the Championship ready to plunder the league!! Now are all hands on deck, or do we have some lily livered nancy boys that don''t support this escapade? [/quote] Delia and Doncaster have taken the only lifeboat and left us all to drown.
  13. [quote user="Web Team - Celia Sutton"] Not a clue, i''m afraid - I''ll get someone to check on Monday. Sorry... Celia [/quote] will you leave a message on here monday then please celia as it looks like hes worming his way out of it. It was supposed to be last friday if memory serves me correct and he didnt even have the manners to apologise for failing to do so because of fridays transfer activity-what a rude man!
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