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  1. You couldn't have a much tougher fixture to start the season, we had numerous players who've had very little pre-season (which was also interrupted by Covid), as well as having a number of new players that need to settle and adapt to the team and how we play, so it was no surprise to see us not get a result against Liverpool. I'd fully support the view that the opening games are against generally tough opponents and it's likely Farke will be using this time to get everyone up to speed and on the same hymn sheet, even at the cost of a point here or there as it will stand us in much better stead for the rest of the season. Anyone to reacts to this game as an indicator of the season as a whole is ignoring the evidence of our situation fitness wise, and only the most pessimistic would write us off after that showing.
  2. As with the Home Kit, can't stand the huge JD logo on the arm, but other than that it's one of the nicest kits I've seen in a while, love the Tron vibes and actually much nicer than the Home Kit for me.
  3. Just awful news, Lapps has been here as long as I can remember, was always good for a laugh and a decent debate, sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  4. It's a real shame his career has been decimated by injuries, looked like he had bags of potential and could easily have been prem level as a box-to-box type player from what I saw on his limited appearances for us and other clubs. Wish him all the best going forwards.
  5. Struggled to even get in the Leverkeusen team and was unimpressive when he did play. If this was say a German player we weren't familiar with and got told we'd paid around 2mil for a guy who scored 1 in 10 from the wing, we'd hardly be raving about what a great deal it was...
  6. I used to pay for Sky Sports some years ago, but only really watched it for our games, WWE and stuff like the Mosconi Cup, I ended up cancelling because I wasn't willing to pay £20 a month to maybe see 5-6 of our games a SEASON, when the likes of Liverpool were on 15+ times. I get they're a much bigger club with bigger following etc, but I don't see why I should pay the same price as a Liverpool fan but only get to watch a 3rd of the games of my club than they do! I'd happily pay £20 a month to simply watch our games, as apart from the odd away match in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham or Barnsley, I can't afford to attend games (especially with increased ticket prices and difficulty getting them, and now Covid on top), but my money stays in my pocket as there's no legitimate service at what I consider a sensible price available. I'm not going to pay £10 a game for iFollow or similar, that's a £40 a month commitment, but I would pay half that, instead the club gets no revenue from supporters like me instead, so it really is a lose-lose situation - for me and the club.
  7. Would you accept a place as a passenger in a car knowing full well that the driver had been drinking? I know I wouldn't, and it's not like these guys can't afford a taxi if necessary, so I'd argue that Keogh showed incredibly poor judgment in not only getting in the car, but letting his teammate drive under those circumstances as well. Was it directly his fault he got injured as a result - no, but if he'd done the sensible thing NONE of them would have been getting fined or injured to begin with and would all have gone home safely in a taxi(s).
  8. I'd also have Grealish in for Mount, and earlier subs as players like Saka dropped massively 2nd half against Denmark. Wanted to see more of Bellingham and Sancho tbh, and wouldn't be unhappy with either coming in, but it would seem harsh on the core players who've helped us even get to a final for a change!
  9. BBC all the way, better commentary and I don't have look at Roy Keane's sour face or listen to his aggressive and dismissive nonsense either. I do rate Gary Neville though, shame he couldn't have been with the Beeb instead.
  10. The game wasn't played at this level or pace before though Broady. Your point about thoroughbreds is the key one for me, we're pushing athletes (including footballers) to the very limit of physical ability, and the more you push the boundaries, the more likely injuries will occur. Back then you had players who might have been getting hammered in the pub the night before a match whilst smoking 40+ fags, now it's all early nights, wheatgrass smoothies and cryo chambers!
  11. We had an excellent window that season, the issue wasn't with the transfers, it was with having a manager who wanted to play for defensive minded bore draws, and who regularly asked players to perform roles not suited to them. The only signing that wasn't particularly decent that summer was Carlo Nash on a free as a 3rd choice keeper!
  12. Being fair to Peter Thorne, he'd put up pretty good numbers for the majority of his career and previously had a good strike partnership with Earnie during his time at Cardiff, but he came here and was a complete sicknote for 2 seasons and then went back to scoring again after leaving us! Yes, he was dire for us, but certainly was a bad player overall.
  13. Would rather see Ajer in the DM role and Hanley at the back, Billing isn't amazing tbh.
  14. Winks is horribly over-rated IMHO, don't know how he every got the call-up's he did, has been mediocre for Spurs, and having spoken to a number of their fans, they tend to agree, and ironically said we'd taken the better player on loan and that they'd rather we'd had Winks instead of Skipp! I'd take Skipp every day over Winks tbh.
  15. I totally respect where you're coming from here, and it does make a lot of sense, but I'd also ask you consider the flip side, which is the possibility that he stays at Spurs, never gets the chance he may deserve, spends the next couple of years playing very little and then gets sold on for a relatively low price (possibly to a Champs level team rather than Prem) having wasted that time in-between where instead he could have been playing every week at this level with us. There are no guarantees in football, so do you have overriding self-belief and take the gamble you WILL make it at Spurs, or take the 'safe' option and come here with a possible buy-back deal once you've proved yourself at the top level? Lots of variables to think about, and whilst I also accept him coming would be unlikely, I can see the arguments as to why he might as well.
  16. Would you rather benchwarm with the odd game for 2 years, or play 40+ games a season for us whilst developing your career much more in the process?
  17. I certainly would, as I don't see wages of over 750k a week as being viable for ANY club (and part of the reason Barca have financial problems), not sure how we'd manage to afford 40mil a year wages in our current structure!
  18. I'm sure I recently read something along those lines, in that he was looking to move into a coaching role, and that his professionalism and attitude were great assets to have at the club as well as being a reliable backup if called upon.
  19. 1) Keelan 2) Culverhouse 3) Bowen 4) Sutton 5) Fleming 6) Hucks 7) Eadie 8 Crook 9) Fashanu 10) Fox 11) Phillips
  20. For a start you can ALWAYS add on a massive percentage for a player if they are English, which means a 40mil player who's Argentinian will likely go for at least 60-70 if they're English instead. Then add on Grealish's performances in the top flight compared to someone who's primarily shown his best in the Champs and that's another 10-20 mil. Finally add-on price premiums for wealthy clubs who are known to pay over the odds to get their man, and it's not hard to see how Grealish can be going for over double what Emi did, even though we all know that Grealish isn't TWICE the player Emi is, but his transfer value certainly is in relative terms. If Harry Maguire had of been Dutch or Russian rather than English, I doubt he'd have gone for much over 30 mil...
  21. No probs, perhaps you can tell us where we can get another 20+ goal a season striker with his workrate and movement for anything close to a sensible price, who will also happily sit on the bench just in case Pukki gets injured or is off form? We certainly won't likely get someone on a free like we did Pukki, and players with his credentials since joining us won't be going for less than 20mil at the very least. Answers on a postcard please...
  22. This is one of the most ridiculous statements I've read on here (and that's saying a LOT)! A goalkeeper doesn't have to 'get rid of the ball' purely because someone might decide to barge them into the net, and the officials would be too dumb to correctly call the foul and not give the goal! What's next? Cantwell running at a defender who simply smashes him to the floor without even trying to get the ball and you're going to blame Todd for not passing/shooting before it happens????
  23. I think you've missed my point TVB. We have a number of very promising young keepers who desperately need playing time to help develop, and unless they're all getting loaned out, at least 1 of them will likely be the primary keeper for the U23's, as there's FAR more likelihood of outfield players needing to regain fitness than a 2nd choice keeper. This isn't to say that Gunn won't ever play U23 games, but there''s way more chance that players like Barden will be used there than Gunn (or even Krul for that matter), not to mention there's also McGovern to fit into the mix.
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