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  1. Indy_Bones

    Lukas Rupp

    Let's also not forget Javier Zanetti (one of my all-time favourite players), who's played across the whole back four, across all the midfield, and even as a right forward!
  2. Indy_Bones

    VAR Table

    That's my view as well Jim. Due to VAR, we've lost quite a few points we wouldn't have (and absolutely shouldn't have in 1-2 cases), and other sides have gained points they wouldn't have, leaving us at the worst end of the swing. I think most fans would be far more comfortable now if we were on 20-22 points, which doesn't leave us needing at least 2-3 wins before we're even outside the relegation zone. As to whether or not the VAR decisions are correct, it should NEVER be used for marginal offsides unless the ref/assistant have concerns and ask for a check, there's no reason it shouldn't be used to check fouls or handballs in the buildup either, and Red Card decisions should always lie with the on-field ref - unless it's a clear case of mistaken identity or similar.
  3. Indy_Bones

    VAR Table

    I'll just leave this here: PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE WITH AND WITHOUT VAR IN 2019-20 SEASON WITH VAR 1. Liverpool - 58 points 2. Leicester City - 45 points 3. Manchester City - 44 points 4. Chelsea - 36 points 5. Manchester United - 31 points 6. Tottenham - 30 points 7. Wolves - 30 points 8. Sheffield United - 29 points 9. Crystal Palace - 28 points 10. Arsenal - 27 points 11. Everton - 25 points 12. Southampton - 25 points 13. Newcastle United - 25 points 14. Brighton - 24 points 15. Burnley - 24 points 16. West Ham - 22 points 17. Aston Villa - 21 points 18. Bournemouth - 20 points 19. Watford - 19 points 20. Norwich City - 14 points WITHOUT VAR 1. Liverpool - 56 points 2. Manchester City - 49 points 3. Leicester City - 42 points 4. Chelsea - 36 points 5. Wolves - 34 points 6. Sheffield United - 32 points 7. Arsenal - 30 points 8. Tottenham - 29 points 9. Manchester United - 29 points 10. Everton - 28 points 11. Crystal Palace - 27 points 12. Newcastle United - 25 points 13. West Ham - 24 points 14. Burnley - 24 points 15. Aston Villa - 23 points 16. Brighton - 20 points 17. Southampton - 20 points 18. Norwich - 20 points 19. Watford - 19 points 20. Bournemouth - 17 points That's the impact VAR has had taking into account the effect on all other sides, so YES, it has had a serious detrimental effect.
  4. Indy_Bones

    VAR Table

    If you want to ignore the impact VAR has had on us, that's up to you, but even just 7 more points would put us right in the mix, rather than 6 points behind 19th...
  5. Indy_Bones

    VAR Table

    The points VAR has cost us leaves us bottom, so yes, it is the reason for at least 8-12 points lost.
  6. Indy_Bones

    VAR Table

    The whole point of VAR was to rule out Clear and Obvious Errors, and offside decisions that take 3 minutes of analysis (and often from the incorrect frame anyway) to judge that a player's armpit is 0.02cm in front of a defenders shoelace is NOT clear and obvious. As far as I'm concerned (certainly for Pukki's goal against Spurs), the ref and assistant gave the correct decision, but were overruled by VAR because the PL have insisted it checks ALL offside decisions regardless, thereby also criticising the referees/assistants ability to make these calls in the process. VAR has been awful in the most part, it's slowing the game down, ruining some great football, and in our case - costing us points unnecessarily. Why are you defending the system when almost everyone else in football is saying it's a bit of a mess at the minute?
  7. Indy_Bones

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Proven quality still guarantees nothing, it simply mitigates the chances more that the player may not fail to perform. Look at the likes of Shevchenko and Morata at Chelsea, great players who absolutely failed to perform anywhere near their previous 'proven' levels and simply cost Chelsea a lot of money and possible dropped points in the process. Janssen and Soldado at Spurs, Depay at Man Utd, the list goes on. People wrote Pukki off before last season as being a Celtic reject who'd never really performed anywhere outside Denmark, proving the exact opposite of simply going for 'proven' talent. When Champs level strikers such as Che Adams and Maupay are going for £15 mil or more, then 'proven' simply becomes 'expensive' and still not guaranteed anyway. I'd rather we continued down our current recruitment path than see us paying 50k+ per week in wages as well as a relatively hefty transfer for someone like Shane Long or Christian Benteke...
  8. Indy_Bones


    Part of it surely comes down to pairings rather than innate ability, and sometimes players just work better with a specific individual alongside them than another. Zimm has looked better when alongside Godfrey, almost like they play off each other's strengths better than say Hanley and Zimm together who are relatively similar types of players (certainly compared to the ball-playing Godfrey). I also think that Tettey and Vrancic just work better in the middle rather than having Tettey alongside either of Trybull or Mclean, but that doesn't make them worse players than Vrancic in the process.
  9. A lot of this was down to how much he was having to try to cover the defence, and often needing to make 'professional fouls' because of it. Tettey certainly isn't a nasty or vindictive player, but with such an unreliable defence at times, he's had to take the hit for their benefit.
  10. Indy_Bones

    Worst PL for years

    How many other teams have had pretty much all bar 1 of their main Centre Halves injured at the same time? City lose Laporte and people accept them conceding as he's not there, we lost Hanley, Zimm, Klose (and Godfrey playing injured) at the same time, but we should just suck it up? VAR has affected a number of teams, but it's cost us 7 points in the last 3 games alone, along with a few others earlier in the season, how many other sides can legitimately say it's already cost them between 9--12 points by the halfway stage of the season? Refs are rarely on our side for that matter either, which for example cost us last game against Spurs when they fouled TT at the other end of the pitch, nothing was given, and 20 seconds late they've scored... Yes, some mistakes have been made, but we really HAVE been on the sh**ty end of the stick for the most part, and with just the points lost in the last 3 games from VAR/Ref's, we'd be above Villa and Bournemouth and not in the relegation zone. so NO, we don't only have ourselves to blame.
  11. Indy_Bones

    Would love to blame VAR....

    VAR should only be used for offside if there is a possible disagreement between the ref and assistant. This auto check system is nonsense.
  12. Indy_Bones

    Would love to blame VAR....

    We've lost a possible 7 points in the last 3 matches, but clearly VAR has nothing to do with it...
  13. Indy_Bones

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Subs again late though, we clearly had tired legs, Palace had already made 2 changes before we even brought 1 on after 70 odd minutes...
  14. Indy_Bones

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    We did get screwed, because the assistant ref called it offside, without VAR, we'd have won 1-0...
  15. Indy_Bones

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    More VAR BS, against Spurs absolutely nobody called offside yet it's given due to VAR, against Palace the Lino gives offside and VAR gets involved to overrule it and yet again we get screwed. Twice in as many games VAR has f**ked us over rather than listening to the match officials, are we just going to get rid of ref's next season and let VAR call everything???? Absolute horses**t system.
  16. Indy_Bones

    Max Aarons 45mil

    If it's an agreed transfer, then yes. Like how we agreed to sign RvW in the Feb, with him joining in the summer, would be the same thing for Aarons to move. If he gets injured, then that's the risk you take for guaranteeing the signing early rather than a summer bidding war.
  17. Indy_Bones

    Max Aarons 45mil

    True, but what about an agreement for him to sign in the summer for said amount? He'd be on our books until then, at the end of the season the paperwork goes through, done.
  18. Indy_Bones

    So, can we do it? The great escape!

    Just to pick up on this particular point Aggy, maybe in terms of numbers, other sides have had similar injury levels to our own, but they haven't had virtually their entire central defence out for half the season. No Zimm, No Klose, No Hanley, and Godfrey at times playing injured because otherwise, our CB pairing would have likely been Tettey and Amadou (maybe Famewo if Farke thought he's ready)! Look at Man City, they've lost just ONE of their primary CB's in Laporte, and it's made a massive difference to their defensive stability, with them being excused at times for sloppy defending because he's out injured, yet we have had THREE CB's out, and apparently we should just get on with it because other teams have injured players... A settled backline gains you points over the season, constant chopping and changing (or playing people out of position) causes issues and a lack of stability, which translates into goals conceded and often games lost. Would we have been challenging for the top six without the injuries - absolutely not IMHO, but would we have likely been outside the relegation zone with more points on the board - absolutely yes (again IMHO). Add in the dodgy match officials, and VAR screwing us on a number of occasions, and I think we'd probably be somewhere between 12th and 16th without any of it happening, maybe even challenging Palace for 9th spot, however, we have to be fair, other clubs have also had issues with officiating and VAR, but the perfect storm we've faced in the first half of the season has cost us dearly, and simply saying other clubs had people injured does us an injustice in showing just how tough we've had it tbh.
  19. Indy_Bones

    Pellegrini sacked

    You're right in saying that Grealish isn't as good as Maddison (or Buendia IMHO), I do think he's above TC at present, but agree that Cantwell has the potential to be better, but he's still a better overall player than Hourihane who I do think is pretty underrated. Either way, it's a sad indictment of Villa spending 134 million in the summer, when their best two players are the guy who came through the youth team, and a chap they picked up for relative peanuts 3 seasons ago! Wesley doesn't look like he's worth even 5 million, never mind the 23 mil they paid for him, there's very little Marvelous about Nakamba at 12 mil, and they certainly got Targetted with that 17 mil price tag for a left-back who's no better than either of Lewis or Byram (who we paid 750k for). The list goes on from there, and let's not mention how they released McCormack this season after paying close to 15 mil in total and him returning a solid 3 goals in that time period at a cost of approx 5 mil per goal! Whoever is in charge of Villa's spending is utterly clueless, and whilst some of our fans may envy having an owner with deep pockets, if that's the sort of prices we'd be paying for those players, I'll stick with our current approach, because we look to be getting better players, for a fraction of what they're paying, and our football is much better to watch in the process (especially when we're not getting screwed by VAR, dodgy refs or injuries).
  20. Indy_Bones

    Pellegrini sacked

    That's the point though Sooty, Grealish came through their youth system, and they only paid £3 mil for Hourihane 3 years ago, the money they've spent this season seems totally lacking on the pitch.
  21. Indy_Bones

    Grant Hanley

    No worse than the 470 Waveney's we've had At least me and the other Indy are totally different people!
  22. Indy_Bones

    Grant Hanley

    I don't disagree, but we all know how the game is played these days, and the minute you fully commit to a complete slide, unless it's an inch-perfect tackle, chances are a penalty shout may well be given. It's an indictment of the modern game, and we all know the risks when it happens as well. Had it not been Zimbo, but a big centre half from another team, chances are we'd be saying it was a clear penalty and the defender was foolish to lunge in, especially against a striker as good as Kane. Still shouldn't have happened regardless, as we should have had the free-kick from the foul on TT, 20 seconds earlier...
  23. Indy_Bones

    Shout for Tettey -

    An injury free Tettey is one of our most effective players, and has been for years. Strong in the tackle, knows his limitations and doesn't tend to make silly passes, occasionally unleashes a thunderbolt shot and works tirelessly the entire time he's on the pitch. One of our best servants of the past 10-15 years, and criminally underrated by some IMHO.
  24. Indy_Bones

    What did we learn. Vranic must start.

    Always been my issue when playing both Tettey and Trybull, they're great at breaking up play, but offer virtually nothing creatively, in fact, it's rare to see Trybull do virtually anything in a forward or creative manner. Vrancic and Leitner (when he's on form) both offer the opposite, much more creativity and tempo, but defensively not as effective. That's why having Vrancic alongside Tettey worked so well IMHO, Alex worked on the midfield break up play (Vrancic did help), but then Vrancic was able to spray balls forward almost at will to give us something to work with, had it not been for the possible concussion, I think he'd have played the full match, and would have deserved to on that showing.
  25. Indy_Bones

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    Defenders don't appeal for offside, because they know it's not. Keeper doesn't appeal for offside, because he knows it's not. Ref and Assistant Refs don't call an offside, because they know it's not. 25k fans don't think it's offside, because it's not. Commentators and Pundits don't think it's offside, because it's not. Yet some c**t in the VAR van decides after using MS Paint for 3 minutes that it's offside - even though it isn't. Go figure...