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    Remedy To Stop Panic Buying.

    I work for a transport company that frequently delivers industrial catering equipment, and in the last week alone, the amount of chest freezers that have been getting delivered has gone through the roof, normally you might get 1 maybe 2 a day if you're lucky, yesterday I delivered ELEVEN of them and 85% of the 18-ton lorry was loaded with just them, totally bonkers. I also spoke to a chap who sells them onto customers, and he normally orders about 30 per week, and this week alone he's had over 150 ordered - five times as many, to the point where normal retailers like Curry's etc, have run out... So I can totally see where the lady mentioned may well be storing the chips, but the absolute madness leading to this sort of behaviour is ridiculous. My wife went to Aldi just after 8am this morning, they've hired security guards because of the amount of abuse and attacks they've been getting, they've introduced a 2 item limit on everything, and still most of the shop was empty despite having had 1 delivery beforehand. She saw one woman trying to get round the limit with 2 item limit by having one of each different type of bread (brown bread, white bread, rolls, tiger bread etc) and another with 8 packs of flavoured water who when told she was limited to only 2 said "That doesn't count as they're different flavours"... No fresh meat available, only 1 tin of new potatoes on the shelf, only 1 packet of grapes and 1 bunch of bananas in the fruit section, the wine section totally decimated without a single bottle of ANYTHING available, just WTF are people thinking with this sort of behaviour???????
  2. Indy_Bones

    Tim krul schalke

    McGovern as number 2? I'd rather have Gunny back...
  3. Indy_Bones

    Kenny Mclean

    Why do we need the cover now when we didn't have it under Lambert with Fox?
  4. Indy_Bones

    Kenny Mclean

    Let's not forget that Lambert used to play Fox at the bottom of the diamond, and he wasn't a great tackler or strong physical presence, but what he could (and did) do was spray the ball around to make things happen from that deeper position, and I see Vrancic in a very similar way tbh. Nobody complained about Pirlo's tackling or lack of strength, nobody whined about Xabi Alonso sitting deep and playing 40 yard balls forward, but when Vrancic does it, suddenly they become serious issues and we have to pick a more workmanlike player instead! There will absolutely be games where McLean is better suited, and others where Vrancic surely offers us much more creatively. Sadly Vrancic has been given little chance this season over McLean.
  5. Indy_Bones

    Team for Sheffield United

    You know it was only light-hearted ribbing LDC
  6. Indy_Bones

    Kenny Mclean

    My argument in favour of Vrancic is that he offers the range of creativity and passing that we've sadly lacked for too much of the season, leaving Pukki et al with very little ammunition to work with compared to last season. We saw midweek the number of excellent balls he played to Drmic or out wide to Aarons which none of our other mids can perform with such accuracy and consistency. The trade-off is his weaker physical presence and lower level of tackling ability compared to say McLean. Two things win games - defensive stability to not concede, and attacking threat to score goals, but if you don't score the best you can manage is a draw, whereas the goals we've been lacking could get us the wins, but only if our forward line is well supplied with the right kind of balls, Vrancic gives us that in a way that nobody else does IMHO.
  7. Indy_Bones

    Team for Sheffield United

    LDC's potential XI: Mair Rupp Hanley Tettey Godfrey Lewis Vrancic Delia Stiepermann Idah Farke
  8. Indy_Bones

    Team for Sheffield United

    I'd pretty much agree with this, although I'd still play Vrancic over McLean as I think his through balls and creativity provide much better supply for the front line (especially Pukki), leaving Tettey to focus on the simple clean up work. If it's not working, we can then bring McLean on for a different approach. I'm also tempted to give Steipi another chance later on if Duda is tiring.
  9. Indy_Bones

    Kenny Mclean

    We've missed a lot of creativity in the middle without players like Vrancic or even Leitner, McLean doesn't really offer anything special in that role IMHO, can't knock his attitude or effort, but as others have said, often looks limited and alongside Tettey that centre of mid is lacking any real spark.
  10. Indy_Bones

    John Ruddy to return?

    McGovern seems to have been kept on as apparently he's a model professional and has a positive influence in the team and on the younger players. The fact that he's poor with his feet, has weak distribution and has trouble actually holding onto the ball is seemingly not relevant to the conversation. He's also not 'Homegrown', so I'm not sure why we're really keeping him other than purely for atmospheric reasons at the club. Krul will continue as 1st choice, he's easily earned it and will take a damn good signing to replace him. Archie Mair is looking very good and could well be our long-term replacement for Krul. We just need a reliable backup keeper other than McGovern to cover in the event of an injury to Krul and without putting too much pressure on Mair. It's not an area I think we need too much focus on as I'd happily go into next season with just Krul and Mair initially, but I don't see Ruddy taking a big pay cut and being willing to warm the bench behind Krul just to return either. I'd be happy to have him back as I don't think he really wanted to leave to begin with, but whether or not he'd fit into Farke's system is another matter...
  11. Indy_Bones

    3 in 6 for Srbeny

    Maybe you can clarify exactly how that's even relevant to the discussion? It's a strikers job to score goals, he's been doing that well for them, it's not his fault if the defence concede more than he scores ffs! By that logic you should be kicking off about Pukki as his goals haven't guaranteed wins either!
  12. Indy_Bones

    Klose Getting Closer

    McGovern can't hold a ball when diving to save his life...
  13. Indy_Bones

    Ings or pukki

    True, but it's a real risk and unless there's a necessary differential in a private league etc, then it's not worth it.
  14. Indy_Bones

    Ings or pukki

    Ings for me, has been more consistent and Pukki's form hasn't justified his selection in a fantasy team recently.
  15. You mean substitute Trybull getting fouled, which the ref ignored, and which they then broke from and lead to the equaliser...
  16. Indy_Bones


    So you mean also remove the ridiculous money advantage out of the game as well, so that we get more Leicester's having a chance to win the league rather than the same 4 every season... Man City have spent over 1.3 BILLION so far since their takeover, absolutely zero chance of a fair league while inequality like that exists.
  17. Indy_Bones

    Hanley chosen....

    Again, WTF do the last 7 years have to do with his injury record WHEN WE SIGNED HIM??? League Games per season: 04/05 - 30 games 05/06 - 35 games 06/07 - 35 games 07/08 - 26 games 08/09 - 28 games 09/10 - 34 games 10/11 - 37 games 11/12 - 37 games 12/13 - 32 games 13/14 - 32 games 14/15 - 11 games So, as said, an average of 30+ games per season BEFORE we signed him. Yes, he was injured when we did, but to suggest he was constantly crocked before then is nonsense, and not proven by the data either.
  18. Indy_Bones

    Hanley chosen....

    Ah, apols, didn't realise!
  19. Indy_Bones

    Hanley chosen....

    Sorry dude, but his time with us is not relevant to the suggestion that he was injury prone before we signed him, and even at WH, it was only 1 season that injury kept him sidelined. 12/13 - 32 PL games for WH 13/14 - 32 PL games for WH 14/15 - 11 PL games for WH (Hamstring injury/Out of favour) 15/16 - 3 PL games for WH (Knee Injury for season) Almost all seasons before this all the way to 04/05 average at 30 games or more a season. That's NOT injury prone.
  20. Indy_Bones

    Hanley chosen....

    He didn't have an injury record, I don't know where this drivel keeps coming from. He'd consistently played an average of over 30 games a season from 04/05 all the way to 13/14. He got a hamstring injury for the start of 14/15, but was used sparingly after he returned despite being fit, and then suffered a twisted knee the season after (again, early on) putting him out for the season. So in 12 years, he was only badly injured for 1 season, unfavoured for chunks of another, and played regularly in all the rest. That's not made of glass or injury prone ffs.
  21. Indy_Bones

    The wolf is on the mend

    Fantastic news, and the little vid he's put out showing him in training and heading the ball repeatedly was great to see. Hope it's a complete recovery and he goes on to have a good few more years in the game, and many more in retirement after that.
  22. Indy_Bones

    Match thread - Newcastle

    In my mind, we're missing the Stiepermann of last season. He not only gave us good aerial presence in the final third, he linked really well with the likes of Pukki and Buendia etc. The problem is that he has been pretty dire this season when used, and we don't have a vaguely similar player on the books tbh. Pukki is struggling with finishing atm, but is also getting weak supply, with us taking far too long to try to play him in. We're also missing the creativity of someone like Vrancic in the middle, as Duda has been relatively tidy, but isn't constantly looking for the killer pass like Vrancic does (again, not saying Duda has been poor). Cantwell had another of his weaker displays in my view, he does struggle for pace and sometimes tries to do too much (like Buendia at times), and I do think the pace and directness of Hernandez may work better against some teams.
  23. Indy_Bones

    Ban Football Chat in the Office?

    Absolutely pathetic attempt to censor everyday conversation. We all have topics of interest to us that may or may not be of interest to others, but it's not for someone else to dictate what you discuss with others (unless it's a complete no-no topic like casual racism etc). There's a shedload of topics that ladies often discuss that I have zero interest in like soap operas, fashion, diets or the new Maeve Binchy novel for example, yet I wouldn't ever demand that they be banned from talking about them in an office environment, just like I wouldn't expect them to demand I not talk about footy, PC's & gaming, fantasy novels or cars either. And yes, I appreciate there may be a few stereotypes there, but it's purely for example purposes (and what I've heard women - including my wife discussing with friends and colleagues). It's also doing a bad disservice to many women who DO follow sport in the process. Keep going at this rate and workplaces will be silent, as everything will become taboo to discuss for fear of potentially offending someone...
  24. Indy_Bones


    Amadou's pass success rate is slightly lower than either of Trybull's or Tettey's, but not enough to be massively impactful, especially when it's a clear 10% higher than McLean's, so I personally don't think that's the key issue, but I do think that he's not proved better than either of TT or AT in any meaningful way (even taking into account his limited time in a DM role), and if you can't oust one of them (or even McLean) from the midfield, then you're not a player worth paying nearly 10mil for at the end of the season, and not likely to get many starts either. Doesn't look totally comfortable at CB for that matter, and I think it's a case that a loan that looked good on paper, hasn't looked as good in reality and on the training ground. Somewhat fortunate that we didn't spend the money in the summer, otherwise we'd be moaning about paying a lot of money for a guy no better than what we have - who are already struggling as it is! I also heard rumours that he and Tettey didn't get along, is there anything in this, or just more social media speculation and BS?
  25. Indy_Bones

    Jamal Lewis

    I think I'd rather have our attacking fullbacks from last season tbh. Byram has done pretty well, and maybe is slightly better defensively than Lewis, but Lewis certainly used to offer us much more going forward, and with Aarons doing the same on the opposite side, it gave the opposition a lot more to think about and deal with than at present. I don't think we're any more sound defensively with Byram instead of Lewis, and with both being more withdrawn than before, the loss in attacking threat has been a big miss, especially when Cantwell and Buendia are more central and we have no real wide outlet at times.