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  1. Twtd reporting Culverhouse to be his No 2 .
  2. Our chances for Sunday would be greatly improved if Farke was to leave in the next few days .
  3. I would be amazed if this squad is not battling against relegation , totally lacking any class whatsoever , all the money raked in through sales and still we cannot make one decent signing . Norwich have never had much success with foreigners and now we have a squad full of second if not third rate ones , no striker worth the name at the club and a massive drop in the standard of the goalkeeper.
  4. Of course we will make signings , the thing is they will be cheap sub standard foreigners like last summer . Every chance of ending up in League 1 , owners who put nothing in and beg supporters for money , squad without any class whatsoever , and a Head Coach without a clue a recipe for disaster for sure for sure .And still some of the clueless idiots on here lap it up.
  5. Do we really want more incomings , more third rate cheap foreign rubbish to go with the lot already here .
  6. We are absolute dog5hite and have been all season, how people have been taken in by a few foreign names is remarkable even for Norfolk bumpkins .
  7. Grateful for the owner who puts absolutely nothing into the club , maybe she should start by matching Evans £6 million a year down the road , that would at least get us a couple of half decent players . Delia Smith has turned this club into a laughing stock and its only going to get worse , sooner shes gone one way or the other the better .
  8. Grant , Roeder , Gunn , Adams , Neil . Thats what you get from this Board Lambert being the exception and i doubt they had much to do with that , if left to them Gunn would have taken us into League 2
  9. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"]Well, if you want change then do something about it. Bleating on here won’t achieve anything. If you want a different board then you’re going to have to buy them out. It really is that simple. This isn’t like Chase.[/quote]They wouldnt sell if somebody offered them the money they need to be abused by chanting untill they no longer find it fun to go anymore but im afraid nowadays its too many supporters like you and dad who thinks Delia is some sort of goddess because you have seen her on the tv , Anybody supporting this Board are hurting the club and cannot be called fans at all .
  10. [quote user="Baldyboy"]Aren''t our assets already being stripped?[/quote]Of course they are , we are having to sell any player worth anything because the owners cannot afford to run a football club and the longer they cling on the worse it will get  , they took us to League 1 before and they will do again only next time there may not be a genius like Lambert on hand to turn things around .
  11. He fails to mention how he was just going to quit and cause trouble if he wasnt allowed to leave , always easy for the spoilt brat to act nice after he has gotten his own way , good riddance to bad rubbish .
  12. Hope he breaks his leg in three places in his first match no more than the ungrateful little shit deserves .
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