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  1. if we need to release/sell 4 foreign players i not see Leitner and Vrancic to stay also Trybull never played more than 2 years in same club and missed a lot of games last weeks and for four spot Klose or Drmic is favorites...
  2. no enough protection to our deffence and prety young bench,will be very long afternoon ...
  3. this is Brac island in Croatia Drmic is Balkan boy with Swiss passport.He look like good business on paper but start played when already team was give up. Lone striker with noone service and mostly to chase shadows is not work on him favour either.
  4. That var decision at home with SPurs hurt Pukki a lot ! Was wonder goal and also played evry game with not fully fit toe after Leicester make him more caution on 50/50 chalneges.Then he start missed key chanses 3 4 games in a row and after that he was shadow and not even have chanse or shoot on goal for long time. Was too much noise around this shy man and after this spell he badly suffered. Then whole team give up and lost passion as I think also badly missed home fans to lift them after great fa cup night. After wonder season with also many luck in key moments in Championship we hav totally unlucky on key moments this year but that is life and luck on long run is mostly like spiral. We badly need some refresh things after today demolition from m city as new shirt anounsment ,summer camp dates new fixtures ,few frendly big wins against pub teams .short to be say we need back joy and confidence very soon both for players and fans. We really as a club have very good platform but to keep and added to that need fast refreshment soon to forget this nightmare 2020.
  5. Drmic even after reduction on wages still can be biggest earner in our club. Showing joke hairstyle first and then joke singer style and not last very poor on the field im quite sure Weber will try his best to offload this man who seems not in his place on Norwich. Without doubt with his fat deal will be very hard .We very often failed with biggest earners ;/ So Pukki must stay at least until January and Drmic must go replaced by Jordan Rhodes probably.
  6. against chelsea we hardly cross the central line so with city will be very long 90 min one way traffic. They seems will rest kdb etc but still chasing 100 goals added to that Silva last game and rahim chasing record goals per season I really hope we not to broke ipswich record with 9-0. Tettey also is huge miss for this kind of games.Trybull not played more than 5 6 games and have pregnant wife in 9th month. terrible season and we still have more pain to feel imo.
  7. yes is true.His wife is pregnant pobably in 7th month also they have small daughter.I doubt Turkey is ideal place for this prety young family. Still Pukki look shadow and unhappy last months so Im not confident he can stay but doubt like to move to 12 million hell like Istanbul.
  8. We relegeted since moment we lost from winless Watford at home. Some key points is also Pukki VARdisalowed goal at home vs Spurs( I think that hurt him a lot also) Some hopes after beat Leicester and Spurs(cup) but COVID,empty CR and news that we have only Klose and Godfrey for busy schedule confirmed our relagation. Still not understand some fans as we are at much better rooster and players value than 2 years ago. Simply we must back on wining way soon after champinship start and bring back happy mood around .Empty grounds not work on our way so lets hope soon end this nightmare too. Heads up for next season as nothing new happen only record 6th relegation from PL lol
  9. the key for next season is mood. on paper we have great team for championship but if we keep buendia pukki etc etc and they are unhappy we already see this movie under Alex Niel imo
  10. Buendia posted 1h ago on insta playing with his son so Emi is OK! Moritz added also training himself... some of other 22 players must be .
  11. Bad news as this can hurt team morale a bit.Hope not key player ... My favorite is Tom Trybull because his wife non stop travel to Germany and around. worst scenario is Krul ,Pukki, Buendia because they not have same quality back up.
  12. If I remember good the deal with Sevilla for Amadou was if we stay up this season we must buy him for about 9 mil. So like it or not if we do miracle Amadou is one of our own lol:)
  13. Its crazy situation as we have so many top players according interest and price tag and we struggle much and defend deep most of the games!? Krul is class then both full backs Aarons and Jamal is 20 30 mil+ Godfrey is 25 30 mil+ then Emi 40 mil lol also Cantwell 30 mil Pukki is class also so then from where come the problem!? i never see hopeless bottom team to have so many crazy price tag players imo. One centre back and central midfield seems only positions that we not have expensive player ! So with 7 players who shine and high sky his value we struggle always in second half and seems lost minefield. I believe our biggest problem is number 10 position as both Marco and Kenny is not enough class to make balance here so no Idea why with Onel is ok we not try Emi at number 10 and Onel +Todd on flanks!? Not need much this team to be competitive ,probably 1 2 class middf players ,back up for Teemu and some luck on key moments
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