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  1. Rashica every game grow up and show his class but same time Pukki look like veteran striker since 5 6 games at least. Today we play really good but with Idah out of season ,Teemu body language and today's results ...
  2. that penalty against Liverpool and nervous Farke slams him on media after game seems upset this buy too much. He is a kid who all his life used to live with his parrents and have only 1 full season on top Greek league ,big task to grow fast enough in totally different league and country. Big gamble since begin and seems our female Greek scout pushed this deal and we pay too much. Me personally see him on loan back to Greece or Holland,Belgium to try back confidence and match fit.
  3. max have extra flair and huge motivation to play ,only worie me that too often have one big mistake lead to goals. Penalty with Man U and last evening was one of them that put shadow on his performence .
  4. Guys we have 20-80% possession 2nd half against Palace who win 1 game all season away !? Do we really have any chance with this approach against Man City? No more than 5 % for me who realistically mean close to zero... Josh was big miss for us and our midfield not working in this pair Kenny-lees M... I not hope for any pts and next 2 games only pray for damage limitation . Then regroup and give a fight to Saints and Brentford. Still believe fa cup games is luxury for us and we look no fresh yesterday and same time play at Anfield next round just before game of the season h Brentford. On my head was must win this game last night but we win too many games last weeks with average performance so was not normal to win one more this way.
  5. We start solid but after Lungi subbed they control the game.Colossal result but to be fair I never see we to have all key decisions and moments to be on our way... 2 shots 3 goals say much and on other day some joke reffere or var easy can disallowed our 2 goals. We will be almost fully fit squad in 2 weeks time ,confidence is back who is must for team like Norwich so we rest 5 6 days have fa cup and must win Palace ! Sergent and Idah re born ! Pukki look tired ,rest will recharge him... Finally some luck with us on right moments! Rupp,Normann and Billy back +confident team and fans make us competitive who is really all that we ask from our club!
  6. its like master and servent last 4 5 games Hanley and Gibson . Played same position but Hanley is much more vocal and involved ...
  7. 1993 is last win 3-0 away from home PL
  8. everything on our way wow can't beloved this never happened before. Var also with us as never reffere etc . Hopes is back we are live!!!
  9. Gibson was added for championship when was pressure to be added some one with better quality and Gibson was OK for this league. One of big problems we are facing been yo yo between pr.league and championship is that we must recruit for championship very often as no one guarantee us that we will promote same season.So when we added Gibson was good choice but with clause we must buy him for 9 mil if promoted we are with no choice, choice,because if we not agree his clause we not possible buy him etc. Our worst nightmare as a club is that if we grow fast as last years we do we also fast have players who become bigger than club or too big value on them to be keep it easy here without damage players morale. Somehow we manage this try see max 1 2 per season as we do with Jamal,Ben Godfrey and Buendia but when 3 players ask to go same season as Max ,Todd ,Emi and impossible keep Skipp we face big task imo.Sell all of them is impossible coz fans will be angry and keep 2 of them Max and Todd 1 year more that is normal is loose loose situation because you have unhappy players who underperform. Lees-Melou seems cheap and fit on paper but this league become too fast compared to Spain France Italy so average players from this leagues find hard life here imo. Im not say Weber is victim or so but our model and way to run club is much complicated that look like from distance. We take some gambles with Greek players(may be because this greek female scout)and also players who need time for this league and this not paid for now.
  10. Thought Norwich were poor tonight, but the Idah had a bit about him. Burned Diop for pace a few times which you don't see often. Big frame on him as well, got to think at 20 he could be someone Moyes could try and develop if we could nick him. West Ham forum say all
  11. Everton,Watford and Palace next 3 our season just start so why is over :))) Without doubt we are far from premiere league standards but wining Everton and back to full fit Rashica and Normann we at least can try to be competitive against this kind of opposition.
  12. Smith seems bet against own team tonight ! This seems suicide starting 11 against very strong w ham offensive line up 4-4-2? With joke midfielders and headless chicken Idah in attack wow
  13. penalty against Liverpool and Farke public critics after game ruined him. He is only 19 y old boy who live always with his parents and have 1 good year on average at best Greek top league. Greek compared to England is 2 different planets and we risk a lot with him at this age.I see Tzolis on loan in Europe or Greece very soon because he look lost at moment. Bring back Onel and send back Tzolis on loan is best at moment we can do imo.
  14. Not surprise at all that we not use this window. First because we spent crazy money in summer ,squad is so big and also January is very hard and so inflated market at all. We are only 3 pts from 18 place but same time if we keep low confidence and not win Everton and Watford next week we are done really. We lost momentum after Smith come and win good points and Byram today confirmed that confidence is gone.Low quality team have zero chance to performs if confidence and morale is low, same time we as a fans not help all this situations and give up so early. I was at Charlton game this Sunday and our fans was quite sarcastick on big parts of the game singing "we are ****"we have shoot"we have goal halala jokes.This things can't help players for sure and if we no back morale somehow very soon we for sure no need any transfers because this club at this mood will break many negative records. I have no hopes for West Ham away but 1 win can help a lot and I target Everton at home our last chance to back some hopes and change a mood a bit...
  15. fully agree here and must say that we was totally competitive until wolves game, then we loose Rashica who was onfire ,was toe to toe with Man Utd and then avalanche of problems come and since Villa game we look like Farke team from last 20 premiere leagues games ... 4 5 first games under Smith we look like reborn team who need only 1 2 new players especially Pukki help etc and all here agree about that now all is like Richter 9 earthquake vanished everything for 2 weeks! Villa game was key to not be played then problems come soo many and we lost all confidence from good start under Smith. Its crazy we have fully fit squad when Smith come despite Zimmermann and now we have 12 out players 3 weeks later !
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