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  1. Any idea where exactly will be Norwich camp in Austria around this Toulouse game ? I will be around Kufstein for this friendly so will going to watch the game but wonder if camp is also in Tirol can see also some trainings too.
  2. There is too many and too fast coming games in this league. We come from hectic period to yesterday game and some really believe we can push and play at full speed this routine game all 90 Min!?? This is out of reality and some players really played too many games recently and same time hot weather 2 -0 at ht etc all too normal to be like that 2nd half. Key is we are on great run and also transfer window closed so mood is great and have to play 2 at home next 3 games so really good period to consolidate out position ! Then international break will come we will regroup and back some injured players and all seems in control at the moment.
  3. Sara have only cameo role so far so for league game to start from 1st min seems very unlikely.Probabbly first need to grantet more kin from bench also make impact and then start eventually.
  4. one seems obvious for DS if any one make impact next game will start.So for me Onel will start for sure and is time Teemu to be back .Also is possible Byram not to be risked 2 games in 4 days but we are short in midff so probably Kenny must be there and Sam keep his place. Krul Aarons Omobamidele Hanley Byram Kenny-Nunez Dowell Cantwell Pukki. Hernandez
  5. one of my favourite players at this time... a bit like movie star look like this days and decent partner of Robert Fleck in attack, Remember fa cup away at Exeter on bad field also used protection on his hand many of games 1989 season . Good memories without doubt.
  6. that is unusual for this league and mean next 3 big mistakes will not end with goals definitely!
  7. stats and especially xG always work and say truth on long run. hogesar try to say that if we keep this stats and rating most of games results without doubt will be on our way long term.Its simple mathematics Unfortunately most people is hard to focus on long picture and focus and see only what is now. season is very long and few wins fast will change mood around but I must agree that 1 pt against 3 quite average opponents is far from ideal. Must win on Tuesday to be solved all nerves around fans and team then Friday in front of Sky we can show to all that we are still top 3 material!
  8. We simply need to win 2 games in a row and transfer window to be closed. Too many starters is not with right attitude at the moment because still think they can escape to better level. We have same problem before but some wins and settled group solved this problem. Must win next home games I fly for them to UK and hope 6 pts to push our season! My record when come at Carrow Road is something like 90% wins so hope to bring back some luck :p We are a bit flat at moment but also a bit unlucky so get behind the boys and hope for good response.
  9. squad is good for this level without doubt but the key is how many will be unhappy to play for Norwich one more season! probably Pukki,Aarons,Giannoulis,Tzolis,Rashica,Cantwell or at least some of them !? last time after relegation and until window was closed we was poor and many players was not focused! Without doubt group at moment is too large and some players will be sold or send on loan.
  10. Rashica every game grow up and show his class but same time Pukki look like veteran striker since 5 6 games at least. Today we play really good but with Idah out of season ,Teemu body language and today's results ...
  11. that penalty against Liverpool and nervous Farke slams him on media after game seems upset this buy too much. He is a kid who all his life used to live with his parrents and have only 1 full season on top Greek league ,big task to grow fast enough in totally different league and country. Big gamble since begin and seems our female Greek scout pushed this deal and we pay too much. Me personally see him on loan back to Greece or Holland,Belgium to try back confidence and match fit.
  12. max have extra flair and huge motivation to play ,only worie me that too often have one big mistake lead to goals. Penalty with Man U and last evening was one of them that put shadow on his performence .
  13. Guys we have 20-80% possession 2nd half against Palace who win 1 game all season away !? Do we really have any chance with this approach against Man City? No more than 5 % for me who realistically mean close to zero... Josh was big miss for us and our midfield not working in this pair Kenny-lees M... I not hope for any pts and next 2 games only pray for damage limitation . Then regroup and give a fight to Saints and Brentford. Still believe fa cup games is luxury for us and we look no fresh yesterday and same time play at Anfield next round just before game of the season h Brentford. On my head was must win this game last night but we win too many games last weeks with average performance so was not normal to win one more this way.
  14. We start solid but after Lungi subbed they control the game.Colossal result but to be fair I never see we to have all key decisions and moments to be on our way... 2 shots 3 goals say much and on other day some joke reffere or var easy can disallowed our 2 goals. We will be almost fully fit squad in 2 weeks time ,confidence is back who is must for team like Norwich so we rest 5 6 days have fa cup and must win Palace ! Sergent and Idah re born ! Pukki look tired ,rest will recharge him... Finally some luck with us on right moments! Rupp,Normann and Billy back +confident team and fans make us competitive who is really all that we ask from our club!
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