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  1. We was top of the league after 5 games and now 1 point since November and something like 1 draw in 9-10 games! I watch it last 2 games full 90 min! Unfortunately despite some interesting additions as Sitti,Soto,Martin and now also Mumba and Marko +Omobamidele and Mcalear (both make bench first team few times)we not look competitive away at Stoke and Today very shy performance again. I know results is not key here but still shame form with on paper quality names inside start 11 with 4 points from bottom and 4 games more already played ...
  2. Lethargic Farrke cost us 3 pts. Why on earth waiting 87 min for subs when we badly need fresh legs after 1 up with 10 of this 11 players was on field 3 days ago. pub league refferes clear goal disalowed for no reason but our penalty was dive Zimbo badly need rest as so slow last 2 games
  3. Farke when some player perform top, him never that easy exchange him for naturaly first choice player. so not be surprise to see Krul on bench who ofc is harsh but very Farke way...
  4. with tier 3 London since Tuesday midnight are Reading will have 2000 fans or not!?
  5. I never seen so tired players all time wow incredible last 10 min our players was on the floor after evry chalenge . Buendia was 2 min away from red card once more . Impressive result with some luck,we badly need some fresh players to come next few games. Blackburn away will be real test.
  6. Great season so far but mistakes neet do be spoted it's a shame that we again involved in same situation that ruined last year with 11 inj players ! Wtihout doubt is a joke to have midd August 33 players squad and now to play without recognasible striker 36 y old keeper only one full back available etc etc. First of all big mistake to let Moritz and Drmic to stay at his home countrys and tranining individually ,as same time received every week his fat check's. If they surplus and not find clubs on time put them at least with youths and be availabale on situatons like this. Also with nightmare calendar reveiled with evry 3 days game etc why on earth we not keep Sinani if we let Drmich to Swiitzerland? If no enough game time lets put him to play for u23 ! Same as full back options to stay only with Quintilla for 45+games is no way acsepteble. Lucky our fragile 3 cetre backs still fit somehow and this is only area who is not affected with inj who is curiouse ofc. We must pray to come to January without more damage and keep some decent results but without doubt will be very long month!?
  7. no way this to be foul .bless no VAR anymore! Zimbo push Stoke player to McGovern and this help us from disaster as looking as a foul but is not imo.
  8. Drmich and Moritz was must to stay and train at least with youths since we pay them full wages. We can pray for free kick,s Mario to safe us vs Coventry .
  9. Pukki look like some hamstring ?Nightmare game and lucky no VAR as goal for 3-3 was cristal clear. Buendia never will play big football keeping not use his brain.... Same time last year seaons end Novmeber with 11 inj players now deja vu. No way we to play evry 3 days with this squad . Hope buendia 1 game only miss and Pukki Krull only miss 1 2 games. head of performence must be sacked soon
  10. we badly missed him today but this man think is a world star already and we have big problem to settled him
  11. very good point with lot a possesion football but not enogh good chanses for us.Lucky goal with reflection. Late goals seems trade mark for us in this league ! Im much woried with Farke so easy pick unchanged team how on earth we will keep fresh this players with evry 3 day games until lade December ...
  12. despite was 33 players rooster in August at the moment I check that we have no any fit player out of 18 match day sheet.Bali Mumba and Sorensen is only 2 who is with unknown status fit or inj. that is out of 18 . All others who is fit is on 18 for match, so easy to say we fill the bench with all who is fit simply. 2 deffenders and 3 middf was inj vs Wycumbe as Byrom,Dowell and Onel is long term out and now Idah 3 games susp with probably Marco and Zimbo will be fit soon.
  13. considering Farke not like to change wining team if not must I belive for tactical reasons we will have only 1 change. With red card Idah missed bench we must have back up striker there and Hugill will be on bench with Mario will start number 10 role because he deserved that after 2 key goals last week. Only possible other change can be Tettey for Skipp imo becasue Oliver look a bit tired last game. Krul Aarons, Hanley, Gibson, Quintilla Skipp - Rupp Buendia, Mario, Cantwell Pukki
  14. Ruel ofcourse !Great impact in our play with this great team from 90's
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