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    If I remember good the deal with Sevilla for Amadou was if we stay up this season we must buy him for about 9 mil. So like it or not if we do miracle Amadou is one of our own lol:)
  2. Boris

    How good is Emi?

    Its crazy situation as we have so many top players according interest and price tag and we struggle much and defend deep most of the games!? Krul is class then both full backs Aarons and Jamal is 20 30 mil+ Godfrey is 25 30 mil+ then Emi 40 mil lol also Cantwell 30 mil Pukki is class also so then from where come the problem!? i never see hopeless bottom team to have so many crazy price tag players imo. One centre back and central midfield seems only positions that we not have expensive player ! So with 7 players who shine and high sky his value we struggle always in second half and seems lost minefield. I believe our biggest problem is number 10 position as both Marco and Kenny is not enough class to make balance here so no Idea why with Onel is ok we not try Emi at number 10 and Onel +Todd on flanks!? Not need much this team to be competitive ,probably 1 2 class middf players ,back up for Teemu and some luck on key moments
  3. Boris

    VAR officials for Palace...

    bad luck with var cost us 4 pts in space of 3 days.Without doubt this decisions affected fans and make also players feel bad and lost his confidence. We must agree that also other results make us no favour. to sum up No good signing in the summer as only Byram make any presence and Amadou so so. Nightmare injury crisis soon after start of the season. Referees and Var decisions 90% of 50-50 is against us. Lowest experience top level both staff and players+lowest Budget. After all this work against us we must agree than all logic say we stand no chance to stay in this farce-var debut season. We must hope team to be on his legs and competitive and we to not loose too many key players. I not see any chance Buendia and Pukki to back and play in Championship,highly possible we hard to keep Aarons and Godfrey both.
  4. Boris

    Stewart Webber in Gunn club

    some one to blame Pukki after week injured and play with pain because Premiere league club have no natural striker on bench is really too harsh. Week in week out we repeat same mistakes and play without any confidence 2nd half after very good 1st. I think is better we to not be up before ht because team become depressed always after lead at HT and play like a bunch of strangers imo. Now more seriuse. I must say that we badly need subs to be done much more early and Farke to revised his zonal marking as we conceded evry game from set pieces ! Villa away never lucky game for us but still we hope to repeat Leicester performance and to hope for best!
  5. Gunn was not that good but him play so many games for us on amazing period especially 88-92 I still have VHS record with our lost 4-0 away at Spurs 89-90 season i think was and Gunn was shocking this game ! Also we always ended with minus Goal difference even we ended 3rd 4th etc lol. He was OK and is legend coz played around 400 games on great period for us but never been very good imo.
  6. Boris

    Maddison is great, but.....

    bad tackle against Tettey was just after incident with Alex elbow and I not like his reaction especially against our most serving player!
  7. Boris

    Maddison is great, but.....

    Maddison play dirty against Tettey and over all try his usual cheats against us today... Not like his altitude at all today and also decline Onel to exchange shirts at the end.
  8. Boris

    Where’s Hanley ?

    We need Hanley and Fahrmann only when others was injured and they both just on same moment was not available lol I doubt we will need them anymore so this summit our luck this season.
  9. we will look hopeless on standing January so no way top player to come at almost relegated team. Panic buy not help us long term because with this tempo we need to think January for championship next year. Its not only problem that we missed so many must games but also problem is that no other 3 teams who look possible to relegated. Disaster 2nd half today
  10. Buendia must start next game as I see at least 3 changes with Jamal and Alex also must be added. Godfrey was shocking Today too
  11. Boris

    11 out of 27

    no is not too early! we are on free fall and if no Krul heroics all this loosing games can be trashing! West Ham ,Burnley, Brighton all 3 away easy lost by 2-0 can be very easy 5-6 nil also Man Utd at home very lucky only 1-3 lost imo. Confidence already gone and with Everton away is hopeless game we have already game of the season vs Watford without doubt. Other key point is that there is international break after this round so even more key is to retain confidence just now and to have better mood to regroup for next games. Millwall last season was amazing game just before international break and team go to Florida just after this in great mood.We badly need this 3 points and if we not do that I not see where next 4 5 games will take 3 points. Then if bottom around New Year is too late for injured defenders to turn things and same time is very hard to attract any good players to come to team who is with very slim chances to stay up. I really believe we will be all in on this game and hope Watford to not be clinical enough to spoil us very early Atmosphere will be rocking and we have good chance to show we are still good team who can win games!
  12. Boris

    11 out of 27

    We must take Watford as a cup final imo.Both fans and players need to understand that without doubt! Team look dreadful last games and especially away is hopeless against pretty average teams. Everton away is no way place that we can win something with this performance. We badly need this 3 pts and Friday late kick off in front of Sky is ideal to retain our confidence. I not see any hopes if we suffered against winless team at home for rest of the season and January market is too far to hope for change reinforcement.... Its time for all in game and I believe will be one of this championship games from last season when we show big spirit and goal skills finally ! I alone fly for this game and with my record something like 15-1-1 last 17 games attended live for Norwich I believe we finally will turn things around with this Friday evening game! lets be behind boys until very last min and hope for best !
  13. Boris

    VAR - F*ck off

    Joke penalty's and since midweek many critics that VAR change not many referee decisions so far of this season we find this weekend as farce with too many decisions make it by VAR. And this 2 penalty's against us is only 2 penalty's so far with all 200 games played since start in August decided after VAR lol VAR in UK is big joke and will kill this wonderful game imo
  14. Cantwell is a luxury to play game after game in premiere league. have some fireworks but we are too light in this area with so many cant tackle players (mean final 3rd). Onel was wow performance and with this altitude against worst opponent than Wan-Bissaka he can be match win player. Only bright from this game is Onel looking on fire. Watford absolutely must win to have any hopes !
  15. away at Bournemouth if Hanley not fit will be nightmare to find centre back who can play around Amadou who also is not a centre back we must try to reduced damages next game and not play suicide football anymore. When defence is shambolic we need play much more deep and much more compact. Tettey or Trybull is a must for this approach and we badly need some of them back very soon. I much more relaxed for Man Utd game than the next one simply because we will back more players also mood for this games at stadium is different and team will have much more careful approach reduced space who Man Utd need imo
  16. Boris

    We've just f'cked it up.

    Its hard for me to say because Klose is one of my favourite players but Farke biggest mistake is that he believe Klose sign new deal and make full preparation is the answer for our defensive problems. Klose is inj prone and him is on wrong side of the 30 so this was a big gamble who ofcourse not work. Hanley was simply 4th choose centre back who need to play some cup games and not to moan too much for non play enough and we have Zimbo known since June that will miss all preparation. Bad news is that most of our key players in defence is no near return to squad and even after that what we have ?Zimbo who just will back from 6 month out who mean need time to back his form and also never play in this league to save us from relegation!?
  17. Boris

    Paying for the sins of the present

    This very naive at all to think if this team relegated we will see same players performed and enjoyed the game like last season ! Relegated team who will conceded around 100 goals will have broken morale without doubt... So this 3 years plan etc is good on paper but not easy on real world of relegated squad. I not blame for lack of investment because as many times we see is not so easy to attract really top player at club like Norwich. Same time pretty average players easy can be rated 30 40 mil and do nothing special(ask Newcastle with Almiron 21 mil and Joelinton 40 mil) Something wrong happen as changing training process and we are not fresh anymore and same so many inj players is like avalanche this days.Not be surprised if Chris Domogola lost his job soon ! We are pure joke in defence with both full backs think play against league one teams and both central defenders is not any synchronise especially when team is high on the field. When defence have not fully fit players and is very week last games we need to be much more compact as a unit .ofcourse Trybull and Tettey miss is again very bad situation as when at least we need one of them we not have any and same time keepers is same situation we need for 2 weeks Fahrman and him is not available lol
  18. Boris

    Press conf / injury update

    Godfrey after Villa hernia operation mean if Hanley is not fit we have Amadou + no centre back for Bornemouth away at least ! We are so fragile with injured or not fully fit defenders at the moment.Think must concentrate next 2-3 games to take any pts and keep team much more compact over all...
  19. Amadou not much skilful in this challenge but this is for sure dive with back of the net for Palace player ! VAR work different in UK and this penalty no chance to be re think because no obvious mistake etc bull...
  20. Boris


    Drmic ,Roberts and Fahrman both come and believed will be much more involved ! With injury depleted squad this players is almost never involved more than 10 15 min even team play nothing. When injury players is back how will be they think!? They all seems affected from almost never played and they're body language sow same at the moment. Short to be said they are is unsettled with his new team and manager not give them any trust at all can't help them at all imo.
  21. Boris

    It’s not just injuries

    we lost 3 away in a row with 2-0 against middtable/low teams. In this games we looked pretty average and not danger at all far away from goals and pts. This is defenetly something to worry about simply because we need also some pts away from home to stay and if we far away to catch points against such a teams against who we will? We are pretty "nice " team to play against when we play away so I say last week and must say again that we badly need to change approach to have chance for its in this away games. Some one mentioned above that Man City game show we can be solid at the back and danger on counter.Its not exactly Farke way but we must try something different as badly need away pts soon as possible! Inj players may be looking on paper can't improve drastically our play especially in attack but we are so flat with no any midfielder on the bench and no real rivalry for places.Week in week out we simply play who is fit enough (and also not so fit as seems every game we need to change some one coz is not ready to start) next 3 home is key as villa ,watford and man utd all look beateble .Man utd have run of 4 away games this 10 day period(liverpool-partizan-norwich-chelsea) and only hope is Ole to stay for our game:)
  22. Nothing about the moan etc its quite simple ! In live need to be objective not matter is you team or not who play good or bad! and after poor display yesterday what ppl need to do?To talk once more about Man City win or what!? We have hard run of fixture without doubt and im happy with this 6 pts but been away at West Ham and watch on TV full Burnley game its quite obvious despite some 20 min spells we are not treat and not penetration at all in both of them. Farke do wonders but evry one need to learn from his mistakes and I believe we badly need to change approach for such away games simply because we have a lot of them next 3 4 weeks. Its a shame for him to talk about stats ,shots, possession etc after game interview , because game was over after 15 min ! About substitutions only will add that we hardly will make Roberts and Drmic settled anytime soon when they have 5 10 min per game even on matches that we badly need to change something. With 10 inj players not much room for changes but at least approach must be different for away games to have any chance to add points imo.
  23. Boris


    joke sub and this frustrate even more Roberts who badly need game time ! His face was pain to watch after come in 91 min...
  24. Boris

    The Norwich Messi?

    typical South American after amazing game today Emi was shocking bad . And all this pantomime and frustration when loosing plot is really not normal for this top level to be shown imo. back on earth...
  25. Boris

    Crystal Palace

    yep seems we will struggle against high pressure big strong teams and we fast will become typical home team. All in all very little treat away against w ham and Burnley hard to be different at Palace....