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  1. Another Rodent cock-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need we say anymore????????????  
  2. Another rodent signing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there anymore to be said???????? Another one to be placed in room 101.  
  3. Maybe he''s got eyes for someone else wife??? We''re not that desperate, he''s over the hill. I''d rather we try and give a youngster a go. He''s had his chance.
  4. I hate to poor scorn on your fire but young Cody is unproven at the moment two fantastic goals don''t make a complete striker.
  5. Yes he should have gone with Arturo rather that that prat curo!! we just may have had a chance!!!
  6. I''m signing up why I''m better than the current rubbish....... So funny, Keep it up I''m sure there is plemty more gaffs to come.....
  7. I blame him too, had he of not lost the brum lad he was sposed to be marking in the play off final we would have established ourselves in the prem by now. Daryl you are the weakest link... Goodbye!! Still if only Iwen had scored two minutes earlyier!!!!!!!
  8. Carrying a bucket around the stadium at half time, he has the superb requirements for the carrow road piss boy, short, stumpy and no f***ing good for anything else. I''ll return to carrow road when I don''t have to watch this prat.
  9. Gunns first big decision Lupo or Curo to lead the line for us for the remainer of the season. Um let me think a talented youngster chumping at the bit?? or an old useless washed up prat who couldn''t hit a barn door!!! Maybe the first wrong decision Mr. Gunn but watch out there''s plenty more to come. What sickens me most of all is that some of the quality was already here but it just walked out the door. I think it was evident how much he wanted to play when he came on as a sub and got mega upset with rusty for not squareing the ball to him. No one can argue that he didn''t play for the shirt. Not good enough for us and yet could be playing in the prem for Sheffield Utd    OH DEAR!
  10. Don''t hold your breathe, he''s injury prone, unlikely to give us any major cash. Had the prat not have got injured when Newcastle was first sniffing round then would have been time for celebration. There''s more chance of Greeno playing for England!!!
  11. Thank the RAT!! That''s another half mill you''ve lost the club, you plonker!!
  12. Stevie Wonder!! We need someone reliable!
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