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  1. http://web.me.com/norwichnewsrightnow/Site_2/NORWICH_NEWS_RIGHT_NOW.html For those who missed it in yesterday''s melee...
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  5. http://web.me.com/norwichnewsrightnow/Site_2/NORWICH_NEWS_RIGHT_NOW.html
  6. We started that season playing some beautiful football - I remember watching us pass (and score!) Preston off the park and thinking ''wow''. But we all knew that signing only Crofty that summer would come back to haunt us, and a few vital injuries later, Worthy was gone. Personally I think some fans'' attitude towards Worthy that season didn''t help, but the truth of the matter is that had he been given the right money to strengthen, we probably would have been ok. But then the board had the arrogance to think we were a ''solid Championship club with Premier aspirations'' that could afford to take a gamble on Grant, rather than a club in free-fall with mercenary players and unforgiving supporters who were desperate for a return to the promised land, despite our relative lack of cash. It''s no surprise our best players and coaches like Hunter cleared off - they could see what was coming.
  7. The shame of it all is that reasoned, practical arguments like the many on this thread have been washed away by wave after wave of bitter vitriol in the past. I''ve found myself - despite disagreeing with the board''s actions - defending Delia in the light of ''old trout'' etc comments because it''s just so unnecessary - however, all it''s done is to muddy the debate we should have been having, sensibly, years ago. Now all we''re left with is the question, ''why didn''t we do something sooner''? The best response would be to take the responsibility of finding new investors out of the board''s hands - or at least make it very difficult for them to say no. I have hoped, time and again, that they would learn by their mistakes but they haven''t. They''ve got Keith Harris looking for investors but while they still hold the final decision, it may as well be keith Chegwin.
  8. BigFeller, have you seen The Damned United? There''s a scene in there where the chairman of Derby spells it out to Clough exactly how the hierarchy in the club works. It reminds me so much of NCFC, the only difference being thirty years later we still have that mentality - still run by small-minded business people with more concern about their standing in the local community than how modern football actually works. I was at the first AGM after relegation in 2005, and when I stated to the board that - after our poor start to the season and less than inspiring signings - the January 2006 transfer window was going to be one of the most important in the club''s history, as it would determine our intentions to both players and fans, Munby and Doncaster laughed at me. What happened? Two months later we sold Ashton, panic-bought Earnshaw and failed to strengthen the squad around him, resulting in the rest of our good players wanting away. The rest is history. Who''s laughing now?
  9. These are all very valid, well put but obvious points from BigFeller - meaning obvious not in that he hasn''t written them extremely well (which he has) but more that we''ve all known this stuff for years and done NOTHING about it. The biggest crime is the amount of AGMs shareholders have turned up to and done absolutely nothing to change things. Last year''s was the perfect example - we all knew we were on the brink of what is now becoming reality, yet chose to spend most of the session berating Roeder about Huckerby. The board must have been delighted. The shareholders at this club (small and large) are as responsible for the problems at this club as much as the board, players and management.
  10. This is such a pointless article with no research done whatsoever. Any fool know that ITV don''t have the money to be broadcasting matches willy-nilly and more so, don''t have the regional slots available - those slots being only news slots these days, since they decided to destroy any sense of regionality in their programming outside their public service news requirements. Granted, Sky could have taken it up but they''ve got a lot more to think about at the ''business end'' of the season than pandering to a few of us yokels out in the ar5e-end of nowhere. It might have been different had the scum made a go of getting into the play-offs but they ballsed that one up a long time ago. What would have made a more pertinent article would have been one about how the Suffolk police STILL persist in treating Norwich fans like cattle to and from the ground, even though we''re all so exhausted from working our nads off to pay the ridiculous ticket price to sit in some cow-shed that we couldn''t be bothered to cause any trouble in the first place. So there.
  11. Most people are missing the point - or proving it. Why should he get such terrible abuse (much worse than we''ve seen against other players) just for being a let down? It''s not like he slagged anyone off, he just simply couldn''t cut it. To sit there and listen to some fans shouting ''f*ck off Fozzie you c*nt'' game in, game out, seems way over the top.
  12. Guy Gibson''s dog. - Fozzy should grow a pair. He''s had nowhere near as much grief as Beckham has had, Beckham didn''t run away and cry. ------- So that makes it ok then?
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