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  1. I couldn’t quite believe this when I read it and thought it was a spoof site, but it isn’t. Enjoyed reading about the Crimson King Maple
  2. Not shocked and of course it hasn’t ended yet. That’s the bit that worries me, I must admit I had hoped that the US democratic system would be strong enough to resist this sort of stuff, but it looks like it isn’t.
  3. When he was elected there was some reassurance that the US system had enough checks and balances to keep the president under some form of control, is that actually the case? These nutters pretty much just walked in yesterday, that hasn’t happened by accident.
  4. “ I understand your anger, we had this election stolen from us”. “Please go home” it just gets worse
  5. As Biden said, the world is watching, shameful.
  6. Thugs in Pelosi’s office, my god !!
  7. One mans attempt to destroy a democracy
  8. The final thrashings, what a despicable bunch.
  9. This is the latest I could find on the topic, seems to be a question of size matters. This government isn't too keen on local is it, I can see the imperative when you are rushing to get things done, but why is it a rush when we have so long to prepare? "Royal Pharmaceutical Society president Sandra Gidley said there were thousands of high street pharmacies who were "ready, willing and able" to assist in the rollout of the programme, but were being excluded because they had to be able to guarantee they could deliver at least 950 doses per day. Mr Zahawi insisted "every sector will play a part in this", and specifically mentioned pharmacies, saying that after hospitals and GPs surgeries, "the community pharmacies and the independent pharmacy sector [will play a role] as well".
  10. Zahawi on radio 4 “gave the impression” which of course is the style, that the larger pharmacies are involved and that in time the smaller ones will be also. That seemed sensible as a strategy, I have no particular knowledge on this but again got the impression that the pharmacy people being spoken to on the radio were representatives of the smaller independents rather than the whole sector. I may of course be completely wrong
  11. There is a risk that everyone is jumping on little snippets of news which may not prove to be correct. Zahawi ( the pimpernel ) said this morning that they (pharmacies) would be involved.
  12. I think that was explained by Chris Whitty yesterday, in an ideal world you would never change the dosing regime but in this case facing the scale of the pandemic in the UK decisions are being made based on the balance of risk and benefits.
  13. Yes what you say about the Championship is very true
  14. Fantastic player, a great Man City side which was my team as a kid, until I saw the light!!!! Frannie Lee, Joe Corrigan, Tony Book, Summerbee etc, Colin Bell always seemed to be the gentlemen of the team, a bit like Martin Peters in my mind. RIP a great player
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