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  1. It wasn't a mere distraction for me when I had to queue for 15mins at the OL stadium in Lyon a few weeks ago for a wee and missed the first 5 minutes of the second half of the Wales Australia RWC game. An over 60,000 seater stadium, beer flowing, drinking at your seat as well as in the concourse, as happens at rugby matches, and guess what, no male urinals, all individual cubicles.
  2. Of course its too many, thats the whole point! Your link to Zarach gives a real insight, which is exactly what we need, I hope people read about what they do, thats where we get a much better picture of whats going on rather than sensational headlines which most people, quite rightly imo, are going to struggle to believe.
  3. I More about overcrowding and an absence of appropriate social housing I would say KG. These are the big issues, together with living conditions that present a real risk to human health, as far as I’m concerned KG, for me this is what the BBC should be highlighting!
  4. I see it as unhelpful if it ( as I believe it does) exaggerates the problem, when there is no need to. I fear that by quoting figures which I suspect most people will believe are way off the mark will harm the cause and turn people off rather than engage people in trying to deal with a serious issue. Look where the exaggeration from both sides lead to with the Brexit debate, it’s not necessary for such a serious issue imo. Of course I maybe completely wrong in the way the majority will react to this report, I am just fearful that it may be counterproductive.
  5. I find that astonishing but having looked it up you are right, thanks for the info. I still contend that this isn't a reflection of the reality in the UK, and certainly not the reality that I see on the ground. As said previously the problems in housing are massive, but I dont think they are helped by crying wolf.
  6. I do work in housing and know how serious our housing problems are, but I fear the cause is not helped by reports such as this, based on 1000 online surveys and extrapolated to a population.
  7. Yellowfuture


    Just hearing reports on BBC news that 1 in 20 children in the UK don’t have a bed to sleep in. I have worked in health and housing and still do, but where on earth does an unqualified report like that come from on the six o’clock news. You can buy a bed on gumtree for as little as £20. I see poverty and poor housing regularly in my work and there is no denying that there are many living in poor conditions. This needs to be highlighted and really brought to the fore in public discourse, but the BBC does no favours to those in need by reporting what at the very least are misleading statistics.
  8. Why would anyone put themselves in a position where this is the likely consequence of a single judgement made under duress. I fear that some would prefer to push this issue to the point where society is left unprotected from the extreme actions of those intent on doing us harm.
  9. Heading home from Lyon tomorrow having seen the demolition of the Aussie's by Wales, happy days!!
  10. They do a tough tough job and deserve all the support they can get. They have to make split second decisions relying the extensive training they get, if they make an error they shouldn't be hung out to dry.
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