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  1. This stuff wasn’t project fear it was facts. Never got properly explained.
  2. Can anyone explain why the ability of the U.K. government to limit access to the NHS for EU citizens to 90 days was never properly explained during the referendum campaign. Also while I am here, which is very rare, why our ability to limit EU immigration, even though we didn’t , was never properly discussed ?
  3. This looks like a good idea Nutty, keeps things ticking over until we get back to a form of normality!! I'd like to pick number 9, Forest v Swansea. Good luck to Kathy.
  4. I think this is probably true, stronger measures early on needed to be taken.
  5. I have sent you a private message
  6. Anybody looking for a car share, my son has a ticket but all bus seats have been sold, happy to share petrol obviously.Please pm me if you can help. Thanks
  7. This feels like one of the worse days of my life. I understand why there are arguments about being a sovereign nation, but really all you need to do is watch Edd Balls "Travels in Euroland" to see where we have gone wrong and how populism can rise and poison the minds of vulnerable people. I dont blame those that voted leave, I blame the media and the politicians ( some are both } that drip fed a narrative of lies, what have we done!!
  8. Very impressed with Cantwell again today, the power in some of his runs through midfield, riding tackles but keeping going rather than taking the easy option of going down, great strength and yet another plus point to his overall game. Quick shout out for Gary O'Neil, nice to see him get a warm reception when he was warming up and when he came on, he did make a difference to their midfiled, added a bit of extra bite.
  9. So many great little side shows running this season, has to be one of the very best.
  10. You only need look at the two dogs in my picture, Darren and Hucks
  11. Excellent Christmas present if this comes off, fingers crossed.
  12. These sorts of reports are an inevitable consequence of our recent success, the same goes for the Pukki thread. Nothing in football is set in aspic, especially for a club which lacks big money, if he does go it will be a test of our new structure which as I understand it was designed so that we were not overly dependent on one individual. Hope he has the desire to see the job through at Norwich, obviously a big money move for him personally will be tempting but there is also a lot of professional satisfaction and reward to be gained from seeing a job through.
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