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  1. On a sheff Utd theme, we were linked with Ampadu on loan before getting Skipp last season. Didn’t watch much of sheff Utd last year but think he had to fill in at centre half? Could be a loan option if we don’t get Skipp back?
  2. Good gig but they ran out of beer very quickly in the stand I was in and ended up drinking some terrible white wine
  3. 6-2 loss at home to Forest in Jan ‘91 aged 10. Took the lead with a Tim Sherwood free kick I think but then got battered although Fleck (from memory) got 1 back. Got pushed down to the front of the Barclay on my own and it was amazing - especially when Gunn and Bowen had a massive argument in front of me for conceding a soft corner after about 5 had gone in - learnt some new words that night with Welsh *#%! and useless Scottish £&?!
  4. All signed up - great event and topic matter. And like some others a cause close to my heart. Hoping to run the London Marathon in October for MIND covid permitting
  5. Parrott likes to play on the shoulder of the last defender. Quite like the fact Ipswich have signed a player who Tim Krul told that he had never heard of him - therefore hadn’t written his penalty taking preferences on his famous bottle
  6. Agreed on Ameobi - always caused us problems and feel he could be a good impact sub for us and fills a number roles. Seems to have been one of those players we could have picked up cheaply a couple of times before, not least from Bolton when in champ before but whether he could do it in the prem......? Not sure how consistent he is but a rough diamond to be polished?
  7. This is too good - beyond parody. Thanks feedthewolf- never seen this before - it’s patridge-esque. Keep up the good work on the contract posts btw
  8. Effectively had 2 weeks off - IT added something to my phone and it messed up a load of my apps and deleted my predictions. Then 2 points last week - lots of ground to make up. Good luck with the event
  9. yes but no - Also works for the Bee Gees 1987 No.1 and an Ivor Novello award - probably very uncool but I think its a great song
  10. Money paid - here's hoping the miracle of 2018/19 is repeated for both me and the boys on the pitch!
  11. Thanks for letting me tag along @Feed-the-wolf - well worth the 530 alarm to get the dog fed and walked before heading over to Norfolk. Hope all is good to go again in the next day or so after today’s adventures. Got a few aches myself after yesterday’s football return at 40 but would hope to be able to join you for one more ride at least before you hit the magic 500
  12. We have a husky-collie cross. Rescue dog from Wood Green
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