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  1. It is an organised league so there are proper fixtures and cups but the weight loss is added to the on-pitch results - so you might win 2-1 on pitch but final score is 9-7 once goals are added on from weight loss. So I’m out goalkeeper but also second top scorer as doing ok shedding the pounds. Sorry to hear your experience wasn’t great and certainly coaches and admin here in Cambridge doesn’t have that ‘positive’ discrimination around a weight loss journey. As I said above I’ve been hugely impressed and it’s been great for me. I thought it’s a bit of an in-betweeny option for those who who don’t fancy power league in terms of competitiveness but not quite ready for walking football. A lot of players in our league play MvsF and then play other footy during the week too.
  2. Spotted that poor wording just after I hit submit
  3. Connor Southwell reporting from Scotland that Rangers are now turning attention to other targets
  4. As a further option I was going to suggest Man vs Fat. Started playing again this year at 44 and have loved it. Not too competitive and real mix of abilities, plus very well organised - sign up and get put in a team. The support for weight loss and also men’s mental health is superb IMO. Its 5/6-a-side but in Cambridge where I’m based we have played 11-a-side against other locations too. Obviously you need to be a certain BMI to play and I can’t vouch for the Norwich league but I’ve been really impressed. Funnily enough I found out about it by accident via comments on Jack Reeve’s Twitter/X (who I don’t actually follow) earlier in the year.
  5. If you believe Twitter / X which is always dangerous the rumours are he threw his toys out of the pram when the club didn’t make a big fuss and lay on stuff for a previous trip back from Hong Kong so he decided to be team Luton. Nothing against the chap personally but despite the club shops sales taking a hit, our form always seemed to nosedive on his trips back so probably a good thing he’s now a Luton fan
  6. unbelievably and horrifically this… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52177265.amp
  7. Off the top of my head, personally I would have Green, Ruddy, Forster and Krul as better keepers in that period
  8. Not really for the second one - misjudged and got underneath. Some pressure on first but he needs to deal with it
  9. There’s lots to be said about shape, missing chances. But in isolation for the 2 goals last night I think Gunn was weak, the second one in particular. They have been headed in from 2-3 yards out and he’s stuck to his line on the first and misjudged the cross/corner for the second. He’s had a great season but it’s a flaw to his game and we have got away with a few before last night. I just think anything in the 6 yard box and especially more under the crossbar like last night he needs to be getting something on the ball in. He’s a big keeper and when he does come for crosses he does well so he has the ability. Appreciate this might not be popular but goalkeepers rooted to their line has always been an irritation to me
  10. Something else Onel can’t finish (that’s probably a bit harsh)
  11. Overrated - Gunn Definitely improved decent shot stopper and generally safe hands but he is a good rather than great keeper for me. But his good run of form has seen him overhyped not least by his TNC mates. I still think he could come for more crosses and he parries when he could catch (although this is modern keeper coaching) which he has got away with a bit. As a general point he doesn’t seem that commanding or organising - there was some stick for Hanley on this recently but it needs to come from the keeper too. Glad we have him and a good keeper but that doesn’t mean he is not overrated IMO Underrated - Kenny For some still a begrudging acceptance he is playing well. Going further back I have banged the drum on this before but felt David Fox was very underrated and his intelligence and positioning meant he did well as the defensive midfielder whilst Howson was overrated and didn’t dominate games for all his ability with BJ Tettey and Wes more important to us. Great finisher tho and some highlights reel goals
  12. Sammy Clingan (it could have been you) filled in there under Roeder as did the previously mentioned omozusi. Injuries to stefanovic and Kennedy left us very short. Under Peter Grant we had utility man Ian Murray filling in there too - never a centre half
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