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  1. I will be renewing in january and feel that the price will be around £530 which if we are in the prem is top stuff. If we are relegated back to the chumpionship i will still renew but i feel that we will be playing Prem footie next season anyway. Our ticket prices are fair and i have budgeted for an increase anyway.   OTBC
  2. John Ruddy has done well for us and most supporters are happy with him. Top save today at 1-1 from the free kick when we needed him.   Get off his back he has done well for us you really have no idea on goalkeepers
  3. Those idiots are mostly a young element who think they are the next set of Norwich Hooligans. They cause more hassle than anyone with their inane chanting and at times racist comments. It would be good if the Stewards actually did something about it rather than just keep saying sit down. I enjoy sitting in the snakepit as the atmosphere is better than in most parts of the ground. The guardian were right to report the moronic cheering and monkey noises they have no place in football, I love the chanting and banter but last night the moronic children really pissed me off
  4. Fair point but as someone who coaches at colney and having spoken to john he wanted to come hear band the fact that we could not sign Forster (who is not as good) had no bearing on him coming FACT
  5. That is the biggest load of crap i have evr heard. PL talked to David Moyes who told him that John would be available and he had seen him play in Scvotland liked what he saw and also the fact he was the right age sealed the deal. You have to remember also Big John is from Cambs as well so loved the idea of coming closerto his home.
  6. I got my away shirt last sat. Must say really like the shirt and will be wearing it tonight. I would have had the home shirt if it had the away shirt''s collar. COYY.
  7. I thoght Jackson worked hard especially when we were defending as he gave us an outlet with his pace and he does stretch defenders (they all hate pace) most or the time. He won a good few free kicks in key areas when we needed him too. Yes he was a little lightweight at times but he does work hard for the team. And for the idiot in the Snakepit last night booing his every touch, i say get off his back and give him the support most of us do. He may just turn out to be the one to score the winner to take us to the Premiership. PLEASE SIMEON
  8. He looked better than wilbraham for me. I thought he did okay as he has only been with us for a week. i am happy with him signing
  9. Ruddy is not too blame for this goal, yes he makes mistakes but for this goal the blame lies totally with wilbraham, wrong side and just did not pick up the run. when will people get off ruddys back he is not at fault for every goal we concede. give the lad a chance he has done okay for us this season
  10. Frase Forster has gone and yes he did have an decent season last year that was in Div 1. John Ruddy has made mistakes i agree but having spoken to him personally he really cares about the club and does want the fans to realise this. He has made vital saves this season and the one yesterday was another. I thought it was a really good save but only highlighted by the fact we broke away and scored to make it 4-2. it could have finished 3-3 without that save. Lets get off big johns back and give him some praise he does his best and agree has some technical flaws but should be working these out with his coach. I like him think he will do well for us this season, just hope he keeps a clean sheet v QPR (as he has done already this season). Come on you yellows
  11. Itsthe usual group of idiots that run to the front every week and the same group that are having a running battle with the stewards. I am also not siding with the club but feel that it could be an issue unless its dealt with. we in the snakepit do support the team love to sing chant and celebrate when we score but i feel that these mindles young idiots may spoil it for everyone in the snakepit who do enjoy the game and the fun that is attatched with supporting the canaries. I also agree with closing the road before and after the games its much safer. And before you ask i am not an old fogey just a geniune supporter who is fed up with these mindless young idiots.
  12. i really dont care yes he did well for us but has now left and could not come back because his club were too greedy asking for a £1 million loan fee and a 24 hour call back for a player who had one good season and the lad himself asked for £25.000 up front as his fee also.   he did okay but we have a keeper who is doing okay for us and is ours thankfully. give him time he proved v swansea he can make big saves when needed
  13. great review and i agree Crofts looks a good buy thought he was good against Newcastle but was def better today. at last the sponsors got MOM right.   will be a good season
  14. I believe Ruddy will be a good signing yes he made a mistake but then most players do thats why they are at this level. I am personally glad Fraser Forster did not come back as this will allow (hopefully) supporters to realise he was just an okay keeper who had a good season. At least Ruddy can kick the ball i had a heartattack every time it went back to forster as did most of the players   Everton were good toady but we did okay and at least tried to pass the ball from the back.   lets get behind the lads and not slate them they will do their best for Norwich but will make errors but we will finish in the top 10 no doubts. finally Crofts and surmans gals were both superb
  15. My thoughts on the game are that we look a good side a lot stronger than last season with the new signings showing well.   Just for fun my scores for the players   Ruddy. good solid keeper  8 R Martin. looks fitter than last year had good game 7 Drury. steady as normal 7 Ward. strong defender who loves to attack the ball and can play out form the back 7 Nelson. no nonesense defender who also looks better than last year 7 Hoolie. Quality on the ball but still gives it away 8 Fox. good passer who knits things together good signing 8 Crofts. Very good signing works hard and wins great headers on defending set pieces 8 Surman. Another good signing who looks to get on the ball and pass. superb 60 mins 8 Jackson. will cause defenders trouble with his pace. gives us a diferent dimension 7 C Martin. Worked hard and score 2 goals enough said 7 Francomb. did well when he came on 7 Mcnamee. Did okay still not sure though 7 Johnson. Touch is not good enough yet but is a good impact player 7 Gill. again did okay but i fear is on his way. won some good tackles 7 Lappin. Solid but will he figure as much as last season 7     just my thoughts hope ive done everyone lost track in the end. It was a good game with City definately looking the better side and was impressed with our passing and work rate, looking forward to the next home test which is Everton (me thinks a little tougher than Newcastle). great travelling support though.  
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