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  1. stopage time winner

    Sore Head??? Please comment!!

    Still partying
  2. stopage time winner

    Lots of talk about new players but.........

    I would just leave it to Lambert he seems to know what he is doing OTBC
  3. stopage time winner

    qpr are favourites to win the play offs with corals

    Got this of bbc 606 site sports.coral.co.uk/sport/en#... qpr are favourites to win the play offs
  4. stopage time winner

    latest news

    Osama Bin Laden has just broadcast a message on Al Jazira TV to prove he

    is still alive...He said 1p5wich  were s**t on Saturday''''. However US

    intelligence psources have dismissed it saying he could have recorded it

    anytime in the past 5 years
  5. stopage time winner

    Rumour... civic reception Tuesday 10th.

    Surely  a friday would be a better bet for those of us who dont live in the city and have to work weekdays .We  would be able celebrate this achievement and not worry about the hangover the following day .OTBC
  6. stopage time winner

    Well, was it deliberate or not?

    Yes he drops his shoulder and changes direction towards her , all i can say is why didnt he show that amount a comitment defending against the mboro players during the game .He certainly had a poor game on monday  as did all the cardiff players , i expect the FA to do what they normaly do with cardiff they will leave to the welsh FA  .
  7. stopage time winner

    betting on the title

    Yesterday before all this buissness about qpr , you could get 15/1 on norwich winning the title with paddy power , now they aint quoting any prices for anyone to be promoted let alone win the title .Could the bookies have inside information and fully expect qpr to recieved some sort of points deduction but dont know how many points ,just a thought no smoke without fire OTBC
  8. stopage time winner

    Watford Could Hold The Key

    Its a long shot but city are 15/1 with Paddy Power to win the title ,its a funny old game .
  9. stopage time winner

    Gotta be careful about teams moaning

    Read this and weep, they are getting in there excuses all ready   http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13182451.stm
  10. From my point of view is, if they have broken the same rules as any previous club they should have the same punishment .Yes the footballing authorities have a lot to answer by delaying the inquest surely this should have been sorted out weeks ago. But at the end of the day if they have broken the rules they should be punished with out bias, points deduction is the real deterent as fines to some clubs isnt due to the wealth of the owners .All we need to do is win our last  3 games and it isnt going to affect us OTBC
  11. stopage time winner

    team v watford

    Why dont we just trust lambert to put out a team to take the 3 points ,i think he has done very well so far all ready  this season .I must admit some of our players didnt shine on saturday but all that matters tonight is the result  OTBC
  12. stopage time winner


    Why is everyone beating themselves up over one result , yes we missed chances and conceded 3 goals to one of our rivals for promotion  .No need to panic we have not become a bad team overnight we  are still in the driving seat win all our games and we will be promoted.What ever ends up happening this season it has been amazing season ,lets get behind the lads OTBC
  13. stopage time winner

    The 02 - can i see the game?

    I took my daughter to the kylie concert last night waited in the sports bar directly on the left as you enter the main entrance ,they showed all the europa cup games on various screens so im sure they will show the city game .Word of advice dont bother with the support act they were awful ,kylie got on stage at about 8.45 ,so plenty of time to cheer city on to another away day victory OTBC
  14. stopage time winner

    Announcement tomorrow??

    QPR will have a 10 point deduction .
  15. stopage time winner

    Funny long queue outside ticket office at 5pm... :)

    Watford beam back tickets is my guess, i got mine before the game no probs  OTBC