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  1. [quote user="Shyster"]If Chris Martin ever scores in the Premiership, he''d have achieved the same.[/quote] Nope-never scored in the blue square prem
  2. I think it''s a mans extra small. I bought a shirt for an interview the other day and that was a 38 which is a small but this is just a bit of a guess. Hope it helps!
  3. 1. Player of all time - Iwan Roberts 2. GOAL of all time - Darel Russell v Gillingham away 2009/2010 3. Match you''ve been to, home or away - Home Leeds 2009/2010 Away Charlton 2009/2010 4. Manager of all time - Paul Lambert 5. Favourite NCFC Captain - Grant Holt 6. Favourite NCFC Kit- The Egg and Cress/Bird muck one whatever you want to call it
  4. Great Yarmouth, Cobholm, Bungay, Mutford, Warboys, Huntingdon, Peterborough, Wycombe, Colchester, Southtown, Bradwell, Gorleston, Cambridge. As a result I sound like a pillock with the strangest accent you''ll ever here...
  5. Quality thread this! Never much of a striker but I''ve scored a couple of decent goals. Personal highlights include a great volley in a five aside game when I ended up with my back to goal, flicking the ball over my head with my left and slamming it underneath the keeper with my right. Scored a good chip which I thought I''d scuffed only to see it end up in the top right corner bending past the hopeless keeper. My favourite has to be my goal in the last ever game we played in our last ever PE lesson on our last day of school. I hadn''t scored all year, so was desperate to end my jinx.(Although I did play mainly in defensive positions) With the score at 2-2, Idecided to abandon my defensive duties for a minute and ran round like a headless chicken for the last 10 minutes. I thought my chance had gone after doing everything from hitting the post to having one hacked away off the line and I decided to hang back as the last defender for a corner rather than going forward. As the corner was blocked and ended up back with the winger I saw an opening and screamed for my mate to drill it across goal. As I pegged it forward, I ghosted in between two defenders and slammed it in the corner to win the game, (not before clearing a certain goal into touch from underneath the crossbar, mind!). I went mental and decided to do a full lap of the pitch before getting mobbed by the penalty area and bundled by pretty much everyone on the field-even the kids who forgot their kit(tells you how nafff at footy I was!) I loved that moment and even though it wasn''t a brilliant goal it was decent enough to be considered my favourite so far. :)
  6. Oh and before I get shot- sorry for the typo, grammar police!
  7. [quote user="Smudger"]Everton fans can think what they like.Good player, but I would say that £3.5 million would be about the going rate for him.Personally can''t see where he would fit in to our team and think that we could buy better. He could well end up no better than a squad player if he moved here. I also expect us to be able to compete with the likes of Everton by the time the season kicks off.[/quote] Can''t say I agree with any of this, Osman is a quality player with good prem experience. Not sure how long is left on his contract but I''d reckon him to be worth around £5-6 million. As for competing with Everton,either they''re are going to drop down the table like a sack of the brown stuff or we''re going to have an absolute stormer of a season to finish anywhere near them. Consistent finishes around the top 8 for several years seasons now, so even the most optimistic fans would have to disagree with you.
  8. 1. Peterborough United (16.4 m) London Road 2. Milton Keynes Dons (32.1 m) stadium:mk 3. Northampton Town (32.3 m) Sixfields Stadium 4. Leicester City (45.0 m) Walkers Stadium 5. Barnet (47.2 m) Underhill Stadium 6. Watford (47.8 m) Vicarage Road 7. Tottenham Hotspur (50.4 m) White Heart Lane 8. Arsenal (53.6 m) Emirates Stadium 9. Leyton Orient (53.7 m) Matchroom Stadium 10. Wycombe Wanderers (54.9 m) Adams Park
  9. Cheers :) guess I''ll be in the Avery as it''s round the corner from me.
  10. Anyone know where the game''s being shown tonight?
  11. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Well I just find £18m excesive.Imho its fubar when he goes for that and Stephen Pinear is about to move for £2.5m !![/quote] Pienaar would have been out of contract in the summer and wouldn''t sign a new deal.
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