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  1. Fans patient enough to think long term rather than from a game to game perspective won't.
  2. Gibson won't have anything to 'rethink' ... what is happening with Godrey (and what happened with Lewis) is the ''project' he was sold'. Buy low, sell high, reinvest in raw talent/facilities/new signings (like Gibson), repeat
  3. Yes, I'm sure you're right. Webber and Farke are part of the conspiracy.
  4. This was always part of the Plan though wasn't it? Buy low, sell high, give academy products the platform to grow and show their potential. Recruit new starlets for the academy, loan them out to get minutes in their legs before putting them in the first team and then selling them on for profit. Investing in the infrastructure, putting higher transfer fees and wage packages on the table for new signings and, step by step, blossoming, organically, into a club that can be cemented in the top 26 at worst. If this Plan fails the only thing left is to find an invester like Wolves or Leicester OR accept a return to the boom and bust of NCFC 1995<.
  5. How refreshing to see a sane, likable and down to earth supporter from another footy club post on here! It hasn't been that way for a while. One of the big losses of lockdown has been chatting to opposition fans in the pub or on the pilgrimage to the match who 'get it'.
  6. I think we have the replacements with 4 other CBs here already. We bought before we sold this window I think.
  7. He'll get his chance ... and he knows it I'm sure.
  8. Perhaps a fresh start could get him motoring again? Surely being lined up as a Buendia replacement though which would be an anchor around his neck with the fans.
  9. Can you still get match commentary on ifollow (minus tv footage)? I can't see the option for that since I rebooted the app.
  10. Can you still get match commentary on ifollow (minus tv footage)? I can't see the option for that since I rebooted the app. Thanks in advance!
  11. Can't wait to see the starting eleven. Will Placheta get a run out?
  12. Glad to be out of it ... waste of a time of a competition. Don't need the potential injuries or fatigue (let alone the inevitable defeat to a top half Prem side at some point). Chuck everything at another title hunt.
  13. It would be lovely to have some thugs at the back who play like bolders of granite. Always so flimsy when put under pressure.
  14. Imagine how good we would be if we had a defence that didn't look like it was playing on an ice covered lake every time the opponent entered the final third! It has been yonks since we've looked gritty at the back.
  15. May I be neither the first nor the last to say ... "F*** me, Placheta's speedy!"?
  16. I'm sure that once the games kick off you'll get dragged back into the drama/ talking points pretty quickly. One nagging black cloud for me is ... in the best case scenario we'll win the league title but will we be THAT much better in the Premier League following promotion? Yes, there are more signings to come in the windows ahead BUT will we ever be recruiting good enough players to give us a fighting chance (especially with the style of football that Farke / Webber favour)? On a separate note ... I'm also a huge ice hockey fan and I'm neck deep in following the Playoffs right now. The difference in the vibrancy, intensity and brilliance of the two sports in empty arenas since the restart is HUGE. I wonder if that is due to the manner of the sports or that football's electricity really comes from the crowd atmosphere more than the sportsmen (although the roar of an ice hockey crowd is pretty awesome)???
  17. I have been greatly enjoying Liverpool fans across social media 'stamping their feet' that little old Norwich won't sell one of their crown jewels for a price that Klopp has decided! They can't understand how a relegated club can resist! Many have built Lewis up to be far more of a world beater than even his biggest fans here would believe and they are devastated for the player. Sorry folks but if you want him you've got to pay what WE want or jog on! Same goes for Emi, Todd, Max and Ben.
  18. Great news ... it sends out a very clear message. If you want our stars you have to pay what WE want for them - even if you're European Champions! Nice to be in the driving seat for ONCE! Thanks Webber!
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