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  1. And who is the skinhead just to the right of Drury? Looks like Rose!
  2. The Brazilian looks very confused. I am guessing something is lost on translation between Scottish and Portuguese!
  3. In the article, Lambert says not to read too much in to it and that Holt is just here "to help out." Wouldn''t be surprised if he got a gig though. I think I am right in saying Lambert signed him for both Wycombe and Colchester?
  4. It was brilliant when he called Vinny Samways "Sammy Vinways" for the whole 90 minutes. Gotta love him, what a hero.
  5. I spent my childhood and teenage years listening to Roy commentate on Norwich games every Saturday afternoon. RIP Roy - the voice of Carrow Road.
  6. I really hope we get enough tickets. I don''t get to many away games because of my job and busy, family weekends but always try and go to one during the summer. Last year Exeter was a great day out so would be hoping for the same at Scunny
  7. And George Francomb is extremely highly rated at the club. Although a bit disappointed he only got a one-year deal.
  8. Following on from what someone said earlier, I think we are too worried about Right Back. Spillane is probably the best we have got at the moment. I too am worried about Russell Martin, but he is better than Otsemobor, who was our first choice previously in Championship..so he can be good cover. And I will also agree with the message about Francomb. I have a mate who reguarly watches training and reserve games, reckons he is the best youngster we have. I have also heard whispers he has been tracked by some big clubs, so maybe he can come through and be a young star next year?
  9. That didnt look as I hoped on the screen, but you get my drift!
  10. Forster/Rudd Spillane Ward Askou Smith Crofts Smith Surman Hoolahan Martin Holt Subs - R Martin, Keeper, Whitbread/Nelson, Lappin, Fox, Johnson/Jackson (?), McNamee.
  11. I think that the two are both good signings. I have been impressed with what I have seen/heard of Crofts. 7 goals in 50 games as a defensive mid proves he can shoot too...perhaps more so than a Russell or Lappin! As for Fox, I wouldn''t be surprised ifLambert trains him up for being Hoolahan''s deputy when needs be. He has a nice range of passing, can hit a free kick and may do well in the ''hole.'' Otherwise, I would expect him to battle with Smith/Hughes/Lappin for the other midfield roles, with Crofts a regular at base of diamond.
  12. Seems a good signing from all the reports we have had. I still think it would be disappointing if Russell left, but it seems we have a ready-made replacement. I kind of trust Lambert buying a defensive midfielder; he was one of the best himself!
  13. In all honesty, I didn''t enjoy reading this article...it made me think how badly it could have turned out under Gunn!
  14. I can''t believe you are not prepared to give the Doc another chance at Championship level.  he was actually one of our better players in the last three seasons and with a new manager who seems to get the best out of him, his experience could be vital. As for Nelson, he seems like a Mackay figure to me, I don''t think we should get rid of him and for me those two would start next season as the centre back pairing with Askou/Whitbread waiting in the wings.  They could get exposed with a lack of pace, but I think their experience and positional sense should make up for this. The positions which need strengthening for me are in centre mid, where I would get rid of OTJ and possibly Gill and bring in someone who can offer more competition and a little more creativity.  I would get a left back in to compete with Drury (not Rose) and a striker who can compete with Holt, especially when he is injured or suspended!  The first priority must be to strap Fraser Forster to the goalposts at Carrow Road so he can''t leave!
  15. Here we go Colchester L 6-7 points 3 Exeter W 4-2 points 4 Brentford D 2-2 points 3 Wycombe W 6-2 points 6 Hartlepool W 4-1 points 6 Walsall W 2-1 points 4 MK Dons L 2-3 points 1 Charlton  W 3-2 points 4 Gillingham W 3-1 points 4 Leyton O W 5-2 points 3 Bristol Rovers W 8-1 points 6 (can we play you every week?!) Carlisle...? Leeds Utd D 2-2 points 3 Swindon W 2-1 points 4 Stockport W 5-2 points 6 Tranmere D 3-3 points 3 Southampton L 2-4 points 1 Brighton W 6-2 points 6 Southend W 5-1 points 6 Oldham W 3-0 points 6 Yeovil W 6-3 points 4 Huddersfield W 6-1 points 6 Millwall W 3-2 points 3 I think thats it...interesting that the only team we didnt conced against was Oldham...but also the amount of teams we have scored 5/6 goals against this season!
  16. Some great fixtures near the end there - Leeds against Charlton and then Swindon v Millwall last day!  That should be the game on SkySports with the Championship almost decided.   I hope Swindon do it personally, have done really well with limited resources and Charlie Austin seems a great find.  If not Millwall.  Anything but Leeds/
  17. He was obviously a little rusty, but that big fella up front for Stockport put himself about a bit and it got to Whitbread in the first half. Second half he looked much better, good positioning some good headers and also can take the ball out of defence (although I must say the Doc has got better at this)   My question is: what has happened to Askou?  Looked like an awesome centre back first 20 games (our Vidic!) a tendency to hoof but certainly no nonsense and great in the air.  Does lambert not rate him?  Nelson has done well but in my opinion Askou looks better and more suited to Championship.
  18. I think it is a myth that we need a left sided player in Lappin''s role.  Yes, it gives us balance but it doesn''t mean that he has to be left sided.  I think the main purpose of that role is to give Hoolahan the freedom to explore the pitch...which means we need a combative, strong midfielder in there. Lappin has done well this season, just think that we need competition at least for his position. It is probably the one role where he is safe as others have tried and failed.
  19. When we go up, I will be interested to see if Millwall join us in the Championship.  If they don''t, I seriously think we should look into signing Abdou.  He plays in a role similar to Russell, but could also slot into the Korey Smith/Lappin role. In the Championship, I can see Lappin becoming more of a ''squad'' player rather than a regular starter.  We need reinforcements in that area and for me Abdou fits the bill.  Every time I have seen him play he has been fast, athletic, strong and excellent in the tackle.  Give a foundation of Russell, Abdou and Smith and you can let Hoolahan do his thing! OTBC
  20. It would seem that our chances of signing David Marshall have been re-ignited by him handing in a transfer request.  He is, it seems, keen on a return to Carrow Road to link up with Peter Grant.  I think he would be a great addition to the squad.  My only concern in Joe Lewis'' development.  Marshall is only 22, and if he is our number one for 3 or 4 years, it would put Lewis back alot. Given the current financial situation, would it not be better to sign a cheaper, older keeper as back-up for a first-choice Lewis? Much as we did with Green/Crichton in Green''s first couple of seasons?  
  21. Heres mine Plymouth - draw - Pulis'' side are well organised and it is a long trek for the lads.  We will miss Safri in this game WATFORD - win - They are good away from home, but i feel their form will drop soon.  Will be tight though. Reading - defeat - Sorry, can not see anything else.  Look unbeatable at the moment.  It will end some time, but it wont be us. IPSWICH - win - This is the worse Binman team for years and we will surely capitalise on that.  Think Safri may be back for that one? Hull - win - One of the worst teams we have played so far, and i feel we have the quality to overcome them, even away. BRIGHTON - win - A team playing above their true standing.  They have shocked us before, but i can see us maybe scoring 3 or 4. DERBY - win - I see us going on a run of form here - some games we must win.  Will want retribution after a poor showing at Pride Park. C Palace - draw - we always draw vs Palace, or lose.  I predict a boring draw this time. STOKE - draw - they have the physical presence to cause us problems and i see them getting a point at Carrow. Leeds - defeat - They look great at home and i think outside bets to take over Sheff U for auto promotion.  They will turn us over. SHEFF UTD - win - Feel their bandwagon is falling apart, and we will be gunning for the double over them.  Very over-rated team. Burnley - win - They showed little at Carrow to suggest they will be getting play-off place.  Think we could nick important away win. LEICESTER - draw - Could just frustrate and annoy us at home.  Their signing of Fryatt could make a difference for them. Preston - defeat - Could be a huge blow to our play-off hopes.  I predict preston will make it into the top 6. Sheff Wed - win - I believe we will overturn them, we do have a good record there recently.  And its the day before my bithday! QPR - win - A team who will be confirmed as mid table by then, should not have any problems there. Cardiff - defeat - Could there be a worse place to go at that time of the season? WOLVES - win - we must beat the gold scum on what could be a crunch play-off decider.  We''ve done it before! That makes 10 wins, 4 draws and 4 defeats, leaving us with 72 points.  I believe this could just be enough to get us in to the playoffs. Automatic - Reading, Leeds Playoffs - Sheff Utd, C Palace, Preston, Norwich.
  22. I understand what you are saying to a certain extent - but if we were to lose Huckerby we would have no pace and no creativity coming forward - i think we should review it next season when he is approaching 3o, but for now he stays.
  23. I am sorry to say this, but a club that once prided itself on having a great stream of successful midfielders now finds itself with a distinct lack of decent players in that area.  We used to have the likes of Crook, Sherwood, Phillips in the successful era of the Nineties and even recently Gary Holt and Damien Francis have provided us with some great midfield performances.  And we had some superb natural wingers too - Fox and Eadie spring to mind. Unfortunately for Holt, he left a legacy - being that he impressed Worthington so much with his ''workmanlike'' performances, that it seems Worthington only wants clones of him - leading to a distinct lack of creativity. The signings of Jarrett, Hughes, Etuhu and potentially Robinson prove this.  I do not actually think any of them are terrible players, but do we need all 4?  I would be happy with just two of them - maybe Etuhu and Hughes if i was to choose 2 (although again, im sure we could get better for a combined £1m). There is no intricate passing or inspiring football - just four players who work hard and ''get a foot in.''  We need to ''get a foot on'' the ball in my opinion - someone of the ike of Jason Koumas would be perfect for around £1.2m.  I know he has had some attitude problems, but if Worthington is a great mananger he should be able to get the best out of him.  His form for Cardiff at this level has been outstanding and he really SHOULD be a premiership player.  I''m sorry but signing Robinson is certainly not the answer. If we signed Koumas, i would have he and Safri as our first choice midfield, as Safri''s defensive work would be compatible with Koumas forward leanings.  I would then keep Hughes and Etuhu as back-up, as Hughes is versatile and shouts a lot, and Etuhu looks useful.  I would sell Jarrett to Plymouth for a nominal fee and not sign Robinson.  If we had major selection problems (as we do now with Saf away and Hughes injured) i would call on the likes of young Rossi Jarvis and Michael Spillane, who look very very promising. Their wages are cheap and they will be full of enthusiasm. As for wingers...dont get me started!
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