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  1. Rudd, Francomb, R.Bennett, Barnett, Tierney, E.Bennett, Fox, Smith, Lappin, Jackson, Kane. Subs: Steer, R.Martin, Ward, Butterfield, Surman, J.Murphy, Morison. * note: not too sure on loans / injury situation.
  2. Apoligies for the font in this subject as it was my first post for years.Doherty is like marmite, you either love him or you hate him, I personally don''t rate him, too slow & always grabbing hold of strikers, always destined to give away fouls.I can''t believe that some of you seem to be leaving Russell out, now there is a proven Championship standard player, he''s strolled through League One this season.
  3. Portsmouth & Hull City players are mostly on huge wages, but Burnley have some decent championship standard players, although they''ll probably want to keep hold of them.
  4. who cares?, just as long as we don''t ever have to try again lol! ;0)i''d plump for Southampton as they almost made up for that 10 point start & they''ve got good strikers.If not then Sheffield Wednesday should be strong at that level along with whoever doesn''t make it up from the five behind us.
  5. David Wright is mainly a Right Back & i''d personally like to see Mickey Spillane given a good run in the team as I think that he''s developing nicely.I''d hope that we''d have a bit more ambition than signing cast offs from those lot anyhow.
  6. In reality the championship will be wide open, so it''s anyone''s.  The chances are that the Premiership teams that have come down will have a better chance of being near the top, but the rest of the teams will probably be much of a muchness.  My heart say''s that we''ll do well, but my head say''s that we could finish anywhere.  I''ll take anywhere above them down the road. :0)
  7. I think that out of the current squad the players good enough to step up to the championship are Forster, Spillane, Askou, Drury, Russell, Smith, Hoolahan, C.Martin & Holt.This would make a decent team at that level, just need another quality central defender & an attacking midfielder with pace.I would probably keep most of R.Martin, Nelson, Whitbread, Lappin, Hughes, McNamee & Johnson as squad players unless they want to stay in League One with another club.I would loan out some of Rudd, Steer, Francomb, Stephens, Habergham, Kelly, Adeyemi, Dawkin, Daley & McDonald to League One clubs to get them some experience & to see whether or not they''re up to the task.I wouldn''t renew the contracts of Donkey, McVeigh or Cureton as the latter two have seen better days, they didn''t get much action in League One, so the chances of them getting any action is slim to non & the other although he''s done alright this season, has just proved that he''s found his level, he couldn''t cope in the season we got relegated, so won''t be good enough now.I think that just leaves Wiggins, Gill, Tudur-Jones who haven''t seen much action, so would probably get rid.& the two loanee''s Rose & Elliott who have both played a couple of decent matches, but generally have not impressed, so thanks but no thanks to them.I think that on top of the two mentioned above we need another 4 or 5 players to make up the squad, maybe 1 or 2 experienced players along with 3 or 4 young hungry players, that would sound about right to me.discuss...
  8. not bad but i''d go for GK Green (if he stays) or if not either Ward or Gallacher with Lewis coming through to gain experience DR Helveg (if he stays) or if not we''d have to bring in another right back or change formation DL Drury or Charlton DC Shackell (got to be played to gain experience) DC Fleming or Doherty or Charlton MC Francis (if he stays) or if not Holt MC Safri (could be the key to spark things of from midfield) MR Jonson (bags of effort & determination which will be crucial but he needs to start scoring) ML Huckerby (as we all know a star player at this level) FC Mackenzie (should come into his own at this level as done well last season) FC Ashton (he''ll score loads & probably break some scoring records if he stays all season) I think that although the likes of Fleming & Holt are getting on in age & they both struggled a bit in the Premiership they''ll both still do a decent job in the Championship & can be replaced on the match back to the promised land as they deserve the chance as they''ve both been great servants to the cause in the past. We can then also bring through the likes of Henderson, Jarvis, etc... as at this level it is an ideal chance to through the youngsters in as if one of them comes through then it''ll save the club lost of dosh. I believe that as things stand this would have to be the team but obviously we''re going to be bringing in several players as otherwise we''ll be very short of players, so most of the new players should feature in some way. ps by the way steve his name is spelt mattias jonson heh!..  
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