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  1. Don''t really want to comment on the game, we were shocking, completely wrong team selection, overconfidence from both the team and the fans and we looked totally disinterested.  Can''t take away from the fact that Orient were by far the better team and stopped us playing very well, great defensive display and always looked a threat from set plays so for me you definatly deserved the win.Honorable mention has to go to the Orient fans, probably the best away support I''ve seen this season, real football fans supporting a real club, hope you can get a massive team in the draw get some money out of it and hopefully cause another cup upset, I''ll be looking out for your result for sure.  Good luck to you Slade, really thought your guys (fans and squad) were terrific yesterday.
  2. [quote user="ron obvious"]When will we know? Getting very concerned, because some people seem to think it''s a nailed on 10 match ban! [/quote]Anyone saying that is just over reacting.  Some guy in Italy or Spain, can''t remember which off the top of my head got a 5 game ban for pushing a ref .  I would think Barnett will get a fine and a warning from the FA, possibly another match ban.  This incident has been taking way over the top if you ask me.
  3. He was at their match against Burnley last week too.  It''s pretty obvious he''s goes to support his son and help him when he can./Thread
  4. Martin is good at finding attacking positions however, he seems to lack awareness.I critisised him on Friday night but after a little thinking I have realized that he does offer something to the side.  I believe Francomb will become our first choice RB sometime soon however R. Martin is good enough for the time being.  He does however need a good CB playing beside him as he does get caught out too far up the pitch and his passing is often misplaced but he has vastly improved over the pre season IMO.
  5. [quote user="morty"]Somebody pointed out in another thread that Crofts is away on international duty.[/quote]Yeah I knew that [:$]Switch him for Hughes then.
  6. Who would you play?I''d go for:                          RuddyFrancomb   JB Askou   Ward   Drury                         SmithCrofts                                  Surman                        Hoolahan          Jackson              JohnsonGive players like Smith, Askou, Francomb and Johnson to get some competetive game time and hopefully in front of League 2 opposition give Ward and Ruddy a chance to gain some confidence and Jackson to hopfully grab his first goal.
  7. [quote user="Brendo "][quote user="Mello Yello"]My first change for Scunnthorpe, would be to remove an ''n''.....[/quote]Could you maybe grow up, and add something useful to the thread rather than pick up on an accidental typo?[/quote]It''s called tounge in cheek humour.
  8. Positives:There were a few...Skill:  No doubting in this City side we have a wealth of talent that has fantastic ability on the ball that can provide us with a range of skill and passing.  Hoolahan we all know about and I thought today he was on fire, running into great positions but he often found the opposition man rather one wearing the City yellow.  Cannot place all the blame on him though, there was little movement by the front two, Martin stuggled to find space and Jackson never could lose his shadow (M Taylor).  No doubting Hoolahan will be key to where we finish this season, he is definately one of the best playmakers in this league.Surman just looked class, he linked well with Hoolahan and brought the ball out of the midfield well however again there were few options available to him but for his first competitive game for the club he looked decent and is another guy that can only improve.Goals:  When the team linked well we looked a threat, once these players gel as a unit I think they''ll be able to bring each other into the game with ease and there will be plenty of opportunities for the front men or the midfield to grab their fair share of goals.Negatives:Defence:  The big problem we have.  Ward is slow.  Nelson is slow.  Drury often gets caught too far forward.  R. Martin reads the game very poorly.  Ward I beleive will come good but there was noone next to him to help him out as Drury is predominantly an attacking full back.  Until he gets to know Nelson as a player he''ll need someone covering him.  Tonight however he seemed to panick a lot and slice many clearances.  Seemed decent in the air although his ball work needs improvement.Nelson, we know the guys slow but today was often caught out by R. Martin being slow to get back into position, all three of the goals came from the right back/ right centre back position and if we want to compete at this level, as much as I like the guy, Nelson is not good enough despite his work ethic.Drury, needed at the back and was caught too far forward on occasion.  I think he was often in the space that Surman wished to play in which caused congestion but at the end of the day it was an average display from Adam.R. Martin.  For me he is the weak link.  People will say I''m jumping on the bandwagon to make him a scapegoat but today he reminded me of Otsemabor.  When he went forward he took an age to get back and when he was he seemed reluctant to put in a tackle.  Based on tonights performance I can see why Posh sold him to us last season.  Also, he misplaces so many passes which just adds to the presure put on the team.Goalkeeper:  I don''t think Ruddy is a bad keeper.  Infact, I still consider him a great prospect however he seems to lack in confidence and doesn''t seem to really rely on his defence.  Today was a one off game (hopefully) but a run out against Gillingham and a chance to keep a clean sheet will do the lad wonders.  No doubting that after seeing him for Motherwell and the reviews I have recieved from Crewe fans that Ruddy will come good.Urgency:  There just was none, even when we scored the first we let Watford attack us and it cost us.  After we grabbed the goal we should have pushed on but we seemed to step of the pedal.  Ratings:Ruddy: 5, could have done better for two of the goals but so could the rest of the defence, will improve.R. Martin: 5, Struggled and seemed to drift off and at times was neither attacking nor defending.Nelson: 5, Had to cover Martin at times but still needed to have played much better.  Potential weak link.Ward: 5, Similar to Nelson really but we know there is more to come.Drury: 6, Did an okay job but nothing noteworthy.Fox: 6,  Good passing but didn''t seem to do much work, could have pushed forward more.Surman: 6, Showed his class but not the best performance.  Linked well with Hoolahan and could form a deadly partnership.Crofts: 8, Put his foot in well, attacked, defended and worked his socks off.  Fantastic driven goal too and seems to be a real asset. MAN OF THE MATCH.Hoolahan: 7,  Great running and created multiple chances, at times they didn''t come off.  Looked superb today.C. Martin: 6, Started off well but faded, struggled to find space but looked dangerous, strong and fit.  Encouraging.Jackson: 6, Never really got going, nice back heel for Crofts goal but needs to show more.Subs:Holt, 6 Showed passion, desire and agression when he came on.  Should be an inspiration to the rest of the side.Macca, Not enough time to score.Sorry about the spelling, its late :(OTBC
  9. SSN said he didn''t attend but was found guilty and will have to attend to receive his punishment at a further date.  So he''s available for tonight :D
  10. Three people use this account, so thats 11th 12th and 13th.  We all hate the wee fruit case. {Just kidding but he does post some tripe}
  11. [quote user="Pedro"]Lol !! Jon Otsemobor is a flippin football player and his the wrong ethnic background !! lol[/quote]Really?!  Who does he play for?  Any good, maybe Lambo should look at him...
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