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  1. Well the type of player Worthless Worthy signs we will be better off if they dont come . Fence the finger on the pulse of football fans thinking , and then he woke up .
  2. Yes we have had many managers over the years and the crrent one is the worst of the bunch by a country mile. Can anybody think of a manager that was hated as much as the Worthless one.
  3. Well we are always being told how much the players are behind Worthless , two have left and two have had a pop at him , how many more are unhappy with our hapless manager .
  4. Herb compare what Royle had in his squad and the money available to what the Irish Wizzard had , Worthless would not get a job a league lower he is clueless and useless.
  5. Injuries made very little difference whatsoever , Worthington bought sub standard players and the performances were shocking all season.
  6. If we get relegated the Board and most of the ktf will be saying give Worthless another season .
  7. A far far better manager than the Worthless one will ever be .I really wonder sometimes why you people cannot see our manager for what he is. He should never have been given the job in the first place.
  8. Royle without a doubt , give him the millions Worthless has had and he would build a decent side that plays football.
  9. Ipswich were never going to challenge this season or next , but they have realised that Royle is not the man to take them forward .Would Sheepshanks want Worthington if we offered him ? of course not  they play football on the ground.
  10. Bit like Charlton tore into the Worthless one really , yes i would take Bruce instead of what we have now , Worthless never should have got the managers job in the first place a failure at Blackpool he got the job because he was a cheap yes man.
  11. Jesus chicken you will clutch at any straw going .As for the way Delia and the Board have handled the situation , i dont think you grasp just how ugly it is going to turn next season if Worthless messes up again . This manager must surely now be the most hated in our history bar none.
  12. And the next season of discontent will soon be on us ,  even Ipswich are getting in a new manager and Royle is head and shoulders better than Worthington.
  13. No he blames 101 injuries , a Premiership hangover , Dean Ashton , Steve Foley , in fact anybody and anything , but  himself . The man is a walking joke , no other team would employ him and he knows it . As for Delia saying hes one of the brightest young managers around , well i can only think she had opened one bottle too many.
  14. Just cannot see what Premiership team will want him . As for him being to good for Norwich , i would say the best you could describe Green as this season would be average and thats being kind.
  15. Dont write Palace off just yet , they will bomb forward tonight and Watford will probably try to hang on for 90 mins. Have to fancy Leeds to go up though.
  16. If Worthingtons such a good manager how comes no other clubs are even remotely interested in him , Delias got this one wrong big time  and in the end it will tear the club apart.
  17. Its in the Boards hands Mystic , they can get the atmosphere back by sacking one man . Too many people despise the man now and he will never have the fans support or respect again so if he stays the  atmosphere will be no different next season . Come on Delia lets be avin you .
  18. November of the Premiership season , by which time it was clear he was way out of his depth and still playing his favourites every week. Last season was no a success Trent , in fact untill Worthington decided to give everybody a game so they could not moan we were nothing short of pathetic, (how many games did it take to get a win) and usually 2 down after 10 mins . Nothing much has changed this season either has it , if he had a ounce of decency he would walk.
  19. Dont like it stay at home , head in the sand idiot.
  20. No good trying to blame Ashton for Worthingtons shortcomings.
  21. No point Delia watching she cant see whats wrong at her own little club.She can boil an egg though .
  22. Oh your all grown up are you Cantley , i bet the dementia is setting in right ?
  23. Ashton is a better striker than Crouch fat or not.
  24. No they have not got what they hoped for , they thought sacking Foley would take the heat of Worthington , they were wrong . One day they may realise just how despised this man really is.
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