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  1. No i''ve never been so serious in my life, Well done Duffy on an excellent signing
  2. What a signing, I''m gutted there is no match this weekend. Harson could really be insperational charater we need on the pitch right now and I know he will kick start our season. I really think he will bring the best out of Chrisy Brown, with both of them up front to win the long balls from the back, we could be a force to be reconded with. He is just what we have been crying out for to get us out of this league. On The Ball City!
  3. Dion Dublin anyone??? He was a awful signing wasn''t he!!! Hartson has only got to score one goal and he''s better than what we already have.
  4. Gee, some people really have no sense of humour, lighten up, just remember football is only a game! 
  5. Should have never let him go in the first place. Visit www.worthyin.co.uk for more on my Worth In campain.
  6. 3 and a half years, and if we assume he is on the same as worthy (£600,000 a year) then if we were to get rid of him after 6 months it would cost £1,800,000. Grants here to stay so we better get used to it. NCFC RIP
  7. [quote user="Jonny Raceway"] This is isn''t PG''s team yet so give the man a chance! [/quote]   I''m sorry but PG is the manager now so it is his team and he is being paid good money to manage the team, if you want better players then it''s the scouts you need to sack not the manager. Think about it logically how often to you think managers of Championship football clubs get to go look at players, every saturday they are on the sidelines with their own club. He''s a manager and that simply what he''s been brought here to do, so far he has shown he can''t manage. Worthy has gone, it''s time to move on and stop blaming him for anything that goes wrong.
  8. Sorry but thats a bit far-fetched, Grant will be joining Worthy on the manager scrap heap soon, he''s no Jose.
  9. I never wanted Worthy out but I want Grant out, I cant wait til the protests start (I give it til after Jan when we are still c**p and hucks is sold). The guy is a complete t****r, and we play worse football now than we did under Worthy, I lose count of the amount of long balls up to Earnie we play in a game now.
  10. [quote user="AJ"]let me guess, "We Want Granty Out" is next? for gawds sake, he has got to manage a team Worthington put together, at least let him buy a few players first! [/quote]   Why do people keep saying its Worthys team so it fine that we play awful football. Grant is paid to be a manager so that what he should be able to do MANAGE, if he can''t do it then he is no better than Worthy and should have never been given the job. When a new manager goes into any other business, you expect them to get results with for the business with the resorces they have, not sack every member of staff and bring in there own staff before they can be judged. This club is in a shambles and Grant is just making things worse, something has to be done or i think we''ll all be looking forward to league one football next year.
  11. This isn''t a dig at Grant but NO he''s not better than Worthy, if anything Worthy was better, just he lost his way towards the end and the club needed to make a change. With Grant in charge we will never reach the hights of the Worthy era.
  12. If I was an oposing manager I''d tell my players this: Dont Conceed for the 1st 45, Let the Norwich fans shout insults at their own players, Watch the confidence drain away from the Norwich fans and pass onto their players, Stick as many past them as possible, Their whole team will just self destruct.   HOW LONG UNTIL THE GRANT OUT PROTESTS!!! I GIVE IT 6 MONTHS
  13. MR POTATO HEAD! I''m sure my girlfriend loves me!
  14. Plus lots of "HOOFBALL" Who needs passing football?
  15. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] If we are doing a charlton we need to find a potential premier level boss to move us forwards, not sit with a limited man whom  does no better no matter how much fands are passed in his direction. [/quote] You always seem to have plenty to say so I pose a question for you. Who do you think is good enough to manage Norwich and would realistically want to come to Norwich?
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