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  1. We are not paying for the academy. The club have said they are doing this work regardless of whether the bond is successful or not. Where will the money come from? The playing budget. And that is what your money is funding.
  2. We''re far too good for relegation this season.
  3. You ruin every thread you post in morty, will you ever f..k off you tedious dullard
  4. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]Neil shouldn''t be sacked. We are currently over achieving. [/quote] I cannot fathom how someone could come to the conclusion that 0.89 points per game is "over achieving". What low standards you set in life.
  5. "I''m currently in a hotel in Abu Dhabi with the Norwich squad. Every time I get into a lift they''re there. Credit where it''s due anytime I''ve spoken to any of them they''ve been friendly. Good lads it seems. But in respect of training, their day seems to go like like this: - Late morning: head to the national stadium for some training. - Mid afternoon: sit by the pool, perhaps some club sandwiches, fries, and beers (about 10% of the squad did this). - Early evening: big sit down meal for everyone. - Nightime: rooftop bar for a few more drinks. Looks great for team building which is a good thing. And to be fair, nobody is caning the booze, and there''s only two credible girls in the entire place (both had been bagged early doors)."
  6. WE''re actually going to go into the season with this defence Jesus fucking christ
  7. [quote user="Dead Canary"]Martin blamed for the first. That''s so unfair. Pelle was offside, the lino wasn''t back quick enough and didn''t see it. To blame Martin for that just doesn''t hold water. We lost today for a number of reasons but somehow it''s twisted to have a pop at one of our most consistent players for a number of years.[/quote] It isn''t just Martin at fault for the first but he''s still poor on it. Yes Pelle was offside by an inch but the linesman is never seeing that. But why is Martin following Pelle so deep like that? Just hold the line and he''s 2 yards offside.
  8. Seems plausible to me. Game kicked off at 8, say they left 15 mins early as managers often do then they left the stadium at half 9. According to flightradar it left a small airfield 30 mins away from the ground, say they got on the plane at 10, 2 hour flight back arriving to Norwich around midnight. They''re currently over Wroxham. Flightradar says its a leerjet 60 currently on hire. I believe it, how many other Norfolk locals are flying into the airport from marseille on privately hired jets at midnight?
  9. working with 12 year olds to working with our first team what a joke
  10. The board claim they want a manager who plays football on the deck but appoint Malky Mackay?
  11. "Are you lot watching the same video I just saw? A few fans singing and chucking a bin about. Defiantly not committing any criminal offences. " This lol... it''s a f**king bin
  12. Would I take back the greatest manager this club has ever had? Hmm let me think about that.
  13. He''s only been here 5 minutes and he''s been injured for half his time. Let''s have a little patience eh?
  14. "I think the frustrating thing is they were there for the taking. It''s also very frustrating that Hughton doesn''t seem to set us up or make the decisions that give us the best chance possible for three points. Had he done so today I feel we would have comfortabley taken all three points." Yup. There''s no winning mentality there. Still playing within ourselves.
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