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  1. No aircraft due to arrive at the moment from linked players areas today I''m sorry to say
  2. One day we will be at a clubs valuation and actually get a player!
  3. Been reported that Alex is now interested in Nicolas Nkoulou, would be great addition
  4. A saxonair flight also left the airport this morning for Naples! Source: if you search Google for Norwich Spotters, a Yahoo group comes up called Norwich Spotters and they post daily aircraft movements for the airport, it also further proves that there was a flight to and back from Marseille yesterday!
  5. Without firm evidence I was meant to say
  6. Agreed I can only say what I have been told, but I have not seen pictures so it maybe false, but I don''t believe my brother would lie. So I choose to believe it is true, we will see anyway, but I agree it is always hard to believe anything with firm evidence so I can understand people pessimism!
  7. It''s chartered in, and no he was in Marseille
  8. No can only say they were seen at Marseille airport this afternoon
  9. My brother who works at Marseille airport in France, can confirm to me that Alex Neil, McNally and co where arrived at Marseille earlier and are due back tonight at Norwich in fact if you look right now, you will see Marseille on the arrivals page of the website. Most of you won''t believe it but never mind, those who do I''d thought I''d share it for you
  10. Altough they have signed Dani Osvaldo and added him in the Number 10 spot, so could be not fully updated, but at the moment Quintero has gone from the site
  11. He has now been removed from Porto''s official website now!
  12. id hold your horses on getting to excited, taken from fc twente''s fan site Update : According to TC Tubantia Norwich City is not the only gedadigde for Fer. To strengthen themselves with the midfielder of FC Twente. Too Everton and Newcastle United There is only expected after the holiday clarity of Fer. The international returns on July 8 back at FC Twente.
  13. please don''t post on these forums would be great thanks! some people just sick sometimes
  14. haha considering hooper is in las vegas he has done well to get to Norfolk
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