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  1. My first thought is that they really haven''t got the gist at all of how many supporters really feel as usual.Their opening few lines show what I mean...The club totally understands the anger and frustration following relegation, which prompted 400 to 500 of our fans to answer NCISA''s call for a meeting at St Andrew''s Hall recently.I don''t know about anyone else but I was more or less resigned to relegation way before the last game at Charlton,  so I wouldn''t say I was angry at that fact. Disappointed, Gutted but not angry.  I was angry at the complete no show by the players on the day,  Also I have to ask NCISA if it was the fact about relegation that brought about their decision to call the St Andrews Hall meeting ?  I thought there were many other issues as well.One of these other reasons, was the appointment of Gunny, and again they don''t really address the issue, only enforce their belief again.The club remains totally united behind our manager Bryan Gunn and his management team of Ian Butterworth, Ian Crook and John Deehan. The Board''s decision to appoint them for next season means we have a team steeped in Norwich City tradition fired up and ready to guide us through a busy summer.No mention of the vote of no confidence.. then I suppose they wouldn''t would they ?That mistakes have been made the club fully accepts - the league table does not lie. However the club has started a process of radical and far-reaching changes to make sure we learn from those mistakes. Our best chance of those changes resulting in a successful future for the Canaries is for all of us who love the club to unite and look forward to facing the challenges ahead together.Again I feel they try and sweep under the carpet the real reasons behind the discord amongst the fans, again they centre on Relegation as being the major issue,  again there are far more wider reaching issues, which they either fail to see deliberately, or out of ignorance.Fan splitting again... If you disagree and stand against them and what they do, you don''t really love the club.  Those that stand against, don''t really have the best interests of the club at heart.Sorry about this being a little disjointed, have only quickly read the statement, no doubts others of you will see other things
  2. The years I have waited for us to play yeovil, always hoped for a cup game or them climbing to our league,  have a load of family down there, so out of all releagtion doom, that is a little bright spot for me personally, I get to go and spend a weekend with them.
  3. Says what .. care to enlighten me .... anchor
  4. Have been trying to get some decent prices for some Delia Out car stickers,  the best offer comes to 22p each but an order minium of 500, I haven''t got £110 toshell out in case they don''t sell.
  5. Go with what you have got, plus have a look non leagues clubs... I will pay the Bus fare, or give a lift if they live near stowmarket...
  6. Nice one wiz, you have taught me something.....[img]http://carrowroad.net/carrow1/Smileys/new/thup.gif[/img]
  7. It must be able to be done wiz has an animated  avatar ...  The forum converts Gif to Jpg  ...  I have tried to hotlink to a couple of animated gifs I have and they won''t display, keeps reverting to the hosted one here.
  8. I have been trying that, and keep getting an old Worth Out one I made well ages ago..  who is knobhead.
  9. Looking at the properties for your image  EM, it says itr is a jpg.  unless you uploaded a jpg, the forum software converted it.
  10. [quote user="ACE"]I think it would be naive to think anything other than this would happen. And its not over yet.  Wait a few more weeks for people to decide the Russell or Docherty would be a good squad player in the Championship.We will end up fielding a team of youth players and nobodies next season with a combined squad value of less than 1.5 million pounds.  And unfortunately I predict, after watching the league one play offs, that we will get sink like a stone next season.Its depressing me more every day.[/quote]Just to prove you right AceCrook ready to put his trust in the kids as a new-look City side is designed from scratch[url=http://norwichcity.myfootballwriter.com/full_article.asp?i=4710]Wick Raghorn[/url]
  11. Nice one Ma''Lud  there are so many worthwhile causes about.  and putting money back for them to squander isn''t one of them
  12. We have all this talk of rebate. I suppose and I may be wrong only those who have paid right out will actually get a rebate, the rest of us on DD payments will have a reduced payment/s .. whatever I am judging where mine goes  and so that that will be used to help Great Orman St Hospital ... That should be able to give them nearly 2 years of what my £3 pm does
  13. Given the prediciment they have got the club into a more seasoned manager was a must Against
  14. I honestly believe, that she doesn''t want to sell at all,  when talking of finding money it is always investment into, I would say in my limited knowledge of it all,  there is a hell of a difference between Investment and Selling your controling Holding
  15. Sadly I had to call off my trip to the meeting,  I simply couldn''t walk at all for several hours. but it sounded about what I expected, it is positive, but forgive this more supporters are needed who feel the same way.  There must be away of drawing those out of the woodwork that perhaps don''t have a computer or frequent the various messageboards. This is where I believe Archant could play a part, seeing as they can reach far more people than a place like this can.  Whether they would be reluctant, I can understand not wanting to lose favour with the club when it comes to covering matches etc.  But it wouldn''t take a great deal of space to carry a postal poll, along with addresses of  NCISA- Supporters Trust and any other Body that wants to throw it''s weight behind.  It would reflect the views of a wider audience certainly more than an online poll.  It would call for a more united effort on the part of just about every supporter.I face the facts that she doesn''t and will not give up control, protests will certainly damage her public profile, but I feel she and MWJ will simply try and ride it out, It has got to done for the want of a better word via politics not foot-soldiers
  16. If we face facts, there isn''t any buyer in the shadows, besides she doesn''t want to lose control, While I agree protests etc will have an effect on her public image which is good in many way, it might bring out her true character.  This is a war, and one I believe will be won via politics etc not foot soldiers. I do believe the best way would be to throw weight behind NCISA and The Supporters Trust.   The Trust can slowly but surely claw shares together with the hope that other shareholders agree with the policy and throw their in, it might take a while, but it is about the only way any supporters can compete.
  17. I can''t remember any back up plan when we started about getting Chase out
  18. She wants unity, after she cares not to mention the fans, once again who had to suffer, it is all about she suffered,  I have absolutely no sympathy for her what so ever, it was within her power to doing about it....Is it a case of holding two fingers up to us again giving the message..This is MY club..I shall do what I want. United Delia, you may get the club''s set up the way you appear to want a tightly run ship,  but I fear you will never have a united fan base, while your are still holding the strings, not all of us are puppets or stupid enough not to know.
  19. [quote user="still holding out for new heroes"] the Marshall one was a ''no-brainer'' for me in financial terms now entering last year of contact, decreasing in value all the time doesn''t wan''t to be here, may effect performance and league position hence finances big wages saved if Rudd is first choice and does well his value would increase significantly in footballing terms he was error prone and couldn''t kick, 400-600k is probably not a bad reflection of his true market value, hopefully we''ve included a sell on clause.   [/quote]Good point
  20. read it on that site, he makes mention of that and gives thanks to them.
  21. That is probably for sure.. I reckon   I simply cannot see why Marshall was allowed to go so cheaply,  it isn''t like we are rolling in money is it.
  22. Fulham have done very well this season, from a side that were relegation canidates, somehow I can''t believe they would be coming in for Sammy, I think they will be looking for a more premiership expereinced player, while cardiff and a few others in the championship would be more than willing to take him on, as  he has proved he can more than handle that league without too many problems.   Cardiff may not be so far off the mark,  they will be having a far bit of cash to splash when they sell Joe Ledley 
  23. It is all about choice;  MTV chooses to carry on supporting his team, and why shouldn''t he, the way football is set up the only way he can guarentee a seat is to buy a S/T.  so why shouldn''t he,  I would guess like me he has stood or sat through the Watling, The South The Chase years, we didnt agree with all their decisions, but we carried on supporting the TEAM, however we did let them know more than once how we felt.    Geoffry Watling seen as a hero by many and rightly so, but I can remember charging round from the Barclay to join the crowd shouting for him to leave.  Had eveyone boycotted back then, there wouldn''t  be a club for anyone to boycott today.  One of the many differences today from back then, is now we have to buy in advance our ticket/s, back then we could turn up pay at the gate, if we didn''t chose to do that.. the club didn''t get the revenue and we weren''t wasting money.   It is all about personal choice, some choose not to go or not to renew, while others do but  whatever people decide to do, it doesn''t make them any less or any more of a supporter than the next man, woman or child.
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