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  1. NORWICH City can confirm despite heavy snowfall overnight, this afternoon''s Coca-Cola League One fixture against Huddersfield Town (3pm) is still scheduled to go ahead.
  2. also why does the fool keep saying BBC Radio Norfolk,every 5 minutes......I know I tuned the freakin radio to it idjut
  3. so full of his own importance his head is so far up his Harris he can''t see daylight.  
  4. as far as I can tell that is the nearest translation given, I will contact Cam and double check.the (sic)  indicates he knows there is an  unusual spelling
  5. Good old Cam posted on their forum and was asked for permission to use the post.  The agent spoke Serbian and Russian, but those interviewing only spoke Russian.  And joke it wasn''t
  6. which was part of the deal they agreed with Cambridge  before he came, he has also signed a new contract at Cambridge,  this is why permission had to be sought to arrange the trial.    Now with the new contract in place City will have to pay a transfer fee for him.  Looks like Cambridge''s way of securing a little bit of money
  7. All whats left is returning Season Tickets and requesting full refunds as the season hasn''t started yet.   I know a few who are considering doing this. 
  8. All this hinges on the amount being correct, I doubt we will ever find the truth to it, hidden behind that well used quote, Undisclosed Fee. I have been trying my hardest to get positive and remain there, but it is getting chipped away again,  I was adament that I was having my rebate back,  but relented again.  I was going to give it to Great Ormond St Hospital, when I changed my mind I took out one of their monthly amounts so they shouldn''t miss out on my gift,  O how I wish I had stood firm and got my reduced DD payment GOSH would have been seeing double the amount. Why that Charity ?  I lost a little sister to Cancer and they worked their socks off with her.
  9. I can''t see there being a swap deal, PNE manager says it is a stand alone deal:But Irvine said: "There has been an inquiry from Norwich about Simon but at the moment that is all we can say. "It is something that could happen, but it is something that may not happen. "It is simply a stand-alone deal, if there is going to be a deal. They have made an inquiry, at this moment we have not had an official offer from them." He said a clearer picture of Whaley''s future should emerge in the next few days and a possible transfer fee has not been discussed. Whaley, who signed from the Shakers for £300,000 in January, 2006, and has played as a striker, winger and central midfielder, endured a mixed 2008/09.Source:  [url=http://www.lep.co.uk/pnenews/Canaries-enquire-about-PNE39s-Whaley.5455763.jp]Lancs Evening Post[/url]
  10. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="kennyfoggo"] Palace confirmed he left with their party going to the states, if you were about to sign for someomne else I doubt you would be travelling with your old club...[/quote]   Where did you see that please? [/quote]Sorry Angel for late reply,   My cousin works for  Croydon Guardian newspaper, he mailed me to say Lee had gone with the Party to the States, he thought any deal would have to wait until they got back at the weekend.In fact he scored in their first matchPalace UK had a great start when after only 12 minutes Sears crossed to Alan Lee who finished well to make it 1-0.[url]http://www.holmesdale.net/page.php?id=82&story=4413[/url]
  11. I just wonder if Lee will be signing just yet if at all, Palace confirmed he left with their party going to the states, if you were about to sign for someomne else I doubt you would be travelling with your old club...
  12. In my opinion they have no chance.The Shrews don''t need to sell with their Chairman is on record as saying that if anyone comes in for Holt they will expect at least double what they paid for him (around £175,000) otherwise he won''t be going anywhere. Holt has had major surgery on his his ankle with it being set in a cast for at least the next six weeks which means he will miss most, if not at all, of their pre season games; the player himself says, he hopes to be fit for the opening League fixture but obviously it depends on how things go - and then, of course, he will have to play catch up on his fitness.With two years left to run on a three year contract, anyone interested has to ask for "permission to speak".
  13. That came from their official site,   sure I read it right. sorry to mislead if I did.
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