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  1. Does anyone care? The bloke who ran it didnt....No one posted on it! (well no more than the odd post every other day) And it looks like you are the only one who is asking! So who really cares?
  2. How are you jez? not spoken for a while!
  3. better wizard.......dont steal someone elses name...and then call me boring.
  4. Target 10,0000 signatures? They haven''t got 10,000 supporters.
  5. This is a long thread about nothing, hmmm!
  6. You lot really do believe you are Simon Cowell!!!!!
  7. That Mr Tilson, a Very good question!!! Why do Pizza''s come in Square boxes?
  8. Do you really think that ''rich'' owners wont find a way round it? Clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona are so far in debt it makes Man U a village team. Ofcourse Platini is only bothered by the English clubs and will bend over backwards to accomadate the bankrupt spanish teams.
  9. I have been a verment anti S&J for a number of years, I fear to go into any detail because the entire thread will just disintigrate it another messy slanging match of a thread. However, when the op has an inside track or not, it is a topic worth bringing up again now we have raised our profile by getting promoted to the premier league. Since the arrival of McNally which then brought in Paul Lambert and his team,my opinion on S&J has softened quite abit. Whilst I held then respsonsible for our former ills, I also give then full credit for attract the people who are wholey responsible for our fantastic rise from the ashes of grant/Roeder/Gunn. So I dont think I would welcome a full take over from outsiders where ever they come from and however much they promise to spend. Investment would be acceptable and very welcome as long as it is just that and not a way to infiltrate the board with a view to take control. (I reserve the right to change my mind!!)
  10. It didnt happen because The previous management didnt want to pay new players wages for the few weeks of the closed season! remember prudence with ambition bollocks!
  11. yep point taken and I might be a bit premature but we are on our second signing and have (apparently) made substancial bids for 2 more. and it is only the 3rd of june. So, yes, there is still a fair bit to do but by christ no one can say we are hanging about can they. This is a management team that knows what it wants and just goes out and gets on with it! Last seasons purchases were first class and I dont see why this season will be any different by what has happened so far!
  12. There is no bullshit going on, no big names being thrown in with no intention of signing them, just to pacify the fans. They are going after who they want with a ruthless efficiency and coming up with the goods just about everytime. It''s not about the players or whether they are good enough, thats up to Lambert but its about McNally and his ability to get the deal done. Just a great time to be a fan right now. I am not even bothered that we will overspend and end up in trouble, for once I have complete faith that Lambert will identify the right players and McNally will get them within our price range. Fantastic just bloody fantastic!
  13. Oh so very very sorry............please can you ever forgive me? Or can you just get stuffed?
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