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  1. Thanks for this season Riccardo, always a good report and balanced view of things.Farke never had a chance, a combination of injuries at the beggining of the season, players arriving back late from int. duty/covid plus inadequate signings say to that. Webber is ok at the accountant side of things but his record of signings recently has been crap. Personally I enjoy the Championship more than the Prem these days anyway
  2. Lucky you, having two of my favourite all time players at the table. The titel ”legend” is often used when not really deserved, but in Dave Stringer’s case he is fullt deserved of the title
  3. Completely agree with the original post, same my first match 1967, and have been a City supporter and football fan till now - I won’t become interested again until it gets somewhere near its roots. I am not alone
  4. Some very good and balanced posts on here most of which I agree with - many long time faithful fans now becoming disillusioned and turning their backs on the game. Ricardo has always been a balanced and good poster on here - football has been all about money for many years but will even he admit that something has happened to the integrity of the game over the last 10 years?
  5. Glad to hear that someone else feels exactly as I do. Started watching in the mid 60s, Hugh Curran my early hero. Even in those days football was steered by money, continuing into the 90s when even when City were challenging in the top league players still left for a ”bigger”club. However, it is now a very uneven playing field, and I only watch out of habit rather than desire. And don’t get me started on what athletes they are nowadays - with squads of 25 players they complain about 2 games per week. Looking in my Rothmans Annual 73/74, teams like Leeds and Liverpool played 42 league games, 3rd replays in the FA cup and League Cup plus European matchens and Internationals - using about 18 players (only 1 sub then). And on ****ty pitches and players on a diet of pies, beer and cigs. Marvellous Ron!
  6. Having a family issue? Bryan Gunn played the day after his daughter passed away
  7. Football has always been about money - I remember being peed off when we sold off Ron Davies and Hugh Curran in the 60s. However, the last few years the gap has increased greatly so that most of the clubs are in the PL just to make up the numbers. Add to that player’s obscene wages, VAR, crap and biased referees, strikers who deliberately week defenders legs to gain penalties and roll around as if they have broken their legs only to get up and sprint 30 secs later - I am increasingly turning off and suspect others are doing so. Give us our game back! End of rant!
  8. Watching from Sweden, what a farce with the referees comms. Anyone who says the game is better nowadays has the blinkers on. After nearly 55 years of watching football, and in particilar Norwich, I am switching off - for ever!
  9. Sorry, but how long have you lot supported Norwich? It doesn’t matter of it is teams without a win or strikers who haven’t scored a goal - as several posters have said ” along come Norwich”
  10. Also remember him, good player. I think his transfer was due to family reasons
  11. Interesting points here. DF had a lot of things against him 1) Problems with Covid 2) Players returning after internationals 3) New players late arriving, no chance to bed them in 4) Very tough opening fixtures. I heard an interview with Chris Wilder on the radio (contrary to popular opinion he seemed to have a very sensible outlook on matters) and he said that Sheff U losing the first few tough fixtures drained the player’s confidence which could not be regained. I think Webber is just as much to blame, however it had got to the stage where DF also started to lose belief resulting in strange team selections etc, and could not turn it around. Yesterday, despite looking to be well up against Brentford ( who are likely to go down) we ended up hanging on by just kicking the ball anywhere and relying on Krul to save us.
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