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  1. That’s why I said assess the players, so that we could get rid of those not up to it. Agree to a point on the loan signings becoming permanent later, but in all honesty how many loans do we usually have who become permanent?
  2. Why would we loan players now? We have no chance of promotion, better to assess the players we have and prepare for next season
  3. What a good post, really takes you back, I think I enjoyed football more before (although not so long ago, started watching in 66. My grandparents lived next door to the other Valoris fish and chip shop on Nelson St
  4. He is a good player, one of several players who needs to play and in a settled position
  5. What has happened to Gibbs this year, thought he was really promising last year, being forced to play out of position ir just the general malaise that has affected the rest of the team?
  6. O ye of short memories, no-one has mentioned Bryan Hamilton who must be ranked as at least one of the worst 3 managers in Norwich City history, remember him signing 6 players at once including the dire Dutch pair of Dervelt and Waard!
  7. Please no more comments on players being tired. When Liverpool won the league 73/74 they played 42 league games, 12 domestic cup games and 12 European cup games. Plus most of the players also played in internationals. They used a total of 16 players, one of whom was the reserve goalie and another player played 4 games - in principle, 14 players carried the team. Before people say the game is faster, don’t forget the physio just had a bucket and sponge and there were no dieticians. The pitches were terrible and only 1 sub (Gordon Bolland was our first ever sub in 64). Modern footballers, more interested in silly haircuts and crap tattoos
  8. Great report as usual Ricardo, I do wonder if Wagner knows that we will not be going up this season and is judging who to keep and who to replace. Although Sörenson was excellent in defence, I would have been tempted to play a youngster there allowing Sörenson to play the anchor role and the excellent Gibbs moving further forward. Finally, who would you choose, McCallum or Giannoulis?
  9. Agree with this, how many times did you see out full backs attacking today. Turgid stuff nowadays.
  10. Get the point that it is 3 points away from home but the football was dire! A little over 20 years ago clubs had a manager and a trainer. Now we have than plus others such as attacking, defence and set piece coach as well as dieticians etc - and they still turn up and play as if they have never seen each other.If anyone things football and footballers are better nowadays they are deluded.
  11. Gibbs poor i midweek? Not from where I was watching, better than Hayden in my opinion!
  12. Sara having a shocker? Not from where I am sitting! Todd playing the price for falling over every contact, if it had been Pukki it would have been a foul. Todd has also gone missing twice on his side leaving an overlap
  13. Agree that McCallum, Gibbs and Hernandez are the best for us, how many chances does Dowell need?
  14. Don’t agree with the statement that Hayden and Gibbs cannot play together- a lot of the midfield problems stem from the players in midfield being all over the place - having these two at the base of the midfield would allow the other midfielders to concentrate on attacking plus allowing the full backs to go up. However, Smith must be careful with Hayden’s workload and Gibbs will probably come in when he tires
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