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  1. No, Laurie Sheffield I think moved to Rotherham, I think it was for family reasons
  2. Hugh Curran my favourite all time City player, him and John Manning formed a twin spearhead - when was the last time you heard that expression. Two players I don’t recognise, one between Trevor Howard and Dave Stringer (Gerry Howshall?) and the other between Manning and Curran.
  3. The fact that Skipp is everpresent this season is a testament to both being highly rated by DF and the ability to stay injury free and not showing signs of being jaded despite a conjested fixture list. Added to this is his maturity for a young man and his apparent popularity within the squad. Such things can outweigh a player’s value to a team over pure ability
  4. Sorry, but I don’t buy into this. Long term I don’t see Quintilla, the Greek guy and the possibilities of Byram, Mumba and even McCallum being here at the beginning of the season. Even if Quintilla had been available this week, Sorensson would probably have retained his place. Having seen Quintilla a couple of times, admittedly he has a sweet left foot and is good with the dead ball but He does lack pace and I have seen pull out of 50/50 challenges.
  5. Keelan and Peters nailed on to be in the team, lots of strikers to consider, Hugh Curran a real favourite of mine. However, many choices not only on playing ability but in longevity and influence on the club, Dave Stringer must also be considered
  6. No I didn’t mean Tettey or Sorensen, I meant the Norwegian left back we are supposedly looking at
  7. Personally agree with Nutty, although got a good left foot, have seen him pull out of tackles, not strong enough for the rough and tough of the Championship. Would like to see McCallum come back or that Norweigian guy
  8. Many positives from last nights game, maybe Todd Cantwell can really stake a claim for a place in the starting lineup. The biggest problem is DM. Trybull, McLean, Leitner are all excellent players but really need a proper DM alongside. A pity that Thompson has had such bad luck, he may well have been the solution, but even if he stays fit needs time to get back Into it. Tettey has surprised us several times now but it may be a season too far. Of course we do have one player on our books who would be perfect - Godfrey- shame we can’t clone him!
  9. Ricardo, am an exiled Canary living in Sweden and always look first for your report as it is always fair and entertaining - please keep up the good work despite the occasional comment to the contrary, they are either 10 years old/attention seeking/binners or combination of them. Am not one to vouch for the sacking of AN, but several things do make me question his judgement. As you quite rightly say, being à good keeper is more than shot stopping, he is hopeless in the air, why oh why let Rudd go on loan. In addition, we have 5 centre halves, none of whom are really solid, there ARE good centre halves in the lower divisions. Many of us have sen Tettey as a liability for months now and have called for Thompsons inclusion. Why didnt he see it? Lambert made à silk purse from à pigs ear, AN seems to be doing the opposite.
  10. Have read with interest all that is being said by you poor sods who have to put up with those ill informed idiots on the BBC. here in Sweden we are very lucky to have some really good expert ish int)commentators who do their research and are prepared to talk informatively and positively on the "smaller clubs. Glen Strömberg (ex Swed int) was in Norwich for the west Brom game and gave a great analysis before, during and after the game that put their British counterparts to shame. There must be someone better than them - Hucks for example?
  11. Really liked Hucks as a player but if his reports were crap I would not read them. As it is, I think they are rather good and give a good view of the game and along with Ricardo´s the ones I consider after the match
  12. am exiled City fan now living in Sweden - only get back occasionally to see the boys. However, have seen a couple of matches on our Swedish TV this season, including yesterdays match, and therefore was able to judge your report on how I saw things. I am pleased to say that it Was very much as I saw it and now know that I can rely on your reporting for a good description of the game - it complements Ricardo´s also excellent pieces. Keep it up! we were lucky to get all three points, but positives are Ruddy and Wards performances and Jackson getting off the mark. Two weeks ago after the Watford game the former two were quoted as being our two week links - yesterday they were probably the two, along with Nelson who kept us in the game. To quote Jimmy greaves "it´s a funny old game"
  13. Having had Otsemobor here i am surprised anyone criticises Russell Martin. People are allowed their own opinions, but Lambert in whom we trust likes him and thats enough for me
  14. The Steve Downes article says it all in a nutshell, a really well written piece which I totally agree with.  All must take the blame, a) the board for being too prudent on promotion and for appointing Grant, b) Grant himself, likeable but not up to the job, NO manager gets results by standing´constantly on the touchline and shouting instructions, and c) the players - tey are paid VAST sums of money and play in front of thousands of loyal fans every week, to let yourself down by not producing 100 per cent shows lack of moral fibre.
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