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  1. [quote user="City 2nd"]Baldyboy wrote the following post at 2017-11-20 4:19 PM: Neil would never have signed some of the dross Farke has! But would he have signed some of the dross that Webber has?[/quote] Do you think ALL our signings this season have been found by Webber? You think he found Franke, Zimmermann, Stiepermann, Vrancic and Trybull without them being recommended by Farke?
  2. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Baldyboy"]Dijks wasn’t out player? Funny that he played for us then isn’t it? If that’s the case then our goalkeeping Department is awful as Gunn isn’t our player is he NN?[/quote]That is true Baldy. But I don''t think we saw enough of Dijks to make such a judgement call. Gunn has already played as much and probably made a bigger impression. IMO the legend of Dijks is greater than the reality.But it''s amazing how players stock increases when they are injured, out of form, or moved on somewhere else.[/quote] It’s immaterial how many games isn’t it? You stated Dijks wasn’t our player as he was on loan so irrespective of games played the same has to apply to Gunn surely? And Dijks played only 3 games less than Gunn has, so on only 3 games more you make a judgement call as you say? I disagree about players stock rising when they leave, it’s about how they played here and how the replacements that have come in perform!
  3. Is Delia turning out for the U23s then 😂😂😂
  4. And now he says Josh could be worth 25 million pound 😂😂 The guy is comedy gold 😂😂
  5. Dijks wasn’t out player? Funny that he played for us then isn’t it? If that’s the case then our goalkeeping Department is awful as Gunn isn’t our player is he NN?
  6. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Bring back Worthy, he''d sort it☺ Why do folk think this squad is worse than last years? Is it really? Are the players who have come in worse than the players who went out? Nobody had a good word to say about them last season...[/quote] Yes it is, Howson or Vrancic? Dorrans or Stiepermann? Dijks or Husband? Bennett or Franke? I know who I would rather see! Do you think it’s better than last years NN?
  7. Has said in today’s presser that he knows Vrancic is struggling to adapt! If that’s the case, why the hell is this clown picking him? We may as well start with 10 players! Another comment from Farke that to me shows he really is not up to managing in the Championship!
  8. Neil would never have signed some of the dross Farke has!
  9. I noticed that NN, can understand why it wasn’t selected but that’s how it goes. Hopefully next weekends pickers can boost the fund as I did!
  10. It is indeed an honour to be on the list of winners! Good luck to all the other pickers and hopefully that kitty will be boosted again next week!
  11. [quote user="hogesar"]I dont agree with everything Parma says but then again I see us from a fan perspective pretty much all the time whereas Parmas past means he can objectively analyse alongside that. He can see the view from a coaches perspective, at least. Since none of us have coached or been involved in football at anywhere near the same level of Parma, we should be pleased to have that viewpoint on our forum. Baldy, you''re the one that tried calling Parma out. He, for the first time (i wish he would have done it to several other posters but he is more restrained than myself) came back at you with quite an illustrious past inside football (subjectively speaking). The fact you came back at him with a referee badge is a little cringe, thats all.[/quote] So that proves you don’t read posts Hoggy as I also quoted MY coaching badge, didn’t I! But never let the facts get in the way of an agenda hey?
  12. All I did was answer the question he asked me but I will bow to all those with superior knowledge like Hogesar and Nexus 😂😂
  13. A bit like your comment on the Jerome/Nelson thread really isn’t it? You really are blind if you think Vrancic is a good player but then you did say Jerome should be at a lower Champs side when he’s already at one didn’t you Nexus?
  14. Can Jam ready for a step Down tolower Champs? He’s already there playing for us
  15. Parma you ask what are my qualifications, an FA Coaching badge is what I have as well as an FA refereeing badge, what qualifications from the FA do you have?
  16. I can’t believe your comments about Maddison or Vrancic, do you actually watch games? He has no option other than to try to go backwards a lot of time as he has no option further forward, as for Vrancic he is a poor mans Ray Wilkins who can only stroll around doing sod all!
  17. You know things are bad when Tilly agrees with comments against the board! 😂
  18. Why do we always have to be the Club for an experiment though when nobody else does? It’s no coincidence that over the last 20 years we have had some really pi$$ poor managers such as Hamilton, Roeder, Gunn, Adams and now Farke! Too many failed experiments!
  19. It amazes me how Delia Smith gets such an easy time from the fans, if we were owned solely by a male, like Chase, then I think the fans would be far more vocal towards her with regards to the way the Club has thrown away so much money on poor players and managers in recent years! On a side note I spoke to a couple of shareholders who sit near me yesterday and said they had never been so disillusioned with how the Club is being run from top to bottom. They also said the board get too much of an easy time at these AGM’s, and before you slate me NN they were their words not mine!
  20. I understand your feelings exactly Swindon, the only good thing yesterday for me was that I had helped the fund a bit other than that it was a thoroughly depressing afternoon!
  21. There is no waiting list anymore for season tickets! My son is a member and was contacted in the Summer to see if he wanted a season ticket, if that’s the case there surely isn’t a waiting list!
  22. Mentioned it recently that instead of that stupid Parklife song, we should go back to a rendition of On The Ball City, or is this another part of Webber’s pathetic attempt at an overhaul!
  23. Syteantric you are right indeed, which is why Webber is as much a part of the problem! The very same Webber that criticised our previous signings before he arrived and then made Franke his first signing at a cost of 2.8 million quid!
  24. Sorry but as per usual it’s utter tripe! If it’s such a masterclass why aren’t you involved with the game professionally? I stopped reading at the point you said Maddison was the best player on the pitch, when he clearly wasn’t
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