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  1. I assume he is not allowed to play at the weekend vs West Ham?
  2. Keep up the good work Thomo. It seems sad that those who once ran a far bigger supporters association seem so keen to belittle others with good intentions perhaps to bask in their former glories. Strikes me as rather pathetic.
  3. Our singing is generally pathetic. I stand at the back of the lower Barclay are there are groups of people 20 seats away who are so out of time with others you would think they are deaf. Not helped by the fact that half the crowd don''t seem to know the words. Perhaps a song sheet distributed to all seats on the first game of the season might help? Also we seem only to be able to ''sing'' when clapping at the speed of sound. No wonder no musical talent ever comes from Norfolk.
  4. Redmond was brilliant in the key end of season games which is when you wan our players to be effective. His link up play with Hoolahan and Whittaker was sublime at times in the first half. He was less effective in the second half as we sat back and the crowd expected him to beat 3 players with little midfield support.The main problem with Redmond is that people think he is quick, like Walcott as a poster above suggests. He''s not. Redmond is lightning over 5-10 yards but struggles beyond that. He''s no 100 metre runner yet people expect him to blaze past defenders all the time and then get on his back when he doesn''t.From a standing start he''s electric which is why he''ll be effective in the Premier League where space is more at a premium. It''s why he often slows the ball down and then races past people but he''s no Eadie or Huckerby as a speedster.Really looking forward to seeing him next year.
  5. I doubt Ruddy will get another look in under Hodgson, no matter who he plays for or how well he plays.I imagine he burned his bridges when he told Hodgson how he felt when being excluded from the World Cup squad at the expense of one of his favourites who previously turned his back on England.When Hodgson is replaced perhaps Ruddy will be still good enough and young enough to return.
  6. As this is the last game of the regular season, does this game usually get moved to the Sunday or is that just in the Premier League?
  7. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Arsenal are looking to loan Akpom out, he is talented but massively raw so not sure he would add a lot. He does have pace to burn though and when Redmond is out of the side Norwich do lack a real ''speedster''.[/quote]Redmond can''t be described as a speedster though Bethnal. He has good pace over 10 yards which is why he is great at creating space in tight spots and dashing past people from a standing start but beyond that he struggles in a longer foot race. Grabban and Murphy have proper speed from what I can see. Neither of whom are in the side at the mo of course too. Akpom could be a good shout though.
  8. Delia not Keane.The rest was; ''Twenty is plenty, forty is naughty, Delia''s a ......''Quite catchy I thought despite the reference to Delia
  9. [quote user="Wes Hooly Fan"]Odd how Morty has so many arguments but never his fault. Maybe we should get the discussion back to football matters instead of indulging an egomaniac.[/quote]To a casual observer it does seem as though any thread that has a more than 4 pages (save for the Quagliarella thread) is usually because Morty has become engaged in an argument with another poster (often LDC) where the sole aim seems to be to get each others post count up to 100,000 the quickest. The thread is usually dead after the second page which is a shame and very little of any worth is actually written. A psychologist would have a field day.To stay on topic, Alex Neil seems to hit all the right buttons and does so without sounding remotely clich├ęd which is quite some achievement in football.
  10. A bit of fun at the Fat Cat and Canary as about 40 scummers walked past shouting abuse, kicking the fence and then threw a couple of flares at those of us in the beer garden out front.All quite tame although children present so not clever.Police arrived about 10 minutes later.
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