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  1. The weather outside is frightful, But his goals are so delightful, So everyone get to know, Becchio Becchio Becchio  
  2. We are Norwich, We are here! Agreed, that song went for ages, The bat staff actually stopped serving for 10 minuts and appealed for calm! There must be more video footage of it as everyone had their phones out
  3. I have boycotted Norfolk until they get rid of that idiot Butler. The other night he tried to claim that Dale Gordon was the greatest NCFC player he had ever seen. Idiot.
  4. Micky Stockwell for that pathetic celebration he did when he scored against us.   Gates, Marriner and Wark all had faces you''d want to punch
  5. Dave Stringer built the foundation for Mike Walker. Two FA Cup Semi Finals a 4th and 6th place finish, and the NCFC style of Football. Ken Brown won our only Wembley trophy, but for me has to be Lambert. He basically saved our club!
  6. Fleck v Millwall last minute live on TV Suarez last season for Liverpool
  7. I remember getting on the coach and hearing the match had been abandoned, because of fans spilling on the pitch. We just assumed it was hooligans again. Around an hour into the journey home we heard there had been some deaths. By the time we put the telly on the full horror of what happened hit.  
  8. The fact that you refer to it as Club ''Cabbage'' yourself probably answers your query
  9. basically we are now getting gates for friendly matches close to what Ipshit get for league games!!
  10. Where is everyone drinking before game, will there be a "Norwich pub"?
  11. I got a pair of tickets yesterday, bloke in box office said they expect around 1200 to be there
  12. Do you think there will be many of us there?
  13. Where is the best place in the City to watch England games these days?
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