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  1. Just read the "AUTOMATIC" part, please accept my apologies, Man City of course one the playoffs.
  2. Manchester City had back to back promotions didn''t they?
  3. Andrew Driver and David Templeton, both good wingers apparently.
  4. Would somebody actually watch how Stoke play? They''re actually a lot better side than people give them credit for... Yes, they do have a few big men and yes they do throw the ball into the box at every opportunity but they also get it down and play some good football (and have good players!) Even I can lump the ball in the box on a Sunday morning that doesn''t mean if I had 10 6 foot 5 brutes playing around me that my team would be good enough to beat Arsenal and Draw with Chelsea! Anyway, pleased to get that off my chest, I''ll get my tin hat out now :-).
  5. Didn''t he inadvertantly set up Jackson''s winner against Derby? Already a hero for me
  6. Smyther, I''ve e-mailed you back, thought I''d reply on here just in case you don''t get it... We''ll take it off your hands, let us know where you want it collecting from and when? Thank you very much!! Chris
  7. Unlikely I know... Does anyone have a spare adult Wigan ticket available?
  8. The club really do need to update their database... I am in the unusual situation whereby I should have been an adult at the start of our league one season but due to that price freeze thing I got an u21 rate... I then did not renew for last season due to moving away and took up a super membership, this was sent as u21... and any tickets since have under 21 printed on them (even though I pay full price I might add) and now when this seasons membership arrived I am still under 21! I''ve not taken advantage of this for fear of being ID''ed at the gate but makes me think the idea of a database cleanse is a sensible one.
  9. I knew a Man Utd fan in the home end when we won 2-0, made a rather sheepish exit as Leon McKenzie wheeled away celebrating the 2nd goal. M''boro at home in the same season... Boro fans behind me, when we made it 4-2 they even stood up and celebrated sarcastically... 4-3, a little less vociferous but still taking the p*ss... and then... as Adam Drury''s header flew past the boro keeper I turned round to find these wasters making a quick exit... good times can come out of having these losers around!
  10. If it weren''t for Carrow Road being situated in Norfolk I''d probably hardly ever return!
  11. How about your surname?? Might not have much selling value in the future but will always be good for the grandchildren.
  12. A premiership striker having a barren run will score at Carrow Road. Paul Lambert will have sub-titles on at least one MOTD interview. Bayern Munich will be mentioned every time we play on sky. Other teams football fans who you work with will really annoy you with their analogy of how Norwich play based on what Alan Hansen said. Your partner will threaten to leave you if you don''t shut up about the last gasp winner at Old Trafford.
  13. 1. Player - Brian Mcgovern 2. Goal - Rob Ullathorne OG for Ipswich 3. Match you''ve been to - Colchester 7-1 4. Manager - Glenn Roeder (I predicted the day we signed him that we''d be relegated within 2 years!) 5. Captain - Neil Emblen 6. Kit - The prem 04-05 (where the collar was round with the slit on the side)
  14. 1. Player of all time - Iwan Roberts 2. GOAL of all time - Simeon Jackson vs Derby (hat trick goal), just for the wild celebrations it sparked. 3. Match you''ve been to, home or away - Norwich 4 Ipswich 1 or Norwich 4 M''boro 4 4. Manager of all time - Paul Lambert 5. Favourite NCFC Captain - Grant Holt 6. Favourite NCFC Kit - Scrambled eye thing from the UEFA cup run
  15. Jas, I''m pretty sure on the ball city will still be sung about 30 times as well! There''s no harm in the odd bit of banter with the opposition, if they have a dump of a stadium then banter about that!
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