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  1. javier garrido ‏@javiergerr back home now after been in dogs race! point is a point but 3 could have been better.. tomorrow to carrow road to sign to people signature!
  2. What score will he predict against luton ????
  3. hope so ive followed them on twitter now . we will see if they are right.
  4. Its a case off picking your matches the further away from norwich are usually easiest to get  tickets for i did three matches last season west brom away in league and cup and swansea. im not a member but i live in hereford so theses are local .also apply as soon as they are put on general release.
  5. peter grants back at carrow road thank god hes  on the other side
  6. fantastic display  fantastic support well deseved the work put in by norwich was amazing should have had two penalties my man of the match russel martin ?
  7. happy new year all                              going to west brom the last time i went parked  just off the motorway for a fiver but after the match we had to walk on a walkway for away fans which lead us a fair way away from the car parking does anybody know if there is any parking by this exit ?   thanks
  8. i,ve got mine and i looking forward to a good day out and 3 points
  9. i hope hes not going in the transfer window
  10. with forest looking like they are going out off the playoffs who would have earnshaw back?
  11. fantastic performance enough said
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