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  1. Fox was dreadful today, gave the ball away too much & didn''t put in one decent set piece.
  2. I thought he wasn''t in the reserves because he is ahead of all the strikers who were playing.
  3. Martin was as much at fault for the penalty as was Barnett. He should of never let the ball be played to N''Gog, it was dreadful defending. Apart from that, I thought both Barnett & Martin were class today.
  4. I tought Surman played ok. Passed the ball well & helped Tierney out in defence. But it would appear that a few clueless fans don''t rate him because he doesn''t run about like a headless chicken, lunging into tackles. I suppose the same fans don''t rate Xavi. It was no surprise that we struggled to keep the ball aswell when he went off. I was more worried about Crofts. Dreadful first touch, gave the ball away too much & didn''t help Martin out enough. We were getting ripped apart down the right hand side & I fail to remember crofts putting in one meaningful tackle.
  5. [quote user="I am a Banana"]Surman wont last in the position long, he isn''t quick or strong enough![/quote]Neither are Xavi or Iniesta. Typical uneducated English football fan view.
  6. [quote user="gary_critter"] Robert Green - Still good enough despite what some bitter Canaries might think - Obviously didn''t see the West Ham game today.Joe Lewis - Watch this space with our ex academy player - Any Peterborough fan would disagree with you [/quote]
  7. [quote user="Joanna Grey"][quote user="banburygreen"][quote user="hans moleman"]Is there somewhere online that the highlights from Saturdays match can be viewed? Cheers[/quote] I dont know about online highlights but being there Sat my views are: 1st half De Laat stand out player, Wilbrahaam and C Martin both worked hard ... at times we gave away the ball easily but looked comfortable when Cov had the ball, we did look pedestrian and slow at times when we had the ball. 2nd half after all the subs ... looked more comfortable, players such as Hoolihan were finding space, thought Morison and Jackson teamed up well, lot more urgency and pace when we had the ball, Naughton looked comfortable at left back, great cross from Bennett for Morison, superbly taken goal by Bennett, couple of things that stood out were in the 2nd half before De Laat came off was how he burst through the midfield nutmegging the last defender ... I was wondering what type of cross he was going to put in when he was tripped deliberately just outside the box .... and this was the first match Ive been to in thirty(odd) years where there was no chanting save a few "yellows Yellows" after Wilbrahaams goal (which was 2nd minute!!!) .... Cov support was abysmal considering they start season on Sat.[/quote] He asked for video highlights not a match report. [/quote]Sorry but you''re a massive twat.
  8. Forster isn''t as good as people think. They like to think he''s better then Ruddy who''s been made out to be a scapegoat. If PL was to replace Ruddy, I would hope for a better keeper then Forster.
  9. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]Assuming money was no object and that they of playing age I am struggling to think of many that are good enough to be honest - but we are in the prem and most of the time has been in lower leagues. The ones that I feel would improve our current squad (no comments concerning fitting into the squad, attitude etc - just improve the quality here) are, in no order, and most of them are ex loanees Rob Green Peter Crouch David Bentley Henri Lansbury Ryan Betrand Craig Bellamy Dani Pacecho Keiran Gibbs Dickson Etuhu[/quote]This shows how much the club has improved that the majority of former players good enough to return are former loanees.
  10. Very interesting tweet from Darragh Macanthony "Have tried to buy CMD for 6 weeks.Norwich want over 550 grand. Dont think he has ever played for them..Good luck to them with that price."Confirming Peterborough interest in him & that his asking price is obviously more then the 550k they offered. I wonder what we''re valuing him at? I can''t see him being worth any more then 750k imo.
  11. [quote user="Carra Rud"]I wouldn''t call Pilkington a goal-scoring winger. More of a left/right midfield who could put in a decent shift.[/quote]Considering he plays on the wing of a front 3, I would say he''s more of a winger then a wide midfielder.And I''d say 1 in 3 last season for a winger is good, so therefore I would call him a goal-scoring winger.
  12. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"]Over the course of that dreadful 2008-09 season, one if not the worst one I''ve ever seen in my lengthy years following the club, Clingan and the Doc for me were head and shoulders over anyone else! Croft gave plenty of effort but only on a few occasions did he produce the goods! Not only was Clingan classy, he also showed desire, something that was missing from more than a few players![/quote]Doc has to be the most overrated player ever, a complete donkey.It''s no coincidence that the club got worse every year he was with us & have significantly improved since he''s left.
  13. During our relegation season Lita was by far our best player. If he was on loan till the end of the season, I reckon he would of won our player of the season awards, like how Bullard won the scum''s.
  14. They''re both left footed.They both have names beginning with ''M''.They both play professional football.They''re both 5ft 6.But who''s better? Could Messi shine in a squad with the footballing god Cody McDonald?
  15. [quote user="7rew"]He''s too young for a free transfer. It''d be a tribunal (but still cheap)[/quote]I thought tribunal was only used when a player comes through the academy. So I don''t think it applies to De Laet because United signed him from Stoke but I could be wrong...
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