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  1. Totally disagree. Thought today was his best performance for us so far.
  2. Anyone know if the app has launched yet? First time for me in this particular one, looking forward to it.
  3. I really like Savage, think he''s very good on 606 and not afraid to disagree with people or criticise the bigger clubs. Perfectly entitled to his opinion and it''s worth remembering how bad we were at times last season - he made his prediction before all of the new signings. His track record for predictions is also pretty good.
  4. I wondered the same but I assume it will go to those with more points - surely the fairest way to do it? I personally think the system has its flaws - I can get a guaranteed ticket for Hull but will probably have to sit on my own!
  5. [quote user="thenorthstand"]Matty Upson anyone? Went to the same school as me.[/quote] Technically, Upson is from Suffolk.
  6. Likewise - had my £50 ready to hand over and the bloke only asked me for £35 once I''d shown him my season ticket. I really like WBA Football Club.
  7. Hart will start. Whoever plays in goal won''t have much to do anyway.
  8. As good as Ruddy has been for us, it''ll be good for him to have some serious competition for the No.1 jersey. Right now, if he has a couple of bad games he still knows he will not be displaced by Rudd or Steer. Bunn pushing him everyday could drive him to perform even better. It''s not good for any player to get complacent.
  9. [quote user="Brendo"][quote user="When Saturday Comes"]Kenwyne Jones! Haha. No thanks, rather have Holt & Morison.[/quote]So you don''t want a new striker then mate?[/quote] I certainly don''t think we''re DESPERATE for a striker. A new option would be nice but I think the ones we have, plus our midfield, are more than capable. Would much prefer a big, powerhouse defensive midfielder.
  10. Kenwyne Jones! Haha. No thanks, rather have Holt & Morison.
  11. [quote user="Gareth"]The fans at Fulham were amazing. Very loud at the beginning of the match, this subsided as more and more goals went in. But at 5-0 down in the final minutes they rallied and sang louder than ever the ''5-0 up and you still won''t sing/stay'' chant''s followed by the shushing were really good. I was proud to be a Norwich fan that day.[/quote] There''s something quite beautiful and heart warming about a rousing chorus of "City ''til I die" when you''re getting thumped 5-0.
  12. This is being reported on Twitter and in The Times. But well done Brendo.
  13. is the referee on Saturday. Not an ideal start.
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