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  1. with the squad he had and the weakness of the championship this year and last he should have been top 3. He didn't somehow "meet objectives" - a tactically decent manager would have yielded at least a dozen more points and wouldnt have presided over the omni-shambles of that play-off defeat. Might have been a decent bloke - although not sure how anyone on here knows that - but as a manager was a bust that many in the crowd never wanted and certainly never gave any impression that he could change a game positively Glad that chapter is over and glad he is gone
  2. Barnes has been good? He's 49th on the Championship list for goals and assists combined? His ability to press when high up the pitch or close down in our half is non-existent and wins very few aerial battles. He has been a total bust and the Leeds fans, albeit a little rustically, summed him up well when he was subbed...
  3. it was a very odd substitution. Put Barnes on and ask him to do the one thong he is physically incapable of doing. Aggressively pressing high up the pitch against a team comfortable in possession. You often hear people say "he didnt touch the ball" in reference to a player not having much impact in a game. Ashley Barnes in 15 mins in a game we are striving to win touched the ball ZERO times....Mildy interesting aside - has another manager ever introduced 2 substitutes neither of which touched the ball (Barnes and SVH)
  4. It was well managed in that despite his previous tendencies he decided to actually keep our best player on the pitch (funny how Sarge was able to do 90 mins today) football is indeed a simple game. Me thinks Wagner finally realised the total disaster he created on Tuesday and even he knew not to do it again. So from that aspect well managed - pity about the other numerous matches we have thrown away
  5. you are missing the point. Everybody wants him to play. Twice, he has been so injured (according to Wagner) that he needed to come off early in the game. The decision appeared tactical/game management/player protection in both cases and when it blew up in his face Wagner stated that Sargent couldnt continue in both cases yet both following Saturdays he started which seems a little fortuitous. Its the glass half full / half empty scenario. If you think Wagner is great then its a situation he couldnt control and hes lucky Sargent has been fit, if you think Wagner's game management is terrible you believe he has screwed up numerous games with poor subs and decisions and Tuesday was just another example. My own view - it blew up in his face on Tuesday and he used the Sarge inury to claim his hand was forced
  6. what injury? the one Wagner used as his reason for not keeping sarge on the field Tuesday I think many people suspect he was thinking we are 2-0 up got another game lets give him a rest but that it backfired spectacularly and then he used the same injury excuse hes used before instead of simply saying "i wanted to protect him but it didnt work out and i hold my hands up"
  7. Do you think tactically it was a success to have our best striker chasing down Leicester centre backs 30 yards from our own goal or persisting with immobile old man Barnes in a similar even deeper role or would we have been better off keeping Sargent much further forward and relieving the pressure on our defence ?? Also with Moore unlikely to play against us next week I would much rather have McLean at centre back than Duffy who is a complete and utter liability at the back. I am also fearful for mcallum if we play the narrow back 4 we did today. Will invite their overlapping fullbacks and expose him again
  8. what is your issue with "low post counts". it's about quality not quantity You have racked up 5.5k and I'm still waiting for the first one to provide any insight (albeit I freely admit i havent bothered to go back and read the first 5k). That's a hell of a lot of your and (others) time wasted....
  9. A broken clock is right twice a day je ne regrette rien
  10. Failing to win 4 of the last 6 Championship games whilst scoring less than a goal a game is another way to look at it. With an added aggravating factor that the the last match provided season lows for shots and shots on target. Id class that as worrying as we have a virtually injury free and fresh squad to pick from. Depends if your glass is half full or half empty. I guess in happy clapper class it's half full
  11. Depends if losing and having only 5 shots (only 3 teams have had less at Leeds this season) and 1 shot on target (only 1 team has had less) is a reason for celebration or despair. I'm old school - losing and offering little up front is v worrying. I saw defensive improvements but nothing at the top end of the pitch to spark optimism
  12. Oh the irony 😂 "I'm doing something because someone suggested it was a waste of mine" What a tool !
  13. Exactly - self serving rubbish Maybe they all meet up and someone shouts "who is Pateman?" and 1 by 1 they shout back "I am Pateman!" in some kind of Spartacus parody
  14. For anyone thinking of wasting 2 mins of your life by reading the Joe Pateman column on Pink Un - don't bother Not sure why Archant published this tripe - I'll précis the main thrust of the piece "I'm a great fan cos I've been to plenty of away games and that trumps anyone else's opinion". What a load of ****e Joe - don't ever try for a career in journalism you have no talent for it
  15. Our lineup v Rovers should include no starters expected to play v Leeds and WBA In the the bigger picture a 3rd round replay and taking hiding at Liverpool in 4th round serves no purpose so play the B team and if they win fine they all get to play again at Liverpool but while we have a chance of playoffs we cant afford games like Bristol Rovers and Liverpool and injuries to first teamers
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