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  1. We need quality NOT quantity and get them in early enough so the boys can train together with the team and not look like a typical NCFC team and make an **** of ourselves again.
  2. Brandon Williams can fill in at left-back and I thought he was good.
  3. Norwich must learn how to control the game in the closing minutes of a game or could throw away a sure win like we did against Bournemouth!!! I mean wasn’t the Mr Smith or Mr Shakespeare on the sidelines screaming to control the game in stoppage time when we were 2-1 up in the last seconds of the game to go to the next round. FFS!!! But any game. Just watch any team other premiership teams control the game in stoppage time when they are up in the last seconds of the game.
  4. Championship 2022-23: How will Burnley, Watford and Norwich City fare? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62308385 28 July 202228 July 2022. From the section Championship
  5. https://www.1sports1.com/ranked-premier-league-clubs-with-the-most-debts/
  6. NCFC needs a ruthless striker and front row. Do we need to hire some of our great ex NCFC' strikers and front row men to coach our current guys? Cause at the moment, NCFC isn't scoring goals. NCFC could've won the last several games if NCFC had an in-form and front row with confidence. You'll get confidence by scoring goals and being coached by some of the best in the business to learn their tricks of the trade will give them the confidence to score the much-needed goals and points to survive.
  7. During corners NCFC needs place a player on the D and place players on the back post, also free kicks place players on the back post
  8. players should put their foot through the ball from outside the penalty box, if not a direct goal there Is a very good chance the ball ricochets into the goal
  9. As a team we must play to the whistle and not stop waiting/expecting a foul, only to lose focus/ground and opponents makeup ground and put us in danger
  10. NCFC should’ve invested in quality and not quantity as we did.
  11. Practice taking thousands of long throws at the training ground. So when NCFC is awarded a throw-in in an area near the corner flag on match day, our player can lob the ball as far as possible towards the opposition goal, just like a corner but more accurate and use it as a killer set-piece. (try different scenarios to score goals)
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