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  1. Just can't wait to see our progress. Very interesting times ahead with manager and players current and new.
  2. Agree very cagey by both teams and distribution was awful. still have a chance but remember Leeds won both league games so not to lose today a PLUS
  3. Fully agree, defending corners -rubbish, no one try's to get the ball and leaving players unmarked is unanswerable. Second half just joggi ng around
  4. woeful performance. Agree go one up and then just switch off but never really tried. IF we attacked we could have had 3 points. We always see to leave clever wide men with all the space you just have to defend from edge of penalty area to side line. Crazy iddea to leave them free.
  5. That is what GOOD strikers are supposed to do. Absolutely brilliant twist , turn and slot home
  6. Got to ge Sydney on at some point as will need him if we make play-offs with our injury record
  7. It seems Barnes and Sargent work well together so it is said so lets see. Still early days for Hojoonk
  8. think we are top give-away team in all divisions. Promotion, having a laugh
  9. if Maidstone can so can NCFC Haha. what laugh. The way we plan to play, sorry no chance, but fingers crossed you never know
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