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  1. It was a penalty and red card all day long but we shouldn't use it as an excuse for not getting three points. Better performance but need to be more clinical. It is not the foul that cost us 3 points.
  2. Absolutely rubbish yesterday. But heyhow only the first League game where we don't do well in. Can only get better one hopes. Fully agree Sargeant and Rashica should not been in squad let alone team. From what I hear they went missing for ALL the game. Let us wait and see what Deanno can do. I would expect he wasn't to pleased with yesterdays non-performance. A long way to go, should be strolling this League.
  3. It would be a shame if he left, best player in last few seasons. will miss his goals but can fully understand his situation. We as a Club haven't given him supportive players after Emi left. Always works his socks off shame about many others. Deserves a final glory to his playing days and I wish him all the best and thanks for the memories.
  4. awaiting eagerly and really hope something good will happen. Not holding my breath though. awaiting to be presently surprised.
  5. International players can come back later.
  6. could have been better used in midfield I thought, but at £10 m a NO go and at £60k a week salary ABSOLUTELY NO. Need to spend on improving passes for Pukki not another defender.
  7. Really surprised as he was an exiting prospect at my local club Gillingham. People who went to games say he was one of the better players, but having got relegated didn't mean too much I guess. Good luck Daniel
  8. Fantastic news for us yellows. Definitely one for the future.
  9. Fully agree, no support for Pukki and an only real choice for POY. He ran his socks off as no support for him to have a real advantage. I believe that his daughter wants to stay in Norfolk as she likes the school so hopefully as a great parent he will take that into consideration. 10 goals in a very poor season is brilliant just think how many more he would have scored with a better midfield threading the ball through. I hope he stays but cannot be certain and if he gets a big windfall for moving who can blame him. Most footballers only have a short period to earn good money.
  10. I heard some time ago that his family want to stay until, at least, his current contract is up as his young child is enjoying school and doesn't want to leave. If it was true, how great to have him and his goals. I understand Tim's family are settled as well but agree we cannot have either Tim or Angus warming the bench
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