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  1. Agree he could be our star man and give him bigger clubs in twelve months, but he has so far refused to sign a new contract and is in last year. The talk is Villa almost there about £ 20 m. Don't believe everything you read and price is so poor but if he wants out it is good money. Shame to see him go as he is almost guaranteed an every game start and unless Grealish is moving on find it hard to see how Villa can use them all. Hope I am wrong but we don't know what is going on behind the scene. Daniel must know and he has agreed to carry.on and help our beloved Club move forward The £20 m might help us get another top striker to help Pukki
  2. Didn't he throw his toys out the pram last summer ?
  3. Absolutely the best news I have heard in a very long time. Just like his style and manner. Now Stuart and way we go. Bright future ahead
  4. He wanted out last year but WHY Villa ? Not going forward for him and may not get regular match time with what they have.. Good player but always try fancy stuff, if it comes off great but only about 20%. If we get £30 m think it might be a good deal for us I certainly dont think he is worth that but who am I? Supported City for over 60 years build a team around players who want to wear the yellow shirt not boys who think they are better than City.
  5. very good that it has been confirmed. Both very good additions to the team and squad. Improves our defence and very much needed against top top Premier players.
  6. Attitude beats skills it seams. Pity a lot of players like that. Obviously not a team man. Good luck Moritz . Another one bites the dust
  7. yes - agree great solution. Skipp harder to replace than Max. Max good right back but harder to cover midfield position than full back . So definitely great solution for prem league
  8. Happy 80th Birthday wonderful Delia Thanks for the journey, xx
  9. brilliant from own half. just got to be perfect to score from that distance
  10. Let us worry about outfield players. Have enough goalies to start the season anyway. Injuries apart have gaps to fill urgently BUT with the right type of players.
  11. Keeping everyone fit is the important issue. Bigger stronger players are need for the physicality of PL
  12. I think it is win win. A local knows the club yes £5m for back up but how many games did Tim miss last season ?
  13. reportedly £8,000 pw plus bonuses 5 year contract. Villa goalie also Argentina good friend same agent could we pay that ? NO Settled for life. Agree maybe we were sold short but would you not go? Regular game time but not top six club. Strange everything took off while he was away with Argentina. Good luck Emi thanks for memories and maybe we will be a more rounded team.
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