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  1. https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Football%3A+CORNER+BRAWL%3B+Norwich+1+West+Ham+1%3A+Pardew+goes+potty+after...-a0113511831 I always remember this, I was in the Jarrold for the first game after it opened. The snakepit got Etherington sent off for not having the ball in the quadrant, then Hucks scored a late equaliser. That was a great season. OTBC
  2. There's no chance Liverpool want Todd. We also retain an additional year option on him that we will 100% exercise. Origi will have far bigger clubs in for him. As an aside, he's Belgian.
  3. How is our vaccination programme streets ahead of the rest of Europe? What is this based on? On vaccination rates we are behind: Sweden, France, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Spain, Malta, Northern Cyprus, and Portugal.
  4. Worst graphic ever. Partially unreadable, and what you can read makes no sense.
  5. It's a 16 hour flight and you're going for a weekend. How about a sensible suggestion. Somewhere nice in the lakes, or up to Scotland, or perhaps York. I didn't realise I had to pick the location too. I'm a benevolent stranger, not a travel agent.
  6. If you promise not to come on for a week, I will pay for a weekend away for you. Not joking.
  7. Take a couple of days off, everyone in the world knows what you think.
  8. Perhaps the problem is that you put everyone into boxes. I am quite far left but I'm capable of having conversations with people that have opposing viewpoints, and sometimes we change each others' minds. I imagine you truly hate people on the extreme left, but then state proudly that you are proudly extreme right. So what hope does the world have if you can't even try to find middle ground with roughly 50% of the population? Hating people because of their political views is why Jo Cox and David Amess are six feet under.
  9. Mike Riley, Managing Director of Professional Game Match Officials Limited: “Referees will look for contact and establish clear contact, then ask themselves the question: does that contact have a consequence? They will then ask themselves a question: has the player used that contact to actually try and win a foul penalty? So it’s not sufficient just to say: ‘Yes, there’s contact.’ “I think that the feedback we’ve had from players, both attackers and defenders, [is that] you want it to be a proper foul that has a consequence, not something that somebody has used slight contact to go over, and we’ve given the penalty to reward it.” It wasn't a pen and if you read the rules you'll understand why...but since when has that ever mattered!?
  10. Are you sure about that? Our xGA for the 18/19 season was 1.33 goals per game. Our xGA for last season was 1.34 gpg. The indication being that it was actually poorer finishing that resulted in us conceding fewer. If you ran that season again you could reasonably expect us to concede far more goals, almost identical to our previous season in the Champs.
  11. Agreed. The penalty argument the other day being the prime example. A complete absence of on-field leadership, letting a 19 and 20 year old fight over something that should be set in stone.
  12. The Watford striker that won the header between Kabak and Hanley is 5' 9".
  13. That's why I said I'd start him with Gibson. Left/Right combo, Gibson the senior player. But for me O'Mo has to start. Highest ceiling and done what's been asked of him so far. Who would you start Satdee in a 2 and a 3?
  14. I did do it on purpose. It made me chuckle. Just FYI you have spelt his name wrong.
  15. D0g**** is the word that came to mind for Kabak's performance for me too. While I take your point, are we going to not play someone that hasn't put a foot wrong just in case he does? I believe Zimbo is injured...
  16. I'm going to assume that Kabak was not fit on Saturday and therefore not judge him too harshly on that performance. Quite why we dropped O'Mo, who to my knowledge has never put a foot wrong, for a player that didn't seem to have any idea where to stand...you'd have to ask Daniel. For my money, O'Mo should be a guaranteed starter. I was gutted for him at the weekend and I hope he was in Farke's office demanding an explanation. A huge part of our success in recent seasons has been the principle that it's your shirt to lose. Hanley has looked poor and Kabak can't be fit. If it's three at the back then I'd drop Hanley. If it's two, I'd be tempted to give Gibson a go with O'Mo. The one thing I know is that there's no room for sentiment. Hanley has been poor and does not deserve to play on Satdee IMHO. OTBC
  17. Take a look at how many shots Ronnie had to have though to get his goals. Way out in front, nearly double the shots Lukaku had for five more goals. Plus Lukaku killed him on assists, 11 to 2. Ronnie actually made Juventus weaker, mainly because so much money was spent on him that it weakened the team, which well be less of a problem at manyoo. He will however get in the way of some of their fine young players playing, disrupt their playing style, and demand everything, free kicks, penalties etc. when he isn't actually very good at them, free kicks in particular. A perfect signing for united and Ronaldo. He'll score goals and get the personal glory, United plastics get their photos, and the club sells a load of shirts. Whether it benefits the team or not is irrelevant.
  18. Do people not have time to read what Webber and people have to say or do they ignore it?
  19. 100% sure you're a boring d1ck head that the club would be better off without.
  20. Do these threads not still get deleted? My old man used to post on here but moved to wotb after Peter the deleter got rid of a similar thread.
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