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  1. I agree ,its a difficult one ,however people do buy clubs other than just profit . Such as a way of advertising their brand and profile . Although I do feel the PL is now a hugely corrupt organization . We need not look further than the new Newcastle owners . The PL have now got themselves in somewhat of a pickle , supporting taking of the knee whilst welcoming the murderous Saudis on board .........Follow the money .
  2. Oh my word , you have just made my day, I am so happy ! I worded my post in such a way to test the water of how people are feeling , I thought I would spice things up a little by adding a left wing narrative !! you fell for it hook line and sinker !!!!!LOL You are obviously a GB news hater who offer balanced views from both sides !
  3. The bigger picture ! no investment from DS is the cause of this **** show . We are being embarrassed by Brentford FFS
  4. Definitely not confused Sir ,However the only thing which you and I would agree is the that night follows day !!! I absolutely despise everything Labour and the left stand for ,as they despise hard working entrepreneurial people . They are some of the biggest hypocrites' known to man . In fact my right wing views would embarrass Boris ,which currently would not be difficult . So yes Delia falls into the virtue signaling left wing hypocritical cesspit !
  5. Do you really want me to explain ! lol 不不不不不不
  6. Well Said We need an aggressive campaign to force them to sell !
  7. The Smiths must go ,sell to someone with ambition
  8. It is time for the left wing smiths to go , she clearly does not want to put money into the club ,only take money out . Sell to someone who are ambitious and want to make Norwich a great prem mid table club . Self funding is not sustainable . Before the tree hugging Delia lovers cry out and say " do we want owners like those of Man Utd and now Newcastle " There are good owners like the Thai King Power . However ,right now I would take the Saudi money !!! I think the majority of Norwich supporters want to be entertained at Carrow Road . Right now NCFC are a absolute embarrassment , and will remain so whilst the parasite DS is at the helm ..
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