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  1. Almost certainly right. They themselves decided to come onto the pitch, while others decided to leave. I thought the manager made the substitutions. Perhaps (as ever) you are talking bollox
  2. As posted on the Ipswich thread, the game is 90+ minutes long . Those who left on 64 minutes looking pretty stupid.
  3. Where is this from? I’m still seeing the 22.40 listed.
  4. Great idea.Let’s appoint someone who has been fired for failing to achieve at possibly the best club in a weaker league. I sometimes wonder at the thought patterns of posters on here!
  5. Football games are 90(+) minutes long!!
  6. You are quite right, your friend who decided to take time out of the workforce to pursue a degree in English, which research shows does not lead to a rise in earnings clearly deserves to earn more than people actually doing a worthwhile job. Maybe he/she could campaign for more poet laureates!
  7. Do you think this connection is the reason why our players sometimes rush around in a headless way?
  8. Forum police or not, this is absolutely nothing to do with Norwich City. Isn’t that why we have a non-football section?
  9. Considerably more awkward when you consider that the last train to London leaves at 10.!!!
  10. If only indeed, but none of us who were there will ever forget Munich!
  11. Makes you wonder how Portman Road has survived for so long.
  12. Pedant alert. The Olympic stadium in Munich is still there. It’s just that Bayern have moved.
  13. It’s easy to sympathise with people until it affects you! As regards your son, this will affect most students so the universities are likely to reschedule the open days.
  14. That’s until you realise that France could be relegated too, and Germany would have been last time ( or maybe the one before) if they hadn’t changed the rules.
  15. I’m guessing that in real life, forever means as long as LVG is in charge.
  16. It’s worth looking behind the figures. How much of the rise was due to the increased use of pyros, which has certainly been something that we have experienced. Whether you agree with them or not, they certainly aren’t reflecting discontent with the government! The other rise seen has been pitch invasions. I notice Everton were third on the list. Their mass pitch invasion after staying up may well have contributed, but again while not. Allowed it is understandable to most fans. I think as a football forum we need to be careful about demonising fans. This isn’t the dark days of the eighties, the highest for 8 years means back to the levels. Of 2014. Was everybody writing these articles then, or were they reflecting on improvements? I’m not saying there are no issues to address, as seen by our away game at Wolves last season, or Millwall at home this, but we don’t need to present a ranting daily mail/ sun approach to this at all.
  17. Except of course there have never, ever been 24 teams in the top flight!
  18. Are we still in the Premier League? Did they protest in the Championship under Farke?
  19. And those things continued after Smith was appointed. We’re you not at Palace away , or at Charlton until our goal. The problem was Webber’s signings as Smith has also found out. Remember they sacked Farke after an away win!
  20. Quite. I was wondering what the non football forum was for. Surely this thread should be moved there.
  21. It’s a red rag because basically you are defending the fact that they are totally boring and killing what the game should be about. I hope they maintain those ratios when they go down to League 1
  22. This is absolute rubbish. We were poor, that were dire.
  23. That’s 2 posts in 2 days. Please go back into hibernation.
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