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  1. Premier League appearances 27 Goals 1 Assists 2 Makes him a real need to buy doesn't it?
  2. I have said every time the subject is brought up ....... there is no Premier League club that already hasn't got better, he will go nowhere in this country this summer
  3. Only Normann out of the starting 11 won't be here next season
  4. Same points as 2 seasons ago, and still 7 games to play
  5. If this had been Dean Smith's team, then I would have said let's get rid if there is no sign of improvement, but the fella needs a chance to sort out who he wants to stay or go, and bring in who he thinks are the type of players we need
  6. All that and the fact that Ayling wasn't sent off with the foul on Rashica midway through the first half ffs
  7. As soon as we get out of this corrupt, nonsensical league the better, I would check the betting patterns of the officials if I had my way
  8. Don't want the extra time, would rather us go out and be fresh for Brentford
  9. I think the problem has been that Gilmour has had to also cover for an inept partner in McLean, I have no doubt that if we had a premier league partner for him, and he was allowed to play the game without having to worry about what he has around him, you would see a very different Billy Gilmour
  10. Yes absolutely agree, we need to keep him as I think he and Sargent will rip any defence apart if(always hopeful that we stay Premiership) we are in the Championship next year
  11. 20 Premier league games, with 1 goal and 2 assists in my opinion doesn't make him saleable, but definitely think he would do the business for us in the Championship
  12. Why would they leave, and more importantly who would want to buy them, while we at Norwich City are thinking they are the bees knees, I'm not sure that other Premier league clubs think the same
  13. so your guessing like the rest of us, sorry thought we were allowed our opinions on here
  14. Any follow up from a penalty save means the defence isn't doing it's job, and I don't think many goalkeepers would have saved the goals that day
  15. Krul has got to win his place back, I think Gunn has been doing really well and also saved the penalty from Stirling
  16. To be very honest the only interest I have in Buendia is the fact that he has given us the opportunity to buy Rashica and Sargent, so why are we still interested, he is a Villa player and not coming back, let's move on
  17. Agree with this, we were always going to lose ground with the games against Man City and Liverpool, forever the optimist
  18. They made a film about it https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2179231/
  19. Pearson is a complete Aris, but wouldn't mind Billing if a swap is on the cards
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