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  1. Dean Smith sack talk grows with Norwich decision resting on one critical call Dean Smith sack talk grows with Norwich decision resting on one critical call - exclusive (teamtalk.com) I didn't think we had any money for January transfers
  2. I'm afraid it's a matter of the better he plays, then the less chance it is that we will be able to afford him, or even offered the chance to buy him.
  3. Nexus_Canary Members 271 6,024 posts Report post Posted August 9 Jesus wept what is it with you people.... New player from U23, once played a whole 45 min for Wroxham reserves on loan... fans get a whiff of him when watching a training session at the Costa Del Colney "Look at that bor, putem in tha first team, bor can kicka ball" Apology accepted my friend 1 cambridgeshire canary reacted to this
  4. Well he hasn't buried any so far this season, so I'm not sure what makes you say that.
  5. Now I love Pukki, but in all fairness apart from his obvious injury problem, I think it would have been a wise choice to leave him out of the team anyway. I personally think that his heart hasn't really been in it so far this season.
  6. I must of been looking at a different player, because I thought he was playing really well pre season
  7. I believe he is going to be a star player for us this season, the championship defenders are going to hate the fact that he will be at them for a full 90 mins of the game, he just never stops running
  8. Gilmour among Chelsea academy duo jettisoned by Tuchel from Chelsea first team squad https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/premier-league/gilmour-among-chelsea-academy-duo-jettisoned-by-tuchel-from-chelsea-first-team-squad/ar-AAZH2TV I wonder why
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