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  1. Load of Squit gave you the perfect answer, but why it needed anyone to point out to you that NO ONE has been named by chalking "thank you jurors" on a pavement, is beyond belief. But to give you credit, whenever one thinks you couldn't say anything dumber, you always manage to exceed expectations.
  2. FFS! You just don't know when to stop digging, do you. "Why do it?" would be the soundest ever advice you could give yourself just before you post yet another of your absurdly stupid posts. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Bloody evil chalk-wielding monsters forcing those poor innocent MAGA thugs into making involuntary threats of violence
  4. https://www.cdntribel.com/public/uploads/post_videos/0f794730-1ecd-11ef-a0f6-13e27f7c5b68@ea15eeb2-5b3f-4d76-8938-a740494e279f.mp4 trumpguiltyvid.mp4
  5. So we must no longer exercise the freedom of speech to praise jurors for carrying out their duty because some supporters of a criminal might get angry with them. You truly are an utter tw*at.
  6. Yeah, because they will be as safe as houses from the MAGA mob so long as no one reminds them that it was 12 jurors that found Trump guilty. You truly do enjoy making a great t*t of yourself, don't you 😂
  7. He'll get a non-custodial sentence (probation, suspended sentence, etc, etc) which he will inevitably breach, which could then very well result in him doing time
  8. Yeah! But they didn't read the Daily Mail, I bet.
  9. Yep! I'm expecting "You're a f***king c**T" to be incoming in vast quantities at any moment 🤣
  10. Let's not express thanks to the jurors for having the bravery, in the face of threats and hostility, to do their constitutional duty because it might anger the insurrectionist MAGA mob who demanded they should have found Trump innocent despite the evidence. Are you really so ignorant that you needed that spelling out?
  11. Caving in to the MAGA mob. Who would have guessed that Great T*t would seek to be so contrary 🤣
  12. Perhaps you should become Chief Constable of GMP, CEO of the HMRC, and the leader of Stockport Council. It won't be any problem for you to fit those in while being the world's greatest expert on everything ever thought.
  13. When I worked in the midlands I rented. The house I regarded as my principal residence was the one I owned in Norfolk. I talked of both as "home" in everyday conversation, such as in the sort of comment you have quoted from Rayner. Your attempt to twist Rayner's words demonstrate very clearly that it is YOU who is a dissembling and disingenuous liar. The GMP, HMRC, and Stockport Council are all happy to exonerate Rayner from any accusation that she sought to commit tax or electoral fraud. You clearly have issues with this working class woman, perhaps counselling would help with your misogyny.
  14. Of course, who could possibly think that you don't know better than the Greater Manchester Police, HMRC, and Stockport Council? They clearly haven't read the Pinkun website, otherwise they would know you have expert knowledge of every single issue ever discussed in the history of humankind (BTW isn't it about time you revealed the secret to developing cold fusion? it's so selfish of you to keep that to yourself)
  15. Indeed! But which of the other leaders actually OWN the party receiving those donations?
  16. Brooke, to reflect the club's financial situation. (To be said with a Norfolk accent)
  17. I guess you haven't seen the "plethora" of begging messages from the private company Reform UK Ltd. Not the least of which comes from one of it's 3 owners. A man who is not even standing in the UK election because he says it is more important to help his rapist mate and convicted criminal get re-elected president of the USA in November. Guess who!
  18. Trump Media shares plummeting after guilty verdict 🤣
  19. Cheers Well b back! Enough said!
  20. That's what they were thanking them for, doing their duty in the face of hostility and threats from Trump and his MAGA morons. You truly are a halfwit.
  21. Sentencing on 11th July. July is going to be one very heavy drinking month
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