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  1. This is the reality of the modern Republican Party: Republican Rep Mary Miller of Illinois quoted Adolf Hitler during a speech in front of the US Capitol building in Washington on January 5. https://news.yahoo.com/hitler-one-thing-congresswoman-quotes-204821030.html And she obviously thinks Hitler was also right in viewing democratic elections as an unnecessary burden, as she announced her intention to vote against accepting Biden's confirmation. I guess she will be calling for the establishment of a Republican Hitler Youth next.
  2. The sad story of one of those who died during the insurrection that shows just how much damage is being done by QAnon conspiracy theory: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/politics/family-trump-supporter-who-died-followed-qanon-conspiracy/ar-BB1cBjNV?ocid=msedgntp
  3. Reports coming out that Trump refused to call in the National Guard while the invasion of the Capitol building was underway and it was Pence who eventually had to call them in. Further reports suggest he contacted by phone Republican Congressmen while they were being beseiged to tell them to use the rioting as a way of delaying the vote. That any Republican politician continues to support Trump is astonishing, and makes them completely complicit with his seditious crimes. What an utterly shameful time for the GOP.
  4. Idiot! you said it was the EU that held up Brexit. It wasn't, it was the UK Government and in particular the ERG who voted down every deal May put before them (deals that turned out to be better than the one they accepted). So stop being so thick.
  5. Idiot! The failures of the UK Government caused the massive delays, and who was largely responsible for that, your mates the ERG.
  6. Oh dear Piers Morgan now desperate to disclaim his past adoration of Donald Trump: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/piers-morgan-ends-friendship-with-monster-trump-as-he-calls-for-president-to-be-removed-from-office/ar-BB1czOhA?ocid=msedgntp The quote I like best is "In the past year, he has morphed into a monster that I no longer recognise as someone I considered to be a friend and thought I knew." Really Piers? you don't think he has been like this for the entirety of his presidency (indeed, his entire adult life)? Just like all the other enablers this sudden desperation to disassociate yourself from this discredited monster is not a good look. There are a helluva lot of candidates for hypocrit of the year (lyndsey Graham still leads that race for me).
  7. 2 of the rioters were caught with zip-ties, the "handcuffs of choice for hostage takers https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/capitol-riots-live-hundreds-in-congress-demand-trump-s-removal-as-images-spark-fears-mob-planned-hostages/ar-BB1czLLf?ocid=msedgntp
  8. You do realise you can block mentions of other people too.
  9. I will if you stop responding to the paedophile supporting RTB
  10. Indeed! and what a wonderful irony it will be when they start getting their 10-year prison sentences thanks to Trump's executive order regarding the desecration of federal monuments. I truly recommend reading it (link here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-protecting-american-monuments-memorials-statues-combating-recent-criminal-violence/ ). You will truly fall about laughing after the first paragraph, I promise.
  11. You could at least try and get your grammar correct moron.
  12. Haha! seems you've invented a magnet that attracts fools-gold. Well done you!
  13. Utterly naive and wrong. The friction is built into the need for checks and paper work that is a direct result of being two different markets and not a single market. There is NO way of resolving this. Get yourself a GCSE in economics.
  14. I shall remember your fine words the next time it gets cut off.
  15. No! I'm talking about the very specific clause in the agreement that allows to EU to respond with the imposition of tariffs if they can demonstrate that the UK has undermined the standards that provide a level playing field. Whether one would describe those as de facto self-imposed or a straight imposition from the EU does seem a semantic issue (although from a purely legal perspective they would be described as EU imposed) Regarding the whole Brexit fiasco in general I would absolutely agree that this was self-imposed lunacy, and there was never any prospect that we could have access to the single market without meeting the same standards of its members. Further, free trade access to the SM without being a member of it was always going to result in onerous extra burdens regarding paperwork and checks etc.
  16. Unless he had a license to be in the capitol building I'm pretty sure he has committed at least that offence
  17. But that was not Hannan's point. He wants a lowering of standards. Happy days if we ban live animal exports (more to do with Carrie than Boris I suspect)
  18. Fair enough! No doubt we'll soon find out if the tariffs are in any sense punitive if the UK is stupid enough to try the path of lowering standards. The real point is that the deal we have signed up to gives the EU this option. Whether one wants to describe this possibility as de facto self-imposed or EU imposed seems more of a semantic point than a sunstantive one. Either way I'm sure we agree that the idea that the UK might gain an advantage over the EU by lowering standards should be seen as a non-starter.
  19. Well it seems the insurrectionists at least got one of their banners right:
  20. Really good to see Biden stand up in front of the whole of the US and say that if this insurrectionist protest had been a BLM protest they would have been dealt with far more harshly by the Police.
  21. Well that should enable them to stump up for Buendia's left foot. They'll obviously need another take-over to afford the right one.
  22. Sorry Bill I just don't get your point here. That it was the UK that decided to withdraw from the EU and single market is indisputable, but my claim has nothing at all to do with that. I was making the simple point that the agreement we have subsequently signed up to has given the right to the EU to levy (punitive) tariffs if we should undermine standards that apply to the rest of the single market. As such I was simply intimating the stupidity of a strategy like that proposed by Hannan, as any gain we might potentially make in undercutting the EU by lowering standards would surely invite the imposition of tariffs to negate any such advantage. That doesn't seem in any way an inaccurate claim.
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