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  1. I agree with Smooth. Those final minutes and the feeling at the final whistle is often the emotion that remains the longest from the day. Thinking about Saturday I cannot imagine how I would have felt about the game had I left at 80 minutes but having stayed to the end and applauded the players off the pitch I carry with me positive feelings going into next week''s game. August 64
  2. I live near Paul Connolly (supposed target of Roeder).  Don''t know him though so can''t influence his decision! August 64
  3. [quote user="JaundicedJockGeorgy"]If you keep buying/loaning League One players you end up with a League One team. And which division best suits a League One team?[/quote] So you are saying that since we are loaning Premiership players that we will end up with a Premiership team are you? 
  4. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Especially as Glen needs to add quite a few new players to his dwindling squad in the summer hols.. Well, every penny saved and all that!.[^o)] [/quote] Yes is the answer. Now ...could you possibly avoid starting attention seeking threads is a much more difficult question to answer.
  5. I do have to say that I am very glad that the Pink Un now offers us a "new wallpaper" featuring the squad of 2006-07!!  I think that Peter Grant will turn them into a table-topping team. 
  6. [quote user="All dots"]Disgraceful. Yet again I had to drive into work steeling myself for the inevitable jibes and jeering which duly occurred. Thanks Norwich.[/quote] Spare a thought for those of us who had to drive home after the game then!  I got home at 3 AM and it didn''t feel any better then than it had at 10 PM.  As to work - I haven''t had a single person mention it to me.  That must mean either that I am a hard man who can strike fear into peoples hearts with a single glance or that nobody I work with gives a monkeys whether Norwich win or lose - sadly the latter seems by far the most likely reason.  My long-suffering wife told me that we were the next to last game on MOTD despite being the biggest upset - at the moment we don''t even register on the radar of the average "football supporter".  August 64
  7. What a game.  Rubbish first 45 and at half time I was wondering why I had travelled all that way and then incredible in the 2nd half.  Croft and Fozzy outstanding.  Croft simply tore them apart.   Marshall 7, no real chance with goal Otsemobor 7 at fault in lead up to their goal.  Great support for Crofty 2nd half doherty 6 exposed in first half much improved in 2nd shackell 6 ok game  camara 7 poor first great second Croft 9, score mainly for 2nd half when he was simply fantastic ! best 45 minutes by any City player this season rusty 7  Lost in first half but everywhere in the 2nd fozzy 8  really dominant in 2nd half another great performance bertrand - 6 supported Camara well but not very creative  dion 7 led line well ched 7 took goal well and caused lots of probs in 2nd half hucks 7, continued the torment of Barnsley but by then they were on the canvas  cureton 6, a late irritant jarvis not on long enough to judge
  8. I find myself feeling strangely confident.  I''m loving GR''s firm approach to dead wood - he is a breath of fresh air.  He is moving swiftly and assuredly and so far I completely trust his judgement.  If we haven''t added 3 names before the window closes I may feel less confident but I''m expecting new faces in the team and a really interesting squad by the time PNE arrive on 2nd Feb. August 64
  9. Graham Paddon was quite simply one of the very greatest ever to pull on our beloved shirt.  His fantastic left-foot, work rate, style will always live with me.  As part of the great 71-72 heroes he deserves every accolade paid to him.  This is a very very sad day for anyone who holds our Club close to their heart.  If you never saw him play I urge you to read all about him and join those of us who will honour him on Saturday with tears in our eyes.
  10. Marshall 4 - what happened to the great shot stopper?   Looked clownish at times. Semmy 6 - gave us some width and speed Taylor 6 - his understanding with Shacks still needs work and looks a bit slow.  Looked like a groin strain took him off. Shacks 5 - Confidence shot. Lappin 6 - showed some class but not a defender. Croft  7 - scored higher for effort rather than output Russell 7 - similarly worked hard, no creative spark.  Great shot hit bar. Spillane 5 - off the pace, really struggled at centre back when Taylor went off Brellier 4 - words fail me Murray 4 - got stuck in.  Has no idea as an attacking force. Cureton 6 - no service.  Should have scored when he hit the post, worked hard. Martin 4 - no service but did nothing at all with the scraps he was fed.  Looked uninterested. Brown 7 - caused problems for Plymouth in short time on. Striker 5 - only on a short while.  Has the bemused look down to a fine art now. Roeder 5 - Must wonder what the hell he has taken on.  It looks like his job is to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. Do not be fooled by us hitting he woodwork twice.  We could have lost by 5 or 6.  Plymouth missed some gilt edged opportunities.    
  11. I''ll be there hoping for a performance 10 times better than last year''s no show but not with too much optimism. August 64
  12. I''m not an idiot and I don''t understand, but thanks for your bigotry. I have a five and a half hour drive to get home after the game and I don''t leave early - sorry you don''t understand. August 64
  13. [quote user="we8wba"] i was suprised at your lack of turn out on sat [/quote] I wasn''t surprised.  Having been on the receiving end of some rather nasty and unprovoked attacks on previous visits even I thought twice about it, but in the end the urge to be there was too strong.  After 90 minutes my urge to be almost anywhere else rather than witnessing more of that debacle of a performance was even stronger! August 64  
  14. A truly shocking and diabolically inept performance which has to be right up with the very worst I have witnessed in over 40 years of following the team.  No excuses please players and staff - change now or we will suffer the consequences. I''m sorry but Hucks did not look interested at all - he may be upset about the quality around him but this kind of no-show from a highly paid professional is unacceptable.  He was not alone. The two sendings off were irresponsible and fully deserved.  Brellier particularly so since we were already down to 10 men - kicking the ball away is pathetic in those circumstances. I cannot point to one reasonable performance from someone in a Norwich shirt let alone a good one. There is no hiding place - it was all a total disgrace.  The journey back to Cold Mountain left me feeling cheated and very sad indeed.  No excuses please from management or players.  I want changed attitudes, tactics and blood sweat and tears for the shirt - without those we are in big big trouble. August 64
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