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  1. if we beat birmingham can we get tom brady in as owner πŸ˜†
  2. long will play in the cup so lets see him
  3. With barnes and sargent out why isnt wagner using our academy strikers? imagine being a youth striker and seeing the manager saying gibbs or placheta can play there? ken aboh is scoring in the u21's and that one we signed from city would both be better options than gibbs up fornt even as a bench option? theyd be hungry to impress but there not even given the chance.
  4. Think the club have a new twitter admin aa the posts are so much better now the admin last season was awful so im glad hes been replaced πŸ˜‚
  5. he wouldnt come here when hes turned down chelsea many times
  6. more nonsense from the club about this doc! https://twitter.com/NorwichCityFC/status/1665765434543550465
  7. there really trying to get people to care about this sh1t arent they? another tweet https://twitter.com/NorwichCityFC/status/1665411593352405001
  8. assuming tim krul is off who do we see come in as back up to angus?
  9. i look forward to the excitng documentary about a footballer that moves across the globe to play amazing for norwich! oh wait its omobamidele from ireland who has done nothing here joke of a club and joke of a documentary
  10. 1 friendly is announced. where do you think we will play for pre season? more german teams? maybe zimbo's team? hopefully a few closer to home to
  11. i would understand if there was a good story but theres not. sure ac milan will love watching it thogh
  12. wasting time, money and resoruces on a documentary for a player who isnt gonna be here in a few weeks is interesting
  13. We all know max aarons is definitely leaving this summer but who do we want to see as his replacement as rb? i have a few in mind max johnston - been linked and would be a good option. young and talented player so could be an option? jack stacey - good player and available on a free. no links yet ryan manning - i know he is more of a lb but you put mumba at rb and your sorted let me know your thoughts
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