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  1. Drmic should stick to his music career, take him off!
  2. I've used these sites on my phone before and that worked alright. Are you in Germany?
  3. Good evening all, God, it's good to be back. I'll be picking from the Romanian league Botoșani vs Cluj AWAY WIN! And for our game 2-1 to us and Pukki to score twice! OTBC Good luck everyone!
  4. Number 31 for me. Cowdenbeath v Stenhsemuir As I am an expert on both teams, and considering their recent form, it will be a tight game ending in a goalless draw.
  5. I reckon they're doing alright. Better than I expected tbh
  6. I thought this was a thread about the Daily Mail
  7. Tim Hanley Godfrey Zimbo Max. Jamal Buendia Vrancic Cantwell Drmic Pukki Ben as a sweeper?
  8. Everyone else is just irrelevant if you have these two! 😊
  9. It's time to go crazy, play any frickin formation, play all the formations! We have proved time and time again that 4231 doesn't work. Change it up Mr Farke
  10. He should start next game imo. Better than starting Duda anyhoo
  11. We simply can't defend well enough to justify having Vrancic in that deep role. I get where his strengths lie but we need someone around there that can help out at the back. I would like to see Vrancic and Godfrey paired here but that'll never happen. And, Indy, I don't think there's a comparison to be made between Pirlo, Alonso and us. They had a very different squad around to be able to do their magic.
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