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  1. [quote user="norfolkngood"]i think Dennis will be a good player for us next season as long as Farke does not drop him every game after he scores ! i have said this before but NO has had chance after chance this season Dennis had a good game vs Villa scores his first go then gets dropped Reward success not failure[/quote] This. The only sensible post in this thread. Anyone seeing his interviews after the game could tell he was high on confidence...as one would expect. Tiredness ?No way. Start him next game...take him off after 65-70 if you need to. Oliveira = chance after chance. Hope everyone is happy to have kept him over Cam now :-(
  2. That.....is..... ridiculous...... as already mentioned...drop the striker who''s got some confidence... and play Madison and wes that doesn''t work!!!?? Whaaaaaat?????
  3. i think it''s hugely amusing how much support N.O. has got. Is it because he is a Portugese International? Has played alongside Ronaldo? Does he have a flair and swagger that makes him look the real deal? So, he''s turned up for work the last couple of games...excellent. Will he turn up for the rest of the season? who knows. Will he score again this season? Eventually yes. Does he offer more as a non-scoring striker than Jerome? Not in a million years. Yes I am a Jerome lover, and nothing has swayed this since he has left. I would have loved to see him offered the faith that N.O. has been given over the last god knows how many games. If Jerome a couple of starts without scoring he was dropped. Back onto topic - YES Srbeny should been given some games - I don''t see anything in N.O.''s personality that we would lose by him not being in the starting line up or in the dressing room. We need to be scoring more - and there is no disputing that.
  4. Smeby or Oliveira or Jerome Not even considering the review from today, the stats speak for themselves, and I can''t believe the NO support on here. If this was Jerome they''d be calling foe his head 10 games ago. NO offers nothing 90% of the time. The stats aren''t even striker stats. Drives me mad for every game he plays :-( I would rather play some U17 striker. Zero risk vs no goals anyway.
  5. [quote user="YellowOne1"]Late equaliser anyone , you can see it coming.[/quote]   ....and there we are.. suddenly within 20 minutes all results are screwing us up.  Why Lansbury off?!!
  6. hurry up.... i need to go out!!! ... and have some food....;-)
  7. 4-1 defeat :-( we will score at 3 nil.  Johnson.      
  8. Just tried it... we came 3rd behind Millwall and Leeds.  Our only points being a win against Gillingham and a draw against Carlisle on the last day.  not good enough [:(]
  9. [quote user="Salford City YELLOW"]would you rather be a professional footballer or a scaffolder?[/quote]   totally agree, but it''s still a knock back from being a 20+ a season striker to trying to keep your place on the bench...   ...i think to be honest , he has done ok, otherwise he wouldn''t be on the bench with Johnson.  hopefully he is still part of the plan.
  10. I hope so.  Just hope he doesn''t lose that edge that he had when he first came.    At least he hasn''t lost his bench place yet....
  11. Sorry i really did look for a thread on this but didn''t see one so sorry thread repeat haters.   I know Cody has had a lot of fans and a lot of people who also think he hasn''t cut it, but how much does this kill a strikers confidence?   He was brought in from a lower league with more confidence and fight than any single player, and now i would think is struggling to hold on to his place on the bench.   It sounds like he is trying to stay positive from the interviews had with him, but with Johnson surely now 1st reserve, he must be prety pee''d off, as anyone would.   Is it time to send him out on loan?  I just can''t see him getting even his traditional 2 minutes any more now.   I for one was a fan.  Thought he could do a good job alongside Holt, but -lucky for us - bad for him - he never got a proper shot.   Loan out time??
  12. [quote user="Longy"]We didn''t score in the away tie against Swindon in the JPT. [/quote]   and didnt we know it.... the one game i actually see my beloved club... hey we scored penalties!
  13. Why are there so many people on here who want to just accept the result?   Yes we lost AND we will have games like this.. i agree.   BUT what we want is the manager to get upset that we played so poorly and with such little desire.  If he didnt want to win...he wouldn''t have risked playing almost the entire first 11.   Why would you not get upset if your team lost?  especially in the manner that we did.   I would want: a reaction from the manager over the 24 hours following the game, that it bothers him too, and what he and the players have learnt from this defeat. An apology to those who went all that way to support the team. And we want a reaction from the players...which we can only hope for on Tuesday now.     In the meantime, i AM one of those upset that we lost.  I don''t think i would be a football fan if i didnt.  Sorry if that seems to buck the trend on here! ;-)   Matt
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