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  1. 2 mistakes 2 goals against!....Swansea 0 mistakes enough said!
  2. It's a tricky problem for Farke to have to solve. Personally I think Lungi needs a break, his output going forward wasn't great last night at all. Zimmerman looked a proper car crash last night, surprised he wasn't hauled off at halftime. Good to see Gibson back! Then there's the Mayor...lots of people calling for him to be dropped, but he hasn't done a lot wrong. He gives good energy box to box which is what we need. Vrancic is awesome just without 90mins worth of legs. Skipp just gets better and better would like him to sign in January. The 'Fab Front Four' I would stick with for a couple more games to dial Dowell in with their wavelength. Thought Cantwell was hauled to early last night too. Overall not too much to change and I liked the 3-5-2 change up as an alternative. I fully expect QPR to get the brunt of our fire power on Tuesday.
  3. To be fair to KS all fair points. We were off our offensive sharpness and looked bullied at the back.....but it's going to happen every now and again....however I was impressed with the early changes to system and formation and felt we were unlucky (Pukki clearly isn't getting sleep ) in the second half. Roll on Tuesday and back to 3 points Otbc
  4. 1, Cantwell 2, Predictions 3, Fabio Quagliarella...lack of mentions 4, Hugill 5, Being top before Christmas #justsayin
  5. Signed! Looking forward to mixing with the upper classes again soon!
  6. Of course there are loads of people each as dedicated to helping the elderly and children alike. Each of them in turn deserving of massive recognition for their efforts and dedication. What I feel you are missing is that Marcus Rashford grew up in and around the same poverty level as a kid. The fact he uses his status to bring our attention to the cause should be applauded. He is to kids in poverty with his free school meals to what Captain Tom did for the NHS. The difference being one served his country and therefore a hero... the other will be deemed a silver spooned, spoilt footballer piggybacking on a good cause! Whether you choose to acknowledge what the lad has done or not, he has chosen to stand up to be counted and used his standing to make a real difference. That in turn throws a spotlight on something that shouldn't exist in our time, which in time will produce change for the better. So let's celebrate that businesses and folk are coming together, galvanised by Marcus and hopefully embarrass this government into action, rather than cast assumption and doubt over his motives.
  7. Marcus Rushford needs to become a Knight of the Realm! All this talk of useless parents, failing governments, greedy footballers not chipping in, Supermarkets not delivering enough healthy options or not trying hard enough to work with councils or schools does not distract nor needs confusing with the fact that there are impoverished children who need and DESERVE a decent meal EVERY day. Mr Rashford has only highlighted this point and selflessly contributed towards it too. How many of us keyboard warriors would feel comfortable knowing there maybe kids living near us who for what ever reason haven't eaten properly. We would all do something no matter how small. It seems to me that the government ministers who claim their expenses readily (Therese Coffey, East Suffolk tory MP tucked into her 36k (I looked that one up)) need to take a good close look at themselves first.... but until anyone one of us on this 'mighty Pinkun forum' does as much as 22 year old Marcus Rashord has done for hungry kids, then and only then should any negative points towards him be cringenly aired! OTBC
  8. Nah those negative numbskulls need to cram their doomsaying right up their Farke outs heavily reamed jacksies! #jusysayin
  9. About time we had a proper City topic to discuss...cheers Buh!
  10. If Cantwell stays I hope he sits on the pitch after every home game and his parents have to forcibly escort him into their car whilst telling him he has 'screen ban' and 'he won't be getting his xbox back for a long time!'....fingers crossed
  11. I like this lad, his second and third goals are particularly impressive! Like to see him loaned out ASAP to a div 1 club and see how he develops. Carlton Morris also seemed to have that 'Holty' look about his play early doors, however hasn't pulled up too many trees since then...injuries haven't helped admittedly. Also a fan of Tristan Abrahams when he was with us, he now seems to be scoring regular for Newport I think.
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