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  1. Don't think you're over critical at all and have every right to point out his defensive falabilities. Just think he is the sharpest creative force at the moment and on an upward trajectory form wise rather than Dowell or Onel who seemed to have levelled out. The 10 role is a bit of a poison chalice at the moment and needs someone to make it their own.
  2. Makes no difference really either way QPR didn't score and Cantwell was hauled off after 70mins! Todd needs his managers confidence and backing 100% to go and do what he does best. The unfortunate bit is no one seems to have 100% confidence under Smith and has done since his arrival. Fully expect Cantwell to be benched against Rotherham and Dowell/Hernandez to start. My point is give the lad the 90mins to shine over 4 or 5 games. Then we have a fair assessment to judge.
  3. The ref was shocking yesterday....how he didn't give the Byram pull back from a corner or to be fair the Stoke pen is a mystery.
  4. It was a awful performance 1st half bereft of energy or enthusiasm. Apart from Onel nobody seemed to be sprinting for the ball, just ambling about the pitch. Our midfield is woefully disjointed and thankfully Stoke were just as sh!t in that department. It wasn't until Gibson cleared out a few players with a header and Cantwell tracked back to win the ball that the crowd really got fired up. I don't think Hayden is the answer ( not mobile enough) nor playing Nacho in the QB role (needs to be in the 10) Gibbs is decent in the CDM role just needs a more mobile playing partner...in short too many square pegs in round holes. It doesn't take a genius to see this!
  5. Nope he means Pukki. Rocket from Nunez straight into a ducking Pukki's back!
  6. No point asking pal, he knows best
  7. He work rate was very high and always brings a technical improvement to the team. How dowell gets in the team ahead of him is beyond me.
  8. EXACTLY!!! Jedi, love your sentiment buddy, but unfortunately people's faith in a badly managed team has got to be wearing thin. Believe me, there isn't one fan or poster on here who doesn't want our team to do well consistently or at least put in a performance that warrants accolade even if its not a positive result. Unfortunately if Smith was half the manager he thinks he is, we wouldn't be booing at all! He would have this team purring like a 5.0 AMG and that wouldn't take much surely. If we could see what he is trying to achieve or plan then yeah a lot more would buy into him, if he had a sense of empathy or connect with the fans then yeah I'd buy into him. If he came across a bit of a maverick, a Mourinho type with flair and arrogance and revving the crowd up, yep once again I'd love it....however he does none of these things and we are left all a little bit disenfranchised. So if we are left a bit meh, surely the players don't stand a chance of reaching maximum potential working under him. In saying that I will be there today and will be giving the support our performance deserves! Let's hope he's taken a personality enhancer and we can get on with winning this league. OTBC
  9. Totally agree regarding Cantwell. Would of taken Sara off and popped Todd in the centre. He was industrious and looked up for it. Gibbs gets better and better and should always start in my opinion. He looked proper assured at right back.
  10. Is it his hair? It's a bit plastic looking isn't it!
  11. I'd personally go for Jones, Parker or Robins. To be fair I'd even give Dyche a crack right now!
  12. This is a message board in case you hadn't realised, which basically means we are allowed to post how we feel about our wonderful (yet poorly managed) club. I was calling for him to go during our lucky run. So when is enough enough for you with your mate Smith?...bottom half....bottom 3? When is it acceptable for us to want him to go exactly? Hardly inadequate to have an opinion is it really? Oh and I have a great life thank you. If Dean Smith stays in charge you will get your wish of League 1 football and then you'll be happy won't you...lots to post about then... Its also rather churlish to questions someones level of support for our club ever!!...for better or worse we will always follow the boys in green and yellow..just preferably without Dean 'clueless' Smith yeah! So in future my angry Dean Smith loving friend less personal posting and more constructive reasoning of why he's doing a great job....which he isn't!
  13. Only headed one way and fast! Who honestly sees him lasting much longer, especially after his failure in the Prem last season.
  14. ....Smith really hasn't got a clue! But hey let's give him even more of a chance to get a tune out of a championship winning side and consistently disappoint. Let the apologies begin....
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