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  1. WE ARE SAFE!!!!!I would like to call all Norwich supporters to celebrate in the knowledge a second season of Premiership football awaits.Whether you have been scathing of players, management or referees, together we really have achieved so much. Our players (everyone of those wonderful boys) have raised there game at least 50% to compete in this league, with only Jukebox Drury( I believe) having had any real Prem experience it is a remarkable feat.Paul Lambert has also proved his worth ten fold in avoiding relegation with 2 games to spare, regardless of some fans calls of tactical ineptness ( other managers are not that bad in this league!) he has evolved brilliantly.So I say to you its time to KICK IT OFF and look forward to the last two games and a brand new season when the real test begins.For me the game at Old Trafford was the moment I knew we had something to offer this league and my favourite result the Swansea massacre at there place!Paul Lambert for a Knighthood!OTBC
  2. I too was in the Stretford rd end........and all they sang about was Cantona ,Solksjear (spelling) and Giggs. It was the most embarrassing set of fans I have ever stood amongst.  The most noise they made was clapping the NCFC boys off.
  3. A points deduction next season sounds good to me right now! One less  place to worry about.....not that relegation bothers me.....we got to be major title contenders....Paul Lambert has the Midas touch!
  4. Good luck Shack great picks. Forest home win over Scunny please.
  5. Great picks NCFC STAR!!!! What a tidy amount to bank (for the academy) as well.
  6. Mr late here!After missing last week, may I have Dortmund home win over Frieburg in das bundesliga Ya.
  7. Real Madrid to whip Sporting Gijon por fabor.Good luck El Choppo, I would have napped Livingston to beat Brechin but I really want to make top 40.
  8. Ze Germans for me...Ya? Swinehunds.... and all that Germany home win.
  9. Evening all, Good luck NYC and all pupstars.Bleat bleat bleeeeaaat Barca para me. Gracious a buenos noches! Barcelona home win.
  10. Evening Pupstars,Its Livingston (I presume) to beat Peterhead.Good luck Inchy old boy and all PUPS
  11. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]I am reminded that at various points in 2003-04 we got in quality signings like Huckerby, Crouch, Svensson and McKenzie - plus that chap in the run-in who played right midfield, forgotten his name. Has the availability of players of that quality suddenly dried up 6 years later? WHERE THERE"S A WILL THERE''S A WAY. We''re told that money is in the bank. What is needed is the will to get in a couple of strikers on loan for 2/3 months. That won''t break the bank, but it may well be the spur to get us over the finishing line. OTBC[/quote]Kevin Harper by any chance? He may be past his best.....
  12. Evening all PuP ers,Sorry I am late once again a short break in Elveden forest was needed for the ''Da ''Wonderful family. Celtic for megood luck EC et all
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