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  1. Great shout! And regarding the past form of Robins ....who cares? Let's get him in give him a go. Farke has done a brilliant job for us but unfortunately cannot cut it in the Premiership. He has been given the budget this time and spunked it all on bang average Joe's whom I don't think would ever want to do it on a cold wet night in Stoke in the championship!
  2. Totally agree!...can't help feeling a fresh start may now be needed for all parties. ....but no moaning
  3. Huge Farke fan, but 3 more games and unfortunately his time will be up. Sad end imminent.
  4. Well that's Williams in the door. I think that will engage a fresh focus from Aarons especially if Brandon starts against Bournemouth.
  5. As the title says is it worth cashing in on both and spending the money on a pair of marauding DCM's? Personally I would listen to offers for Aaron's now before depreciation sets in. Cantwell looks bright, hungry and devoid of support for his creativity and so peak value. This isn't based on the last two games, predominantly as we were okay against Liverpool and mugged against 'a stung' Man City. Anyone expecting better performances or more value are deluding themselves Our season starts next against Leicester and by then I wouldn't mind seeing some artillery even if it means sacrificing Maxi.
  6. He was certainly very good today. Salahs goal aside he had him covered pretty well. Also a worthy mention to Lees Melou, he seems to have some tekkers and gets his foot in. Looking forward to a decent season otbc
  7. One of the posters who always had something informative, funny or quick-witted to say....but was always genuine, kind and fair. R.I.P to a proper class act, one to whom we could all learn from.
  8. Those having a differing opinion to yours have never played football??!....the best wind up merchant tonight
  9. Anywhere other than the penalty area on the pitch there would of been a foul given...Sterling had his foot stood on and therefore penalty albeit a very soft one.
  10. This now has a total feel of 'get us back to the Premiership and you can pick your deal' ...'with whoever!!!' This would of been drummed out when he and cantwell... the two who were involved in missing early doors last season in my opinion. Absolutely gutted he has chosen Villa though and cannot get my head around it. Unfortunately for Emi probably the best player to have worn the Green and Yellow he won't be walking away with the most respect.
  11. 2 mistakes 2 goals against!....Swansea 0 mistakes enough said!
  12. It's a tricky problem for Farke to have to solve. Personally I think Lungi needs a break, his output going forward wasn't great last night at all. Zimmerman looked a proper car crash last night, surprised he wasn't hauled off at halftime. Good to see Gibson back! Then there's the Mayor...lots of people calling for him to be dropped, but he hasn't done a lot wrong. He gives good energy box to box which is what we need. Vrancic is awesome just without 90mins worth of legs. Skipp just gets better and better would like him to sign in January. The 'Fab Front Four' I would stick with for a couple more games to dial Dowell in with their wavelength. Thought Cantwell was hauled to early last night too. Overall not too much to change and I liked the 3-5-2 change up as an alternative. I fully expect QPR to get the brunt of our fire power on Tuesday.
  13. To be fair to KS all fair points. We were off our offensive sharpness and looked bullied at the back.....but it's going to happen every now and again....however I was impressed with the early changes to system and formation and felt we were unlucky (Pukki clearly isn't getting sleep ) in the second half. Roll on Tuesday and back to 3 points Otbc
  14. 1, Cantwell 2, Predictions 3, Fabio Quagliarella...lack of mentions 4, Hugill 5, Being top before Christmas #justsayin
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