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  1. thought we were waiting till his contact ran out which is today, or have we lost interest?
  2. [quote user="Smudger"]So Alysha, you would rather pick a keeper who has made an error about once in every 3 games for us (Ruddy) over a young home grown keeper who has never made a serious error for us or let the club down in a handful of matches?Sorry but apart from Wilbraham, Ruddy has to be Lambert''s worst signing for me and I have serious worries about him being in goal for us this coming season.[/quote] i don''t rate ruddy but to have rudd in goal next season would be mental
  3. Hear me out... There is no doubt Forster is a great keeper, although Ruddy in my opinion has proved himself to be a good keeper too; but I just feel that if Lambert does sign Forster it could be a major error. As I say it is not because he isn''t a good keeper - it is because I think it is bad for morale. Ruddy spent a long time last season emerging from FF''s shadow, and I feel he managed this with respect. It was also clear Ruddy was passionate about the team, promotion and his own game (the interview post-Swansea at home, running up the pitch to celebrate etc) and he is respected by his team mates. I think signing Forster could drive a bit of a wedge in the team - I know the players liked him when he was here too, but it might show Lambert''s disloyalty to the players who got him there and break team spirit. Maybe it is Lambert being ruthless for the good of the team, but I am worried about the implications of this signing! so what you are saying is don''t sign up the future england no1 because ruddy''s feelings might get hurt
  4. good thing about being in the prem if you can''t get a ticket every game will be online won''t miss a second, well apart from when it freezes every 2 minutes
  5. just the sort of signing we need, that and a quality centre back, ruddy and ward are the weak links in our team
  6. Hearing whispers this morning suggesting that Roger Johnson is set to sign on Friday for £4.5 million. I have absolutely no idea whether this rumour is valid or not, but sounds like the kind of ''big name, big value, experienced'' signing so many have been asking after recently. May or may not be true, just passing on what I''ve heard. Anyone else heard anything? think your dreaming would need to double that
  7. one of the papers reckon it could be a swap deal, oldham got any decent players
  8. he only has 1 year left on his contract so the season loan is a strange one, could be a good bit of business from lambert and co , might sign him on a free next summer or buy him in jan if doing well, don''t think he has a future at old trafford
  9. great signing big improvment on ward from what ive seen of him
  10. bad move for him, thought he would have had a better chance of sneaking into the playoffs with watford next season, cardiff are on the way down, backwards step for malky
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