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  1. Look on the bright side - it might have knocked some sense into you at long last
  2. Whitbread and Ward will start the season.  These are both Lambert''s signings and he hasn''t signed them to sit on the bench this season.  Obviously we don''t know how they will gel but I have no doubt that they will be our best centre back pairing since Malky and Flem. Whether any of you prefer Askou or Nelson, it makes no difference - Lambert WILL start with Whitbread and Ward provided they are both fit.  Askou and Nelson will be able reserves but neither will be strong enough to hold down a first team place in the Championship.   
  3. Was I dreaming about 11.50 today when I thought I heard Michael Wynn-Jones on Radio Norfolk say what great support that Roy had given to the club whilst being Lord Mayor and as Chairman of the Independent Supporters Club?  If I wasn''t dreaming, he must have got mixed up with his Roys and thought that Roy Blower had passed on.  With his sense of humour, I''m sure that Roy Waller would have seen the funny side of this.  And I wonder if Roy Blower heard his eulogy on the radio. Did anyone else hear this?  Michael WJ was talking on the phone to Karen Buchanen in the interview. RIP Roy - you gave us alot of pleasure, especially when you gave first prize to my son in the fancy dress parade at Hellesdon fete one year.  
  4. Yes, he''s been coaching the England defence. Telling them everything he knows!
  5. I would like to thank Doc for always giving 100% effort and I must admit that he did better in Div 1 than I expected. I would also like to thank Paul Lambert for taking my advice to get rid of him. It''s great to have a progressive manager - and now I also can''t wait for next season to get started.
  6. Yes he has been consistently picked by managers and this has coincided with our fall down the leagues since we signed him. He has done OK this season against poor opposition and has found his level - although still prone to making regular mistakes. I''ll continue in this vein until he goes as he is not good enough. By the way, how many clubs tried to sign him when he looked as though he was on his way out of the club at the begining of the season? Why didn''t he move to a Championship club at the end of last season as Marshall, Clingen and Croft did? The answer my friends is that nobody wanted him. I rest my case?
  7. Michael Nelson''s tremendous contribution to the win over Leeds deserves recognition. I know I have been one of his critics in the past but he gets better every week and is rarely at fault for any goals conceded. Well done Michael and I look forward to you partnering Zak Whitbread in the Championship next season.
  8. The policing was clueless. I must admit that I felt sorry for a couple of PCs outside the Barclay before the match who were hardly more than young boys and looked fightened out of their wits as they were confronted by a crowd of shaven headed, 14 stone Leeds thugs. I certainly got out of the way quickly. It is a very sad inditement of our society that this behaviour is tolerated by the police. However, no way should decent people have to put up with this. The powers that be should ensure that the police have enough manpower to round these idiots up and the courts should deal with them with appropriate sentences. It also sad to think that these same people will probably be frightening and upsetting decent people at Yeovil next week and will continue to do this unless the authorities take action. We are so lucky in Norwich to have passionate and intelligent fans with whom it is always a pleasure to travel to away games. Thankfully this can be said about most club''s supporters with the exception of a notable few.
  9. Very well said. I would add that another reason we do not concede more is our exceptional goalkeeper.
  10. It reminded me of a donkey derby today with Nelson Neddy and Donkey Doc the leading runners. Much was made of Holt being out for three games recently but the biggest blow has been the loss of Askou and Whitbread. Our luck has run out and 3 points from nine says it all. As I have said before, when ''Ginger Pele'' is under little or no pressure he looks fine but when under pressure like today he simply cannot cope and Nelson is no better. Unless we have a fit Askou and Whitbread playing in upcoming games such as Huddersfield, Swindon, and Leeds, I fear the worst. Their inclusion will give the whole team a massive boost and the success of our whole season will probably rest on their fitness. I know that this view will be unpalatable to those blinkered Doherty fans but I''m, my friends, that this is how it is.
  11. Doc to Plymouth? Unlikely as no club would be prepared to pay any money for him. He''d probably do a job for Ebsfleet Utd if given a free transfer.
  12. Agree that Askou and Whitbread will be our best centre backs when both are fit. It is alarming how many clearcut chances both Wycombe and Exeter created in the last two games - luckily, they didn''t have the ability to put them away. The two changes I would make to your team is to have Russell Martin at full back and Nelson on the bench instead of Doherty.
  13. Why retain our biggest weakness? Replace Doherty with Askou.
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