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  1. Finished his task this morning. A remarkable effort by a remarkable man. He really managed to tap into the sprit and generosity of the British public during these scary times.
  2. By a cruel twist of fate, I finally managed to get hold of tickets for the Everton game, but now it is to be rearranged I probably won’t be able to attend and there will be virtually no chance of getting tickets to Manure. Ho hum sometimes life sucks!
  3. Ha ha the Binners flying high!
  4. I watched Harwich and Parkeston the other day and think they would give the Binners a good game.
  5. At least the soil should be good, with all the horse s**t that’s been covering it for years.
  6. I’m sure one of you clever canaries could come up with something from the song by Trio I da da da
  7. I was on the waiting list for the palace game, and got a call a couple of days before the match and was told I could have four tickets.
  8. Have a look on the is the game not televised thread, couple of links on there
  9. RIP Big Duncan, one of my first hero’s in yellow and green.
  10. I was lucky enough to acquire one this afternoon, so they do keep becoming available, you just have to persevere I’m afraid
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